How To Potty Train a Pitbull Puppy? (7 House Training Tips)

Last Updated on October, 2023

Pitbulls are not easy to train, that’s for sure. They’re very stubborn and can be aggressive at times. But with patience, persistence and consistency, it could be possible to potty train your pup successfully. It may take some time before your puppy gets the hang of it but don’t give up!

Read on below to find out more about how you can successfully potty train your pup!

Tools & Equipments You’ll Need To Get Started.

Consider providing items that a female/male pit bull puppy will need before house training. You’ll need to have:

  • Toilet tissues/wet wipes (to prevent pet odor)
  • Potty pads/puppy pads
  • Treats 
  • A crate

And make sure you possess some qualities like:

  • Patience 
  • Humbleness 
  • Positivity 

And yeah, all right! You’ve got everything that you need. Now let’s dig deep step-by-step to make ourselves the best dog trainer.

Here are the 3 key points from this article:

  1. Pitbulls are stubborn and can be aggressive, but with patience they can be potty trained successfully.
  2. Feed your puppy at specific times and take him outside immediately after he eats.
  3. Crate training can be helpful in controlling your puppy’s urges.

TLDR: Potty training a pitbull puppy can be difficult, but it is possible with patience, persistence, and consistency. You will need to provide a designated potty area for your puppy, and take him there regularly. You may also need to crate-train your puppy to help him learn to control his urges.


It’s recommended to prepare your own schedule for feeding your pitbull puppy. This can bring immense success in achieving the potty training of your pit bull.

Set a schedule, work smart as you feed your puppy at specific times, and take him outside for a walk while your puppy urges to go potty.

It’s pretty easy when you take your pit bull outside immediately for 10-15 minutes as soon as he finishes his meals.

Note: pit bulls’ potty time may vary from one another as we cannot exactly refer to a time for its business to be done… so-better to be vigilant.

By routinizing the feeding, you’ll be able to have a very clear understanding of when your pitbull puppy needs to go outside to go potty. 

Repeating this method can help you grow your furry buddy a successful house-trained pit bull puppy and develop mannerism along with house training. 

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STEP #02 ELECT A SEPERATE AREA FOR POTTYFunny pitbull dog looking

Yes! Selecting a designated place matters when it comes to the potty behavior of your pitbull dog.

Select a spot anywhere from your yard where you prefer to let your pit bull puppy relieve himself. Take your dog outside to the spot whenever he feels urgent. 

Make sure you leash train your pitbull pup at the beginning so that it’ll make your dog understand the correct place, and once, after your pup masters this method, let him off-leash, and he’ll be able to identify the correct spot for where he should potty without your guidance. 


Basically, young Pitbulls do not have the tendency to control their urges when they intake excessive amounts of water before heading up to bed (even humans do not have that tendency). 

Mostly your dog will give sniffing signs whenever he feels urgent.

If that is the case, make sure you control him from sucking excessive amounts of water throughout the day. Plenty of water per day will be sufficient enough for him.

Remember to take any bowls or water resources out from the cage/crate after your pitbull has accessed water. 


Teaching a dog

Signals are something really very important to understand when and for what your pit bull puppy yearns for.

Teach your pitbull dog with any signs you like. It can be the ringing of a bell, barking, or shaking of the tail. On the other hand, you can also teach him commands like: “GO POTTY”, “GO PEE” etc… 

This method will result greatly as your dog will improve its behavior and tend to move for its designated spot before you lead him.


The best way to keep your dog controlled in urgent situations and prevent him from causing accidents inside the home is the crate training

Your pup will remain calm and controlled till you let him out for potty. And this will help your pup to remain controlled in certain situations. 

Assure that your crate is huge enough for your puppy to sit, stand and show signals. Remember, it should not be too big in size, which will cause your puppy to urinate inside the crate.


If your dog smells any odor of urine or any excretory products, it’ll become a fuss because your puppy might continue to use the same spot to pee.

Since they have the immense power in smelling the breeze, make certain you clean your home if an accident has taken place inside your home.

You can use any fragrance or enzymatic cleaner to wipe out stains.


When your pit bull puppy obeys and works according to your commands, make sure you praise your canine friend immediately. Praise him with commands like: “GOOD BOY”, “GOOD DOGGY,” etc… but it’s preferable to praise your puppy with his favorite tasty treats. 

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When should I start potty training my Pitbull puppy?

When it comes to potty training of your canine, you are never-going-to-bother by starting to teach him at his early stage. Your dogs will not know when and where to pee and poop when it’s a new member of your family. 

Start your pitbull pup house training when they are between 11weeks to 17week of age. It’s not necessary to train him too early as well (3-week old puppies will not be able to catch things up faster). 

No harm in teaching and coaching your pup at the earliest. This will also help your Pitbulls to develop new basic behaviors and mannerisms.

When your pup is new to your family, obviously, he might not know where to carry out his urges. At times he might also cause accidents inside your home, so make sure you take him outside whenever he shows signs of urges to avoid your pitbull peeing inside the home.

Be patient and teach him all that will make him a perfect companion. 

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Puppy?

Basically, dogs yearn for love, care, and affection. These pit bulls are eager to please powerful and personalized dogs. They could learn things as fast as possible. (1)

So potty training could be well trained within 4 to 6 months. It’s all up to you as to how you are going to teach your pit bull and treat him.

Make sure you remain calm in all situations because you will have to face many challenges and accidents while going on teaching potty training.

If you are living in apartments, it’ll be a bit difficult to take your pup right out to the elected place as the designated spot will be on the ground floor, most probably.

If that is the case, you can use the elevator to reach the spot on the ground floor and teach your puppy to hold on till you take him to the exact potty spot.

If you were not faced with any accidents for 5 weeks, then it’s obvious you have succeeded in house training your pitbull.

Are American pitbull puppies easy to potty train compared to other breeds?

Yeah! The extraordinary intelligent canines could learn things in no time. Many pit bull owners might ponder on how it was easy in coaching the pit pups when compared to other puppy breeds. 

Since they are super smart and have a keen intelligence, they catch up on actions so fast and quick. 

You see, Pitbull puppies are not hard to potty train, but it’s a bit boring. 

If you’re thorough with the strategies and steps mentioned above, then your Pitbulls are smart as no breeds. 

Bonus Tips To Potty Training Your Pit Bull

The first and foremost thing to be considered in training your pit bull is being consistent and persistent. Never scold them and act aggressively towards them for their mistakes. 

Bashing and shouting at them can cause fear, anxiety, and impact on them negatively. So be kind, humble, and teach them in a way they could understand, like: commanding your pitbull with trigger commands “GO PEE” or “GO POOP”. 

Keeping your canine in a crate is also the best way in controlling your pup’s urges, as I’ve mentioned above. 

Positive reinforcement, too, plays a major role in house training your pup. Praising your pit bull, providing treats, and guiding him correctly can affect the training process more positively.

pitbull dog photography

Make sure you always take him outside before meals and after meals to the designated place and leash him till he masters this method and goes out on his own.

To Conclude

Don’t ever think that potty training your pitbull is hard or frustrating. It might be a bit difficult at times, but “HARD WORK PAYS OFF’’(oh yeah, I made a proverb!).

Your patience and attentiveness is all that matters. Your pup will learn each and every method of life-long skills one-by-one and step-by-step. 

I hope my article helps you convert your pitbull pup into a well-trained pit bull dog.




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