Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar Review [Updated in 2022]

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar Review [Updated in 2022]

Last Updated on December, 2022

Marketed as the ONLY shock-free wireless fence and wellness system, the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your dog safe within a wirelessly confined space. 

The trouble with these invisible fences is RELIABILITY. At the end of the day, you don’t need a FAULTY invisible fence that will lead to your dog running away. Nobody needs a LOST PET!

Hence it would be best to consider how RELIABLE an invisible fence system is before you go out there and buy it. 

This ULTIMATE review will provide you with all the intel you need to make an INFORMED DECISION. 

In this review, we carefully analyze the Wagz Collar, its various features, and the pros and cons. 

We will give you our two cents on the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar, and you can TRUST us to help you make this decision!

 Overall: 4.91/5
wagz collar
  • Design and Durability
  • Wireless Pet Containment
  • Customizable Geofences
  • GPS tracking
  • No Shock Corrections
  • Audible tones
  • Ultrasonic Sounds
  • Vibrations
  • Activity and Wellness Monitoring
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Water Resistance
Brand Information
  • Terry Anderton, founder of Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar
  • Founded in 2015
  • They proudly call Thereselves Dog Nerdz
  • Their mission to combine the latest innovations with practical pet expertise to bring you the best humane smart dog products, starting with their Wagz Freedom Smart Collar
Product Benefits
  • Can track your dog’s position ANYWHERE in the globe
  • Can define geofences with a touch of your phone and can customize
  • Can track your dog’s exercise time and sleep
  • System will work for about 24 hours
  • Collar is rated IP67 waterproof
  • The system uses audible tones to correct your dog

About the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is a simple yet technologically advanced invisible fence system that works to keep your pet safe within a confined and designated wireless boundary. 

You can create virtual fences within seconds, easily on your mobile. The Wagz Smart Dog Collar comes with an app (the Wagz App). This app is used to create geofences. 

The system offers automatic, real-time corrections to keep your dog contained. You can also designate Keep Out Zones, which will keep your dog OUT of specific areas in your backyard. 

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

The word Freedom is attached to the brand’s NO-SHOCK policy. The Wagz Smart Collar uses vibration, audible cues, and ultrasonic sounds, either used individually or in combination with each other. 

The opted correction mode will work automatically when your dog comes near the geofence. 

Correction can also be activated using the app (the Wagz App.) The app also allows you to location track your dog!

The Wagz Collar also has wellness tracking, which can determine when your dog is exercising and resting. Wellness tracking delivers real-time health information right to your fingertips.

The Wagz Smart Dog Collar uses a HEALTH AND HAPPINESS score which takes into consideration sleep time, exercise and breed. This enables you to adjust the level of care and better monitor your pooch’s well-being. 


What’s in the Box? The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

Wagz Freedom Collar
rechargeable battery and charger
Micro-USB cable
Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar 
  • 2 Removable, rechargeable batteries 
  • 1 Micro-USB cable for charging the batteries 
  • 1 One battery charger 
  • 1 Quick Start Guide

How Does the Wagz Freedom Smart Collar Work?

The design is simple. The Wagz Collar comes in two main parts: the smart dog collar and the mobile app. 

The Wagz Collar system mainly uses GPS tracking and functions through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Networks. This greatly works to improve the accuracy of this invisible fence system. 

If your dog is away from your Wi-Fi or Smartphone, the system will use GPS tracking to accurately detect the location of the Smart Collar anywhere in the globe. 

a dog wearing wagz collar

The Wagz App is used to designate a safe space or containment area. If your dog comes too close to the boundary of the safe zone, it will receive automatic correction based on the correction setting opted. 

There is NO SHOCK on the Wagz Collar system. You can choose between vibration, audible cues, and ultrasonic sounds to correct your dog’s behavior. 

You can also use the Wagz App to correct your dog’s behavior manually.

The health and wellness tracking on the app will provide further intel on your dog’s well-being, so you can adjust care where necessary.

Key Features of the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar has some impressive key features. This invisible fence sure packs a punch when it comes to the features it brings to the table.

Design and Durability

Smart collars are designed to be simple, and the Wagz Collar is simplicity at its finest. The design is simple, and the product is durable. 

Though it isn’t made with aerospace-grade aluminum (how uncomfortable would that be), the materials used to make this Freedom collar is strong enough to suffice as a dog collar.

The Freedom Collar has a comfortable strap that goes around your pooch’s neck. The receiver is attached to the strap. 

a human holding wagz collar

The collar won’t quickly wear and tear, and the receiver can take a few punches. Durability gets 4 out of 5 from us.

Wireless Pet Containment

This device is intended as an invisible fence system, also known as a wireless pet containment system. Using the Wagz App, you can keep your pooch safe within designated areas. 

Greater peace can be achieved knowing that your pet is safe. This dog collar is a wireless containment system that will contain your pet in a specific safe zone. 

Safe zones are easily set using the Wagz App. There are no limits to the number of geofences you can save on the app. The collar uses GPS technology and offers unlimited coverage and tracking. You can create safe zones in any shape based on the shape of your property.

Customizable Geofences

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is perfect for active dogs. You can create multiple geofences using the mobile app.

You can customize these geofences based on the size of your property and the area in which you want to contain your pet. 

The Freedom Smart Dog Collar is ideally best for a half-acre or larger property. This allows room to create a boundary at least 15 feet from a road or your house.

wagz collar geofencing

GPS Tracking

Does knowing your dog’s location at all times sound AMAZING to you? It does to us!

The Wagz Freedom Collar uses real-time GPS tracking to track your dog’s location. Not only does this system work to keep your dog safe, but it also tracks your dog if your dog manages to stray (locate your dog). 

Dog owners praise this feature as it provides peace of mind knowing that you can glance at your phone and track your dog’s position. (Dog lovers will tell you how amazing it is to know that you will NEVER have to worry about a lost pet!)

wagz collar GPS tracking

No Shock Corrections

Not all dog owners like shock-correcting their adorable dogs. Electric shock can be a little harsh of a correction for many people. 

The Wagz Collar offers shock-free correction, making it the more humane option. 

Smart dog collars mostly use various modes of correction vibration, tone, and shock. The Wagz Freedom Smart Collar offers gentle correction that is shock-free.

Audible Tones

The system uses audible tones to correct your dog. Training dogs using audible tones is considered one of the easiest means of teaching your dog to master an invisible fence. 

If your dog comes too close to the geofence boundary, an audible tone will play, which should signal your dog that it needs to retreat to the safe zone. 

Training is an essential part of using audible tones of correction. Unless proper training has been provided, your dog could stray, even though audible tones are used to correct it. (DON’T WORRY – you can track your dog using the app and GPS tracking.)

a dog drinking water and wearing wagz collar

Ultrasonic Sounds

The system also uses ultrasonic sounds as a mode of correction. These sounds work much like dog whistles and are only audible to your dog’s ear. 

When used with proper training, ultrasonic sounds work like a charm to correct your dog’s behavior if they come too close to the geofence boundary.


This is yet another humane correction that the Wagz system uses. When your dog comes too close to the geofence boundary, the collar will begin to vibrate when set on the vibration setting.

Much like audible cues and ultrasonic sounds, vibration can also be an effective mode of correction when used with the proper training. 

Activity and Wellness Monitoring

Health tracking will show you how much energy your dog has and its happiness levels.

Health tracking is a great way to monitor your dog’s well-being and activity level and adjust the care based on need. 

Maybe your dog needs to sleep more or exercise more. Regardless of what the adjustment is, simply glancing at your phone will tell you how to adjust care to best suit your dog’s well-being. (Like adjusting sleep time or activity level.)

wagz collar Activity and Wellness Monitoring

Rechargeable Batteries

The system will work for about 24 hours (battery life) on a full charge and comes with a rechargeable backup battery, sold separately. 

The battery life on this system is good. You won’t require frequent recharging, and the spare battery will ensure you always have a charged battery to keep the system running. 

Battery life apart, just the fact that the batteries are RECHARGEABLE makes a world of difference. 

wagz collar Battery in charge

Water Resistance

The collar is rated IP67 waterproof. This means even if your dog gets this device wet, the collar will still work (including the led safety light.)

The water-resistant feature is an impressive addition without which this collar would have been UNRELIABLE.

Wagz Freedom Dog Collar Testimonials

People that bought this system loved the ability to track their dog’s location. The GPS tracking feature was one of the most praised features of this system. 

Wagz Freedom Dog Collar Testimonial 1

The fact that it can be integrated with IoT devices and is compatible with iOS and Android makes it very user-friendly. 

Wagz Freedom Dog Collar Testimonial 2

All in all, customers raved about this Smart Dog Collar, and the system has many reviews by happy customers who were pleased with their purchases. 

Pros and Cons of the Wagz Freedom Collar

This system has a great set of Pros, but do the Cons outweigh the Pros?


The Wagz System has GPS tracking, which means you will be able to track your dog’s position ANYWHERE in the globe.

The system uses reliable connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular connectivity, which greatly increases accuracy. 

You can define geofences with a touch of your phone and can customize and create MULTIPLE geofences.

The health and wellness tracking enables you to keep your dog in BETTER SHAPE by monitoring exercise time and sleep. 


The system is better suited for larger properties. Ideal for spaces ½ acre or larger, the system may not work as accurately on a smaller backyard. 

Since there is no shock correction, using this system on STUBBORN dogs may be difficult. You would have to rely on extensive training to ensure that the system works to keep your stubborn dogs within the containment space.

Is it Worth Buying the Wagz Freedom Smart Collar?

a dog wearing wagz smart dog collar

The Wagz System is an excellent invisible fence that comes with some AMAZING features. The ability to geo-track your dog’s position and monitor its well-being are features that you won’t find in other products in the same price range. 

This system is a very user-friendly, humane, and effective means of keeping your dog safe. 


Where to Buy the Wagz Freedom Collar?

The Wagz Freedoms System is offered at various prices on the internet. Obviously, you cannot trust all these sources to deliver. 

You can TRUST us to direct you to the best, most reliable source which offers the best deal on the Wagz Smart Collar system. 

Follow this link to purchase the Wagz Freedom Collar.


Other Dog smart collars we’ve compared Wagz with:


If you are on the hunt for a RELIABLE invisible fence, then the Wagz Smart Collar provides a safe and effective pick. 

The features of this product are amazing, and we give it 5 out of 5 for value for money!

The Wagz Smart Collar offers a humane way to train your dog to stay within your property. AND the GPS tracking feature makes this product an ideal fit for any dog owner! (Find your DOG at all TIMES!)

Follow this link to the best deal on the Wagz Freedom Collar. 


The Wagz Freedom Collar is rated IP67 waterproof. 

The system uses Li-ion 4.2V removable, rechargeable battery. 

wagz collar




Overall Score


Build multiple fences
Health and activity tracking
Water resistant collar
No static correction
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of December
Short battery life

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