Train Pet Dog Review: Is This Legit or Scam? (2023 Updated)

Last Updated on September, 2023

Train Pet Dog is a wildly popular online dog training course that has been around for years now. 

But these days, it seems like this dog training course is having a pretty hard time. 

I was in search of an excellent online dog training course to train my Pomeranian, and this is the very first time I’m about to try one. After searching the internet for some time, I stumbled across TrainPetDog And decided to take a look at it.

Everything looked great, from their homepage to their wide variety of free courses, all of them seemed well-polished.

But the problems started when I looked at the reviews. They were all over the place. SCAM is the word I came through most of the time.

And the primary problem is that the fact that there is little to no information on the course makes it extremely hard for those who are looking to give this program a shot. 

I mean, there is pretty much zero information about the training methods they use. Not only that, there is surprisingly no info about the trainers too, SERIOUSLY? 

However, even though there were some negative comments, I also came through some positive ones too. All these mixed comments made me feel like I should try this program, At least to find out what on earth is going on. And that is exactly what I did, without knowing anything about the course I purchased it.

And in this TrainPetDog Review, I’ll let you know everything that you need to know if you’re looking to get your hands on this program. From their customer support, what’s included to what training methods they use, EVERYTHING.

Look no further… 

What Is Train Pet Dog?

TrainPetDog Program

Train Pet Dog is an online dog training course founded by Nancy Richards. The course covers ALMOST all the aspects of dog training and claims to work for your dog within just 17 days, which seems like a pretty bold claim. 

Here’s an overview of what Train Pet Dog covers:

  • Housebreaking A Dog.
  • Dog Obedience Training.
  • Ways To Train A Stubborn Dog.
  • Ways To Prevent A Dog From Biting And Nipping.
  • Ways To Groom A Dog And How To Take Care Of Their Diet. 

TrainPetDog claims to provide unique information and training techniques based on different dog breeds. This means, if you own a GSD, then you’ll get information related to it. But to be honest, I find this claim very hard to believe.

Founder of TrainPetDog Nancy Richards & Her Professional Credentials

TrainPetDog Founder Nancy richards

Nancy Richards, from what I’ve found, is not a certified dog trainer. I did not find a single proof of her finishing any type of formal training related to dogs or any kind of certificate related to dog training.

The only thing I found was that she is just a typical fellow dog lover like you and me and has a passion for training dogs. 


How can someone who does not even have a basic certificate in dog training come up with a dog training course?

If I had known this before, I would have never bought this program. Now I regret not doing more research, but I’m glad I found this out, so you guys don’t have to make the same mistake as I did.

I bought the program keeping in mind that there would be at least an introduction of herself at the start, but nothing. Even after the purchase, I came back and looked at the Official Website to see whether there was any mention of her credentials, but sadly there wasn’t any.

However, now that you know, would you pay for someone without a single qualification to train your dog? 

If you would, then I’m here. I’ve also trained other dogs before and have a passion for training dogs. 🙂

Haha, Just Kidding… 

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Is TrainPetDog Safe?

Dog Breeds Featured Image
Dog Breeds

It’s time to address the Elephant In The Room… 

Let’s take a look at what training method she uses and see whether it is safe or not. 

For me, at least, when it comes to dog training, the most important thing is the training style that the trainers actually use to train the dog. 

And right off the bat, I found out that the training style of this course is not going to suit my dog or any dog for that matter. The training philosophy of this course is based on “Alpha Training” or “Dominance Training,” also known as the (Dog Training’s Dirty Word).

I prefer to train my dog with Positive Reinforcement Training, which works by using treats and praise.

It would’ve been so much better if they had mentioned this, at least. But they wouldn’t, Why? Because people who know about this training type will never buy this course. 

I can talk all day about Dominance Training, but for the sake of this review, here are some essential things you need to know about this training style. 

Alpha Training, to be honest, is not safe for both you and your dog because it significantly affects the relationship between both of you. 

Not only that but using this training type on your dog will also make them very afraid and anxious and can also result in aggressive outbursts and traumatized dogs. (1)

This is how Dominance Training works; whenever you interact with your dog, you should mimic the actions of a wolf. Suppose if you have a puppy, then you’ll have to act as a MAMA Wolf. The idea of this training is to show your dog that you’re the higher-ranking member and he is a lower-ranking member of the pack.

These days, Even science has proven that the foundations of Dominance Training are outdated and the reasons for it. To know more about that, you can check out this article.

It would be great if Train Pet Dog told its customers about the training techniques and methods they use. Because many people who buy this course actually don’t know what they’re getting into. 

What’s Included With TrainPetDog?

As you may already know, the program, TrainPetDog, is an online course. After the purchase, you’ll get everything in the form of an ebook. 

  • Dog Lovers Training Course: In this book, you’ll get all the solutions for your problems. It lets you know how to Housebreak your puppy and Obedience train your puppy; stop biting, nipping, and barking. It also provides other step-by-step solutions for chewing, separation anxiety, and digging. 
  • Unlimited Access to an Exclusive Members-Only Forum on Dog.
  • How to Look After Your Dog’s Health: This book provides you with everything you need to know about your dog’s overall health and how to look after it. (2)

By the way, you’ll also get free access to their Elite Dog Owners Club for the first 30-days after purchase. After the first month, you’ll be charged $77 per month. Here is what it Includes:

  • One-on-one personal communication with one of Train Pet Dog’s In-House dog trainers. They’ll answer all the questions you have related to your dog. 
  • An Interactive video every month that’ll cover obedience training, basic commands.
  • 30-minute audio recording from a world-famous dog trainer every month.
  • Weekly consultations with a top veterinarian.
  • New article every week written by a dog trainer.

I personally did not subscribe for this Elite Dog Owners Club and did not even get the free first month (I canceled it at the checkout).

How Much Is TrainPetDog, And Is There Any Refund Policy?

Train Pet Dog’s Dog Lovers Training Course, How to Look After Your Dog’s Health And Forum, all cost a one-time payment of $67. Considering the information you get from the book, I would say it’s a fair price. 

With that, you also get a staggering 120-days money-back guarantee, which is excellent.

My Experience With TrainPetDog (Is It Worth Buying?)

A Family with their Dogs

So now that you know everything about the course, it’s time to share the experience I had with it and let you know whether it is worth spending your money on.

To be completely honest with you, I never tried out the course on my dog; the main reason is its training type. Also, I don’t want to dominate my best buddy. 

I mean, who would do that, Or I don’t want him to dominate me either. So instead, we always try to be a family unit.

However, I went through everything that was included with the program, and I have to say that they were not at the standards I expected them to be. 

The reading material is completely basic, and the information is not so great. In addition, there was a lot of fluff that was not worth reading at all. 

My other issue is that they claim to provide unique training information to different dog breeds. I never believed this from the get-go, and the information I got was never unique to Pomeranians. 

Next, Elite Dog Owners Club. The reason I did not subscribe for it is because I read some customer reviews saying that once you subscribe to it, it’s hard to cancel the subscription. Also, even after canceling the subscription, some said they’ll continue to charge you.

Not only that, I had some other concerns, too, the world-famous dog trainer thing. Why can’t they just put his name in there so everyone can see who the world-famous trainer is?

I just don’t know why they refused to put it there. I would’ve even considered subscribing if they had provided more details. But it is what it is. 

And, by the way, $77 per month is not cheap, and people looking to subscribe will look to squeeze each and every piece of information they can. And the simple thing is that they simply don’t do it here.

Anyways, As I was not happy with the course, I decided to return it back, and a week after contacting TrainPetDog, thankfully they replied, and I got my money back. Without any issues, by the way. 

From what I’ve seen, Train Pet Dog is not a SCAM or anything; However, if you ask me whether I’ll recommend the course to anyone, I would say a simple NO! 

Simply because of the training style they use. Even then, it’s not the only concern, the materials provided are clearly generic, and the same content is used for all the other breeds. They simply edit the name to that particular breed and sell the same thing saying that it’s specifically for your breed type.

In my opinion, the $67 course is basically a bait for their more expensive subscription-based Elite Dog Owners Club. From what I can see, it really looks like it. If it is not the reason, why would they just provide the obedience training and other similar materials in this one too? 

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Pros And Cons Of TrainPetDog 

Here are some Pros and Cons that you need to know about Train Pet Dog.


You can download everything to view offline.
120 days money-back guarantee. 
Okayish price.
Exclusive Members-Only Forum, here you can meet a lot of like-minded people like you.


Outdated training methods.
Uses Alpha Training approach.
Vague information.
Lots of reading involved
The trainer is not certified.
Lack of info on the homepage. 
Average customer service.

Cheaper and Better TrainPetDog Alternative

Brain Training for Dogs Program

After the nightmarish few days with the Train Pet Dog course, I decided to search for another online dog training program. I thought of calling in a professional dog trainer, which I always do. But this time, I very much wanted to try out online dog training too and see if there are any differences.

So, thankfully, after some searching, I came across Brain Training For Dogs (also known as BT4D), and the first thing I did was a thorough research about this program. 

After digging in deep, I was very surprised at how well received this program is. I came across Tons of positive reviews and what’s most interesting was that it was nearly impossible to find a negative claim about this program.

BT4D had everything that I imagined an online dog training program should have. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the program. 

I Immediately purchased the program. But, before we get into more details, here’s what I got after purchasing the program.

  • Brain Training For Dogs ebook.
  • 21 videos that provide ways to complete the training drills with your dog successfully. 
  • Ask the author: in this section, you can directly ask the program’s author about any problems regarding your training.
  • Case studies: In this section, the author shares her personal experiences while training her dogs so that you can use them while training your buddies. 

And if this information isn’t enough, then you can check out our complete analysis on Brain Training For Dogs Review.

There is more…

Trick Training:

  1. Play dead
  2. DanceHowl
  3. Shake hands
  4. Cover his Eyes
  5. Take a Bow
  6. Rollover

Behavior Training:

  1. Excessive barking
  2. Impulse control
  3. Hyperactivity
  4. Ignoring your commands
  5. Potty training
  6. Dealing with aggression
  7. Jumping
  8. Digging
  9. Whining
  10. Chewing

TrainPetDog vs BT4D

Trainpetdog Books

Let’s take a look at how Brain Training For Dogs stacks up against TrainPetDog. 

The first thing that made me buy BT4D is that it uses Science-Based Positive Reinforcement Dog Training through and through. This is a huge WIN And a clear advantage over the Alpha Based Train Pet Dog.

Next, this is the most crucial part of any program, the authors or creators. In this case, BT4D’s Creator Adrienne Farricelli is way more experienced than Nancy Richards, who does not even have a certificate in dog training. 

Adrienne, on the other hand, is a Professional, Certified dog trainer and Behavior Consultant who has over 10 years of experience.

She has plenty of awards and certifications when it comes to dog training. She is a certified CPDT-KA in the United States. Not only that but She is also certified by the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants. 

All of these are immense qualifications when it comes to dog training and clearly show how experienced Adrienne is over Nancy Richards. 

brain training for dogs review

And finally, the price, Brain Training For Dogs does not miss out on this too. The program, compared to TrainPetDog, is much cheaper and comes in at just $67. This is a one-time fee, and there are no additional costs whatsoever. You pay this amount, and that’s it. 

If you factor in the things you get for this price, you know that you’re in for a whopper, No Doubt!

The only place where Train Pet Dog maintains its throne over Brain Training For Dogs is its 120-day money-back guarantee. BT4D comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It is also important to mention that BT4D also has some downsides. Similar to TrainPetDog, this program too has Tons of reading involved. With that, the sound quality of some videos is not excellent but serviceable. 

Update: A working coupon site for Brain Training For Dogs was found at by Manuel from the comment section below. The coupon will work until the end of September, 2023. This will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying this program. (Thanks to Manuel in the comments below)

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Final Verdict 

As you can see, Brain Training For Dogs compared to TrainPetDog makes a lot of sense. It comes with a lot more content, uses positive reinforcement dog training, has a certified trainer, and most importantly, is cheap and a well polished and better program overall.

However, the choice is up to you. I’m not here to judge your purchase decision.

Anyways, I hope this look at the TrainPetDog course helped you know more about it. And I hope you’ll make an excellent overall decision.


Brain Training for Dogs
brain training for dogs review
Ease of Training




Overall Score


Extremely Inexpensive
Positive Reinforcement Training
Professional Dog Trainer
Money-Back Guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of September
Tons of Reading Involved
Video’s Sound Quality Woes



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  1. My name is Cecilia Hunter, I paid for Trainpet $ 67 on 2/6/22 have received nothing. I would like a refund and a guarantee that no further payments will be taken from my account. I have call the number numerous time . No response or call back have I received. Stay away from Trainpetdog program.

  2. I am SO thankful you wrote this post! I was considering shelling out the money for TrainPetDog, but they worked so hard (too hard) to catch your attention in their reading and advertising, without getting anywhere. That was the mark of a program that was a bit of a gimmick in my book, so I did a search to see if the program was legit, and ran across your article. You saved me a lot of money and affirmed my initial gut instinct!

  3. Do not allow this company to take advantage of you! I have been charged twice for not receiving anything. Within minutes, I cancelled my order, yet I was still charged. TrainPet’s website is a scam because it only charges your credit card and freezes, so you have to press the back button. That’s how they keep chargin your credit card.

  4. TrainPetDog is a SCAM! This service cannot be stopped. I had to stop making payments at the bank. After so many frustrating days, I found this post and tried your recommended BT4D training program. It saved me a lot of money.

  5. Thank you so much for this review. I heard Trainpetdog is a legit program and did a search to see if the program is actually legit, but it isn’t. I’m really enjoying the Brain Training for Dogs Program that you recommended – I just bought it. Once again thanks.

  6. Don’t waste your money on TrainPetDog. Their website doesn’t work properly. I bought their Dog Lovers Training Course for $134 (Got charged twice). Immediately I contacted them through their email, couldn’t get a response.

  7. Ordered trainpetdog’s housetraining your dog ebook and received nothing. Contacted them and couldn’t get in touch with anyone.

  8. Thankful for this review! I was in an idea to buy traipetdog course to train my GSD dog, and went through some google results and found this.

    You saved my money. BTW I’m gonna try brain training for dogs course that you’ve recommended. Hope it’s a good program.

  9. 1 star as not able to give a zero rating! I’ve never seen a scammer like trainpetdog training. $67 was taken from my account after I canceled my subscription. Also, I tried to reach them and got no response. Do not give your credit card to them.

    Trainpetdog is a scam.
    Ordered their “Grooming Your Dog At Home” guide for almost $20.
    After hours, I got nothing and decided to cancel it.
    So I emailed them to cancel my purchase and got no response.
    Stay away from this.

  11. Thanks in advance! I’m going to purchase the bt4d course. I was planning to house train my dog and heard about the train pet dog course. Also, I heard that it’s a scam. So I decided to read some reviews of train pet dog and found this article. As i heard, it’s actually a scam program I think. Thanks for the alternative course.

  12. Thanks to you Before 6 months, I wanted to try trainpetdog’s “Housetraining Your Dog” Ebook, and I came across this review I tried it. After months, no improvements. So I decided to try the alternative which you’ve recommended and bought it. I just trained my toy poodle for 2 weeks with BT4D’s guides. Now I would say he’s the well-behaved dog in the world. Once again THANKS.

  13. I am caught up in right now. It is totally a scam! I have contacted them to cancel and then was charged twice the amount. I can’t even imagine the hassle I’ll have to go through to get away from these people. Friends don’t let friends subscribe to

    • At the height of my puppy madness in December, 2021, I was somehow referred to Train Pet Dog, purportedly because Nancy Richards,who owns the company, is PURPORTEDLY a reputable dog trainer. She is NOT a dog trainer. She has no training at all. I was to pay a $67 charge for a course to help me with my puppy. I never received that course via email. But today my husband asked me about a $67 charge on our credit card. We looked back through our records and found we have been charged $67 a month for the past 14 months! Almost $1,000 in charges for absolutely nothing. Shame on me for not looking at our credit card statement. Now after researching, I see that this company is a SCAM and many other people have been financially defrauded by Nancy Richards. I am reporting this to all necessary agencies and have had to cancel my credit card to get rid of her. BEWARE of Train Pet Dog and Nancy Richards!

  14. I’ve reached out multiple times. When I call the number they have provided, I only get a recording asking for my name and number. Am told I will hear back from them within 48 hours. No one has called me yet. Getting very discouraged and wouldn’t recommend their company for just that reason.

  15. Train Pet Dog and Nancy Richards is a rip off!! Do not waste your money. I was able to get on the sight twice and it looked good but the web sight is awful. Sent several emails with no replies. Tried to reset my password more than a dozen times but every time it says the link they send me is not good. Extremely frustrating. I am out $67. How can she live with herself? Shameful!!!!


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