PetSmart Dog Training Reviews: Here’s Why I Don’t Recommend Their Classes

Are you considering to sign up for Petsmart Dog Training class?

If so I recommend you do so after reading this review, because there are some crucial things you need to know about this place.

Today I’ll be going through everything that the Petsmart dog training class is offering, Types of Classes, Cost of the Classes, and my Personal Opinion on it, whether it is worth it or not.

So keep reading! There are some unexpected things you’ll get to know today in this Petsmart dog training review. 

Petsmart Dog Training Classes Review


Petsmart Dog training has a variety of options when it comes to classes. Each one of them is different in their ways. Every class here runs for 6 weeks.(1, 2)

Puppy Training Petsmart (10 weeks to 5 months old).

This is a starting point. Here you’ll learn how to communicate with your furry ball, primary techniques, and skills like Loose-Leash Walking & Come when called. Plus, this class will also improve your dog’s socialization. 

Beginner Training. (5 months & older).

Beginner training is for older dogs with no previous training, covers basic manners with impulse control, skills, and techniques like Focus, Loose-Leash Walking, Leave and Come When Called.

Intermediate Training.

For dogs who’ve already got the better of the beginner training and puppy training 

It also helps to improve the skills you learned earlier even further with more advanced and tougher situations.

Advanced Training.

Strengthens skills to focus more in a variety of situations for faster responses. Teachers and improves Manners while outside, Strike a pose, Heel.

Tricks Training.

Teaches fun and playful tricks that will be fun for your dog, such as Crawl, Spin, Bow. These tricks will improve your dog’s confidence and concentration.

Therapy Training.

Improves your knowledge of understanding and reading your dog’s body language and will enhance your communication and reliability with your pup.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost At Petsmart? (And Refund Policy)petsmart dog training image

Every Petsmart Dog Training Class costs $119 for 6-weeks. Each group class continues for 6 weeks and an hour per day.

The prices are relatively cheap for group classes, which range from $15- $30 per hour.

But the private class, this is where it gets a bit expensive. It ranges from $70 – $90 per hour.

Petsmart also provides an option where you can privately train your dog’s individual needs with a Certified Trainer for $45 (30 minutes), $89 (1 hour), and $219 (4 hours). The program can be tailored the way you want and how you want to work with your dog. 

There is no refund in any of these classes, but if you’re not completely satisfied, they’ll retake the class for no extra cost (Free)

If you’re not sure about what to teach your dog or thinking that your dog won’t fit the group classes, there is a 15 minutes consultation offered for free by Petsmart where the trainer will inspect your dog and suggest what’s best for him.

How Good is Petsmart Dog Training Classes? (My Personal Opinion)

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I’m Julie, me and my dog Panther, a seven-month-old Canis Panther living in New Rochelle. I’m one of many contributors to Ipet Guides. Here I share my thoughts on anything dog-related, and today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Petsmart Dog Training classes.

Back to the thoughts now,

I couldn’t find any professional PetSmart dog trainers near my place. I opted to sign up for a Petsmart Dog training class, which was within my reach. Since we’ve already mastered our basics, I chose to go with the intermediate class. 

As we entered our classroom, there was just only one lady with her Golden Retriever. I was so happy, and at the same time, I felt sad too, happy because Panther won’t show his ruthlessness over his other counterparts and sad because Panther won’t be making any new friends. But our experiences apart this is about our opinion.

According to the Petsmart training page, their trainers are:

  • Certified Pet trainers
  • Uses positive reinforcement techniques

The instructors who play a big part in our training, the instructor I got seemed to be a skilled trainer but not a good teacher from what I’ve seen. The guy just entered the class and started the training. He did not introduce himself nor tell us about what we’re going to learn today. 

Most of the time, he just kept repeating the same stuff over and over again, even if my classmate and I succeeded. 

He did not even guide us properly and wasn’t corrected for the mistakes we were making. We were completely on our own during the training, and I thought of leaving the training, but for the sake of my hard-earned money, I held on. 

He looked like he was in a hurry, and we failed to get much guidance too. Needless to say, the first day was a complete mess and completely ruined my day.

While the training sessions went on, he became a bit friendlier than he was on the first day. He started to explain more, and he even gave me homework, and everything went on well from there but not great.

Finally, just a small note on the training class, that place was like a kennel for humans, to say the least. It was just too small for me, but I thanked God there was only one trainer. 

For all the 6 weeks, I cannot say I learned everything. The time period does not seem to be quiet enough to complete every training they’ve mentioned, but anyway I thought it would be a good experience, but it was completely the opposite of it. But your experience may be different from mine. 

Overall my experience was an absolute nightmare in the Petsmart Dog Training class.

Petsmart Dog training Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Petsmart Dog Training Classes:

  • Working with our dog: this is a noteworthy point. This can help us get to know each other very well.
  • Making new friends: joining a Petsmart Training Class is like going to a park full of dog trainers. We can make loads of friends and can even learn from them. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen to me.
  • Socialization: your buddy can make new friends too and can learn to behave in public.
  • You can witness how others with their dog behave: this is a rare opportunity. Witnessing how other dogs behave can help us learn from it and correct our dog’s behavior.
  • Price: other than the group classes, the private classes cost way more than I expected. Rather than signing up here, there are much better and cheaper dog training programs online.
  • Training Facility: this is the weirdest training facility I’ve ever been to, this is mainly because of the size of the room it was too small. That simply didn’t look like a training place to me (but I don’t think every classroom is the same as this)
  • Trainers: first and foremost, they should look into this. As I said, the trainer was the one who ruined my experience. They said he was a professional but actually didn’t seem like it. I never experienced my trainer giving any extra tips or some further knowledge in the specific training drill. He failed to correct us too. But you know what, all these are based on what I’ve experienced. This may completely be different for you. You might get a perfect teacher.
  • Environment: thankfully, my classmate’s dog was fine, but the smell which came from the pet store was Ahh!! You know how it smells. If noises easily throw your dog off, this might not be the right place for you because every time there’s some dogs barking and others walking with their dogs in the store.

Is PetSmart Training Worth It?

not recommended tagAfter personally experiencing it, I did feel like it was good but not great. The 6 weeks seems like it isn’t enough to complete all the training they’ve mentioned. For the most part, you’re likely only to master one or two skills within the time. Other than that is a bit questionable.

And if you’re far away from a Petsmart Training center, I would never recommend you visit that place. It’s a complete waste of time and mostly money. 

Even Though the environment is bad, if you want to socialize with your dog and make new friends, it’s a great place. Other than that, there’s nothing more to praise about it. And for this money, there’s a lot of dog training programs and classes available out in the wild. 

Cheaper And Better PetSmart Alternative

Adrienne Farricelli
=>Click here to Check Yourself

And I would like to tell you a little about this online dog training program, which is absolutely worth every penny, and Brain Training For Dogs(BT4D). One of the best-reviewed online dog training courses. 

This is my go-to program when it comes to training my dog. It’s one of the inexpensive courses in the market and way cheaper than Petsmart Training. 

This training worked for me, and I’m pretty sure it’ll work for you too. I would recommend it to anyone without thinking twice. 

If you tend to purchase this course, you’ll be amazed by what you get for its price. Let me list out those for you:

  • 21 high-quality videos which will help you to complete the training drills successfully.
  • Extremely effective behavior training for all kind of dogs.
  • Ask Adrienne Farricelli (here you’ll get to interact with the author herself and clear the doubts you have completing the training).
  • Case Studies: this is where the author shares her personal training experience with her dogs and explains how she could get through the problems she faced while training her dogs, so you’ll be able to use the same techniques while training your puppy too.
  • You’ll get the main manual for this program.
  • Lifetime access across all your devices and a 60-day money-back guarantee if you didn’t get what you expected.

These are the Behavior Training that you’ll learn.

  1. Digging
  2. Whining
  3. Jumping
  4. Chewing
  5. Barking

Also if these aren’t enough for you, there is Trick Training too, here you’ll get to teach your dog some great Tricks which is actually GOOD for your Pooch Mentally and Physically. Those are:

  1. Dance Howl
  2. Cover His Eyes
  3. Play Dead
  4. Take a Bow
  5. Shake Hands
  6. Rollover

This great online dog training course’s staggering price is just $47, which is extremely inexpensive compared to Petsmart training.

Set side by side to the experience you get from Petsmart Dog training. This is a day and night difference.

I promise that you’ll get a unique experience, unlike any other dog training classes or courses. If you’re not a fan of attending Dog training Classes, then this is the way to go.

My Final Words

If you like to visit a Dog training class, then Petsmart is a great option. The group classes’ price range is excusable even though it isn’t a good value for money. 

From what I’ve experienced, Trainers seem to be skillful but not experienced. But it cannot be the same for every trainer; each one of them may be different from one another. But the choice is in your hands. I’ve shared everything I know about Petsmart Dog Training Class. 

I recommend you to try out BT4D though! If you want a travel free experience. This course has everything that Petsmart Training has but for a cheaper price and with a much more experienced teacher.

And if you’re still not sure what to decide, I recommend you to check out our complete review on Brain Training for Dogs, where we’ve covered everything that a buyer needs to know.

I hope this walkthrough helped you make a clear decision. And thank you for taking a look at my review.

Take care, and stay safe.

brain training for dogs review

Brain Training For Dogs

Our #1 Recommendation

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