SpiritDog Training Review: Is It Legit or Just a Big Scam?

Last Updated on June, 2023

The stone age of dog training is LONG GONE.

You don’t have to let the ‘hassles’ of dog training hold you back from getting the pet of your dreams any longer.

Because now, dog training is easier than ever with the advent of online training!

Online training is equally as effective as one on one training and a thousand times more convenient and cheaper.

There are tons of online courses and programs to take your pick from, and it brings the question,

What online training program should you choose?

And that is precisely what I’m here to answer.

I tried out the well-known SpiritDog Training to train my disobedient Daisy to an obedient companion, and the results were rather surprising.

So, stick around to find out about my experience with the program and to see whether or not I recommend it.

 Overall: 4.95/5
Spirit Dog Training logo
Program Effectivenes
Brand Reputation
  • Mobile-friendly courses
  • Different categories of training courses
  • Signing up gives you lifetime access
  • Positive methods with step-by-step instructions
Brand Information
  • The creator and main trainer of SpiritDog Training is Steffi Trott
  • Established program since 2013
Product Benefits
  • Easily understandable instructions, versatility, and convenience
  • Affordable Courses
  • High-quality training catered to solve a range of issues
  • 100% money-back guarantee on all bundle purchases

What is SpiritDog Training?

spirit dog training

SpiritDog Training is a website containing online dog training courses that you can purchase to help train your dog. 

There’s also a blog where you can access a ton of information for free.

There are various options you can choose from, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

I decided to try Spirit Dog Training out by doing basic obedience training with my Labrador Retriever Daisy.

Spirit Dog Training logo
SpiritDog Training

The Creator and Trainer of SpiritDog Training

The creator and main trainer of SpiritDog Training is Steffi Trott

She was trained by famed European trainers such as Silvia Trkman, Polana Bonac, Martina Klimesova, and Anna Hinze.

She has also studied with US trainers such as Kim Terrill and Daisy Peel.

Steffi has been training dogs locally and remotely since 2013, and she’s been featured in Reader’s Digest, Fitbark, and Rachael Ray every day, among other media outlets.

The Training Courses

spirit dog training courses

As mentioned earlier, there are many mobile-friendly SpiritDog training courses you can go for. Let’s take a look at all of them individually.

Individual Courses

Individual courses are a good pick for you if you aren’t sure whether SpiritDog Training is right for you and your dog.

Each course focuses on a specific problem, and there are 18 different courses to choose from.

For example, they have the Confidence Booster course with 18 lessons to help make anxious dogs secure and confident.

Or the Mastering Potty Training course with 26 lessons that help to minimize your dog’s accidents.

So, if your dog has a specific behavioral problem you want to be addressed, this would be the way to go.

The recommended training period is just 10 minutes per day to obtain the most efficient results. What could be easier?

Signing up gives you lifetime access to the courses you purchase, including online guidance and troubleshooting, so that you can clear up any questions that come up during training.

You can get a taste of what the training process is like by signing up for a week of free lessons that the team will email to you each day. 

These emails are what convinced me to try SpiritDog Training out to see whether it’ll help my dog and me.

Expect a deep dive into all the individual courses in just a bit.

Bundle Packages

The bundle packages are curated to contain related courses, so you can purchase them all together with bonuses at a better value for your money.

There’s a 100% money-back guarantee on all bundle purchases, so it’s risk-free. On top of that, each and every course below has lifetime access along with personal support. You’ve got nothing to worry about. 

The bundle packages they offer are as follows;

The SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity Course

SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity Course

A reactive dog can be a nightmare for almost all the owners. Walking, Going to the park, Attending fun group classes, Going for a car ride, and Bringing in guests can all become a thing of the past if you don’t take prompt action. 

SpiritDog’s Reactivity Course is a good place to start if you want your furry friend to get back to his realistic personality and just be a dog. 

Put together by the master dog trainer Steffi Trott, you’ll learn over 100s of lessons around helping your reactive dog. From why your dog acts like this, the trigger for this, and simple yet highly effective techniques to get rid of this issue once and for all.

Throughout the training, you’ll understand HOW TO:

  • Calm your dog through sniffing exercises.
  • Identify which trigger to work on first (reactive dogs have specific triggers, and going one by one is ideal.
  • Provide relief for your dog from triggers.
  • Get your confused dog to a confident pal.

Videos (including real-life footage), PDFs, and everything will be provided, and with that, around eight bonus courses are thrown in the mix. All of them are related to reactivity training that will help your dog feel more focused and less anxious. 

As for the price, The SpiritDog Tackling Reactivity Course costs just $49. That is excellent if you consider the amount of content it comes with.

Ultimate Puppy Bundle

Getting a puppy comes with a load of responsibilities, and training takes the top spot by a long shot. A well-trained puppy is a formula for a better-behaved puppy, and with SpiritDog’s Ultimate Puppy Bundle, you can train your puppy to become the dog you’ve always wanted. 

The Ultimate Puppy Bundle hands you all the necessary support for that.

The training material is based on the trainer raising her very own Golden Retriever puppy from the age of 8 weeks old. Below is everything you’ll get to train your puppy:

  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Leash walking 
  • Socialization
  • Chewing
  • Biting
  • Obedience
  • Tricks 

These are all crucial behaviors to train a puppy, and there is no better time than this too. Also, the training is based on videos, so you’ll have zero difficulties in following through. 

On top of all that, you’ll get seven bonuses, all of which help you raise that perfect canine companion. The bonuses include training such as; Steps to get a dog’s attention, How to calm down a dog, How to stop jumping up on you and others, Solutions to stop separation anxiety, and more. 

How much are you expecting to pay for all this?

With over 70 lessons, bonuses, an ebook, and personal support, you only need to spend $49.

Now, isn’t that a steal?

Training your puppy is the first of many steps when it comes to raising a dog, and there’s no better way to do that other than SpiritDog’s Ultimate Puppy Bundle. 

The Perfect Focus Bundle

In a world full of distractions, it is not so difficult even for a man to get distracted, let alone a dog.

If your dog is lacking focus whenever you step foot outdoors, then the Perfect Focus Bundle is your best bet. 

It has every ingredient to train your dog to ignore distractions no matter where you are and improve its focus like never before. 

The Perfect Focus course provides simple ways:

dogs running on the ground
  • To teach your dog to come to you no matter how distractive the surroundings are.
  • To calm down the dog.
  • To teach the dog to settle down on a mat anywhere.
  • Build up impulse control.

And more.

Following each material for a mere 10 mins a day will provide your dog more focus when out and about and makes your dog overall an obedient furry friend. 

Similar to the courses above, every lesson here is in video format and PDFs. And just like other bundles, this comes with four bonuses. 

The Perfect Focus course, unlike the two above, costs a little higher, but it still isn’t going to break the bank. The Bundle costs $99.

Perfect Obedience Bundle

Imagine your dog being destructive, anxious, and aggressive. These are the result of dogs with no obedience training. As a dog owner, it’s a must to teach your dog perfect obedience, it can take the relationship between you and your dog a long way, and most importantly, it’ll teach your dog to behave. 

With SpiritDog’s Perfect Obedience course, you’re able to do just that. With a set of carefully curated videos and PDFs, this course can help turn your dog into a dream canine. 

You get over 40 lessons, all of which show a variety of different dogs learning all necessary obedience skills, such as:

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Stop Jumping
  • Separation Anxiety Solutions
  • Sit 
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Leave it
  • Waiting at the door
  • Going to his mat

SpiritDog’s Perfect Obedience course does a whole world of good when it comes to behavior. It completely alleviates negative behavior and even temperament problems. And out of all, obedience training helps strengthen your bond with your dog. 

Not to mention the bonuses, The Perfect Obedience course also comes with two bonuses, and when it comes to the price, the bundle costs $49 like most others. 

Loose Leash Walking Bundle

As a dog owner, taking a dog for a stroll down the neighborhood is always fun; if you think otherwise, then I guess your dog needs training. Leash training is not difficult, but it needs time, patience, and, most importantly, good guidance. 

SpiritDog’s Loose Leash Walking Bundle gives you that. This course is highly detailed and very easy to follow; you can train your dog to walk by your side in no time. 

The course provides; Foundation exercises, Loose Leash Walking, How To Stop Leash Pulling, Impulse Control with so many others. It also comes with ways to tackle hyperactivity which is a plus. 

Dog in a leash

Bonuses are present with this course, too; this time, you’ll be getting around five bonus courses, all of which are highly beneficial in improving your dog’s behavior.

Price-wise, it’s in the same ballpark as other bundles coming in at $59.

Ultimate Masterclass Bundle

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Masterclass bundles come with everything mentioned above and more. Here you’ll get everything needed to train your dog from a Puppy to a Senior Dog. 

There are over 400 videos and a total of 700 lessons in this course alone, that pretty much sums everything up. It has everything a dog owner needs to get their pup they’ve always wanted. 

On top of the already insane amount of content it provides, you get 14 bonuses which are highly useful. 

If you want the full dog training experience without missing out on anything, The SpiritDog’s Ultimate Masterclass Bundle is the course you should go with. It is simply the complete package. 

With that said, this is the most expensive course out of all, and quite rightly so, since it has everything needed for dog training. The Ultimate Masterclass Bundle costs $499. I’d say it’s still reasonable, considering the amount of content and benefits it provides.

SpiritDog Academy

spirit academy community option

You can join the SpiritDog Academy to access over 700 lessons and 400 video tutorials.

Joining the Academy also gives you access to the SpiritDog community, and you can join Steffi’s weekly Zoom meetings.

You can try out the Academy on a one-week trial at just $2.

There are three packages, and of the three, Super Dog gives you the best value for money. 

The subscription plans and what they offer are as follows;

Puppy Starter

  • Five Core Courses 
  • Twelve Roadmaps
  • Community Access
  • PRICE: $20 / month

Super Dog

  • All seventeen current courses
  • Any future courses that come up
  • Twelve Roadmaps
  • Community Access
  • Complete Quizzes
  • Badges and Certificates
  • Weekly Zoom meetings/ access to recordings
  • Video Blog
  • PRICE: $497 / year

Legend Dog

  • All seventeen current courses
  • Any future courses that come up
  • Twelve Roadmaps
  • Community Access
  • Complete Quizzes
  • Badges and Certificates
  • Weekly Zoom meetings/ access to recordings
  • Video Blog
  • A 30-minute private, one-on-one remote session with their dog trainer every month
  • PRICE: $89 / month

Deciding on a Training Path

Steffi Trott training a dog

SpiritDog Training offers many training paths, so it’s important to know exactly what your dog’s behavior demands.

Remember how I promised to dive deeper into the individual courses earlier?

Well, here you go!

Basic Training

Basic Obedience:

PRICE: $115

On the more expensive side, this course has 43 lessons that cover manners and basic obedience.

From walking well on a leash to paying attention anywhere, at any time, this course has you covered.

Mastering Potty Training:


Within 26 online classes, you can learn how to tap into your dog’s instinctual cleanliness and potty train to prevent any more accidents.

Learn To Fetch:


This fun mini-course will teach your dog the basics of fetch. 

Learn the secret behind quick retrieval, how to switch between toys fast, and get your dog to bring back the toy reliably.

Taking Turns:

PRICE: $29

With 15 online classes, this course will teach your impatient dogs the value of stillness while improving their impulse control.

With this course, you won’t have a tough time handling your multiple dogs.

Out And About

Focus in Public:

PRICE: $49

Help your dog stay focused and well-behaved in public through 21 extensive courses. 

Coming When Called And Outdoor Focus:

PRICE: $35

Nourish your bond with your dog so that he will listen to you without fail, no matter the circumstance.

Calm Down:

PRICE: $49

Understand why your dog is so HYPER and learn how to calm him down.

Loose Leash Walking:

PRICE: $59

A leash training course to learn how to keep your dog by your side and prevent leash pulling from taking the fun out of going for walks.

Tricks, Games, And Canine Fitness

Indoor Games For Small Spaces:

PRICE: $99

Limitless fun in limited spaces!

Confidence Booster:

PRICE: $35

This course is meant just for you if you have a rescue dog or a dog with heaps of anxiety. 

Learn what makes your dog feel secure and how to show your dog that the world is actually a pretty decent place.

Dog Tricks:

PRICE: $29

Learn a variety of dog tricks over 25 lessons with step-by-step video instructions.

Dog Agility @ Home:

PRICE: $199

With 103 lectures, this course will burn the excess energy of your energetic pet through physical and mental exercise.

Canine Fitness Course:

PRICE: $149

Sixty-five lessons to get your dog in tip-top shape, prevent injuries and have fun while you’re at it.

Frisbee Games:

PRICE: $29

Learn different frisbee tricks so that you and your dog can play invigorating frisbee games together.

What Type of Training Do They Use?

You will be glad to hear that SpiritDog Training uses ONLY positive reinforcement training techniques in its training sessions.

They steer clear of old-fashioned punishment-based training.

This approach means that you will be using a lot of treats and praise and teaching your dog how to act in a stressful situation before they’re exposed to said situation.

Spirit Dog Training logo
SpiritDog Training

What Fellow Dog Owners Say About SpiritDog Training?

Many people have had positive experiences with SpiritDog Training. With a quick Google search, you will be able to find a ton of glowing reviews.

They commend the SpiritDog Training Course on its easily understandable instructions, versatility, and convenience.

There really isn’t a negative review in sight!

Here are some examples of SpiritDog Training reviews.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook
spiritdog training customer review 1
spiritdog training customer review 2

My Experience With SpiritDog Training

I’ll say it straight away, with SpiritDog Training, you get an experience that you simply cannot get anywhere else. I already said my dog Daisy is far from obedient, and I tried everything I could (except for hiring a pro trainer) to change that, but the end result was always the same, FAIL!

So that is when I decided to give SpiritDog Training a shot; it popped up on Reddit out of nowhere. At first glance, it was promising, especially the 7-day free access, where you’ll get to learn about the SpiritDog’s Training Philosophy along with some videos. 

I loved it, the positive reinforcement techniques, the trainers, and everything about the program was excellent, and that is when I decided to pay for the Basic Obedience Course

This course was a game-changer. For starters, there are 9 lessons with 43 videos, all of which will guide you through the training journey. 

I started out with the Basics first and breezed through it. Commands like SIT and DOWN were all covered, and Daisy was flawless following those. 

Once those were done, I moved on to tackle some of Daisy’s notorious antics, like her Olympic-level jumping, which is now a distant memory. Moreover, the art of the “sit and go” was mastered, along with Stay command amidst distractions that would make a squirrel jealous. 

And those over-excited greetings, they are a thing of the past now. 

I never thought I’d get Daisy to master loose leash walking, but now, she struts her stuff like a pro.

SpiritDog Training helped me turn Daisy into a canine companion that I had only dreamed of. Thanks to the trainers and their support throughout, it was a blast! 

The basic Obedience Course, it’s like a doggy boot camp with a side transformation and a sprinkle of wagging tails. Trust me; you’ll never look back once you’ve experienced the wonders it works!

Also, I went with the Basic Obedience Course simply because Daisy was not so obedient in the first place. It was an excellent experience, as mentioned above. 

As for the other courses and their effectiveness, I’m pretty sure they’ll be the same. I’ve read so many customer reviews, that’s why I’m confident saying that. And at the end of the day, it’s the same trainers and, most importantly, the same program, SpiritDog Training. 

Having said all that, the downsides cannot be ignored. Even though nothing serious, I felt like it should be mentioned. It’s the community; it’s more like YouTube’s comments section; there is no separate area for it, and that, in turn, makes it look unorganized. 

However, it’s a different story when you sign up for the SpiritDog Training Academy. There, you’ll get a separate tab for the community along with forums. So keep that in mind.

That’s the only area I want SpiritDog Training to improve on, other than that. It’s all good.

Who Will SpiritDog Training Benefit the Most?

SpiritDog Training is designed to benefit dog owners of all levels of experience and dog behavior needs. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, SpiritDog Training offers expert guidance to help you achieve the desired behavior and strengthen the bond with your furry friend.

The positive reinforcement-based training methods make it enjoyable for both dogs and owners, ensuring a positive and effective learning experience.

With a variety of courses addressing specific behavioral issues, such as reactivity, focus, obedience, and more, SpiritDog Training caters to individual needs. From beginners seeking basic obedience to owners dealing with specific challenges, SpiritDog Training is the go-to resource if you want effective dog training.

Update: A working coupon site for Spirit Dog Training was found at https://cheapcoupan.xyz/spirit-dog-training-coupon-codes/ by Jack from the comment section below. The coupon will work until the end of June, 2023. This will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying this program.

Other online training programs we’ve reviewed:

Pros and Cons


  • Offers expert training at a fraction of the cost a one-on-one trainer would take to rectify your dog’s behavior.
  • Offers positive reinforcement-based training, so both dogs and dog owners can have fun with training.
  • Convenient, mobile-friendly training classes so that you can train on the go.
  • Time-efficient as you don’t have to spend hours and hours you don’t have on training. Instead, you need to spare 10 minutes per day.
  • The community aspect allows you to engage with other dog owners and learn about the problems and progress of other dogs.


  • It can be a tad overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information. There are many different SpiritDog Training online courses to choose from, and each course has a ton of lessons within. So it can feel like you have to climb Mount Everest to train your dog.
  • While it is nowhere near as expensive as in-person training with professional dog trainers, SpiritDog Training is still costly, especially since you have to purchase courses separately.
  • The community area could benefit from a revamp

Final Thoughts

Dog training is an important part of dog parenting, and it’s only right that you should look for the best option.

And that best option is SpiritDog training.

It offers high-quality training catered to solve a range of issues that can arise in your dog.

AND most importantly, the program is based on positive reinforcement, plus you’ll be learning from an experienced trainer.

But at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make.

I hope that the result will be a happy, well-trained dog with whatever option you go for.

Good luck!


Yes, SpiritDog Training is a worthwhile option for training your dog and can provide good results.

Obedience training for dogs can cost anywhere from $35 to $600 per week, depending on the type of training and the breed, size, age, and behavior of the dog. Private training sessions can also be tailored to individual needs and can range in cost.

Yes, you can train your dog yourself if you have the time and commitment. However, it is best to find a good training system, such as Spiritdog Training, to get the best results.

Yes, it is possible to train dogs online. Online classes offer convenience, as well as cost savings compared to hiring an in-person trainer.

The best time to train a dog is when they are between 7-8 weeks old. Training should be done daily, with short sessions focusing on basic obedience commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand’.

SpiritDog Training
Spirit Dog Training logo



Overall Score


Convenient, mobile-friendly training classes so that you can train on the go.
Offers positive reinforcement-based training
Convenient, mobile-friendly training classes so that you can train on the go.
The community aspect allows you to engage with other dog owners and learn about the problems and progress of other dogs.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
While it is nowhere near as expensive as in-person training with professional dog trainers, SpiritDog Training is still costly. Especially since you have to purchase courses separately.
It can be a tad overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information. Choose the courses Carefully.

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    • Hey Allen, With Spirit Dog Training, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace. The courses are accessible anytime, anywhere, allowing you to watch the videos whenever it suits you. There are no restrictions on how many times you can rewatch the videos. So, whether you need a refresher or want to dive deeper into a topic, you have the freedom to do so. Convenient, flexible, and tailored to your schedule.


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