PetCo Dog Training Classes Review (2021): Worth Your Cash?

PetCo Dog Training Classes Review: Everything You Should Know

Last Updated on September, 2022

If you own a dog, you know how crucial it is to train one. But, as an owner, you might come across various services that make you confused about which one to choose.

Among all the dog training classes, we have scoured the best ones for you. You will learn about positive reinforcement techniques, training programs, contact, schedule, and what people think about them. 

This article will do a PetCo dog training classes review and compare it with another class like the Petsmart dog training class to know what the hype is about PetCo classes.

Things to Consider Knowing Before You Select a Dog Training Class

Training a dog

Whenever I select a place for my dog for a private lesson, I look for some specifications and their dog’s previous training curriculum to narrow down the right place for the training.

Before you enroll your furry friend into a training program, there are few things you should look out for:

Does Your Dog Need Training?

The first and foremost question you ask yourself as an owner before enrolling in any classes is, does your dog need professional, positive reinforcement training? If you understand why your dog needs exercise, you can easily pick where to enroll the dog for training. 

Purpose Of Training

The dog is trained well if you know for what purpose it has been trained. There are many purposes for dog training; it teaches the dog to behave well with other dogs, knows when to defecate, and learns not to tear or chew random items in the house. For instance, in puppy training, the purpose of training is dog leash training and strengthening skills, while in adults, you can train your dog to make a therapy dog. 


Dog training helps them prepare for competition; the training program includes a wide range of activities that prepare them to interact with other dogs and have a higher metabolism. In addition, the training prepares the dog for competition, so your dog becomes active and energetic. PetCo and PetSmart Dog training classes prepare the dog for competitions. 

Understand What Your Dog Needs

Before picking up a dog training class, understand what your dog needs. Look for a brochure which describes the services a training center offers. If your dog fits with the services, they offer then you should go ahead with them.

Case Studies

Case studies help you learn why pet parents consider this place and why you should choose this place. The case studies show how pet parents’ benefit, and there are any improvements the dog show after being trained from this space. Look for testimonials of PetSmart group training classes and PetCo training classes to better understand the place. 


It may sound a bit obvious, but you should train your dog which offers more services. This helps the dog to learn more and engage in activities that make them active. They get certified with the Canine Good Citizen class. They also get certified with other programs, which makes them suitable for dog therapy. 

Training takes positivity, resilience, and a comprehensive program, best pet classes, offer this. 

Don’t get fooled! There are lots of fake testimonials out there, so make sure what you are trusting is fact-checked.

Call your friends or connect with people who have reviewed the place and why they trusted it. If you are convinced, then let’s move ahead with the next step.

What To Look for In a Dog Trainer?

A Girl Training a Puppy

Finding the right dog trainer is as much important as finding a suitable training class. The trainer uses science-based reinforcement techniques. 

For example, the trainers use the aversion technique with alphas training tools, shock collars, pin collars, and choke. Before hiring a trainer, chat with them to know what techniques they will use and how much it will affect your dog. 

What to Look for Dog Training in PetCo?

PetCo has a wide range of PetCo animal supplies, offers private lessons, and has an intermediate training program. The pet classes are also a great place to meet other dog owners and make friends in dog lessons. Other factors which you must see are: 

Training Cost

To be honest, training a dog is expensive. If you enroll your dog in the best training center, you have to invest that much. The cost of training depends on the training program in which you are enrolling your dog.

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Private Dog Training

Private training is precisely what it sounds like. It is private. Your dog is trained in a training room so, and it catches up in their speed. The private training sessions are offered in-home or at the trainer’s facility. 

This way, you would learn with your trainer the skills that help your buddy to learn. For example, they will learn how your dog responds to cues when they are starting to learn how to sit or stand. 

This training is also for puppy classes, so the puppies that are shy or have behavioral issues and can’t learn in group training can learn in private training.

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Group Training Dog

Group dog training

Public training or group training consists of 10 dogs in one group. It is beneficial for dogs who are older and dealing with anxiety or aggression. In groups, the dog training classes have pieces of training, especially for those just beginning to start. The trainers provide positive reinforcement training and understand dog’s language to help them train. 

Board And Train

It is perfect for owners who don’t have enough time to train their dogs. Broad and train mean boarding and training of a dog. It is a daycare training when the owner drops off the dog in the training classes up in the evening. This way, you won’t have to worry about your little friend how they are holding up in the training center at night.

However, as it has been said, “daycare is an ongoing training process you need to continue teaching your dog after it comes home.” 

If you have never gone through dog training, this guide will give you insight into what you are getting into. In addition, you will learn what to expect from the training and the principles you can keep at home.

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Who is the Author of PetCo Dog Training?

Author of PetCo dog training Jim Myers

Jim Myers is the C.E.O. and chairman of the pet training center. The company started as a mail-order selling veterinary supplies in 1965, later acquired by Leonard Green and Partners and TGP capital in 2000. 

According to Wikipedia, “In 2004, PetCo bought the naming rights to San Diego’s

then-new downtown baseball stadium, making it PetCoPark. The company agreed to pay the San Diego Padres about $60 million over 22 years.” That’s how PetCo became a household name. 

Currently, PetCo is running in over 1500 locations in the United States and Mexico. PetCo has raised more than $200 since its inception, and the money is donated for the welfare of animals and support for good causes. However, there are few accusations on the company on how they treat pet birds. 

PetCo Dog Training Courses

Now that we know about the authors of the program, it’s time to look what are the programs offered in PetCo. 

Online Program

It offers a private program for dogs so they can learn in a distraction-free safe environment.

It has a private training program at home or any set location. These are customized for one-on-one training with your dog. For example, it helps the dog to learn potty training. 

The tutors offer reinforced positive training to stop them from chewing everything at home, barking, and doing behavioral activities. The dog training includes advanced training sessions which help the dog to learn activities and adopt positive behavior. To work with the digital world, it offers online training.

As the world shut down due to pandemics, online training became important for dog owners who couldn’t get their dogs to trainers. The dog trainers offer virtual training through Zoom that suits the experience level of your dog. 

This allows getting well-trained at home. It ranges from customizing training depending on the pet’s need to basics for puppy and adult dogs. A total of four sessions is scheduled in small groups so your dog can learn quickly.

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Offers Adult Classes

The adult classes for the dog are specifically for adult dogs to teach them at advanced levels. These classes train them for complex behavior, so the dog remains physically and mentally stimulated.

  • Adult Dog Level 1: It is a six-week training designed for any dog above six months. It is designed for the dog to learn how to communicate, understand commands like sit, stand, wait or stay. Like other packages from PetCo, this also addresses challenges such as digging or barking. If you have adopted dogs and want to train them before then. This program is for you. They teach the dog loose leash walking and understand the dog’s body language. 
  • Adult Dog Level 2: It is a graduate-level class for dogs who have been trained for adult dog level 1. This touches upon the lessons given in level 1 and adds activities for dogs to keep their minds active. It happens in the group training classes, so your dog can socialize and behaves well with other dogs. 
  • Canine Good Citizen Class: This is high-level training for dogs who have qualified at level 2, so it will prepare the dog for the AKC CGC test. The AKC CGC test is The American Club Canine Good Citizen certification. When your dog qualifies for this test, it means it is officially trained for good behavior.
  • Adult Dog Essential Package: This package is a combination of the Adult1 Package and Adult 2 package.
  • Adult Dog Complete Package: This is a premium package. It includes an essential package and canine good citizen package.

Puppy Class

Group puppy training

PetCo offers a wide variety of puppy training programs. Each program is tailored, so the puppy learns and picks the right behavior with time.

  • Puppy Level 1: It is six-week class training which is designed for four-year-old puppies. The training program has an introductory group where your puppies can learn to socialize with other puppies and learn basics like sitting and leash training. The six-week training class also covers digging, teething, chewing, and potty training of puppies.
  • Puppy Level 2: In puppy class, the training session is for puppies aged from four months to six months. In this training, the puppies will phase out treating other puppies, and some activities are inducted in training to keep the puppies active.
  • Puppy Essential Package: It is a combination of puppy level 1 and puppy level 2 programs. The puppy class session offers both levels, so the dog clears one level and then begins training for the next level. 
  • Puppy Complete Package: It is a premium package for puppies and adult dogs. This pack includes everything that an essential puppy package includes. In addition, you can enroll in any group classes in local PetCo. 

Other Programs

Training a dog with ball
  • Leash Training Workshop: It is an on-hour workshop that helps the dog learn how to behave properly and walk on a loose leash.
  • Sit And Down Workshop: It is a one-hour workshop. This workshop helps the dog to learn commands with positive reinforcement.
  • Stay Workshop: This workshop solely focuses on stay command. It teaches the dog how to stay in one place and understand the command of the owner.
  • Behavior Situation Workshop: This workshop is for dogs who have barking, chewing, or digging issues. A trainer uses the right tools to correct the situation. They train the dog for loose-leash training and offer another training curriculum. 
  • Crate Training Program: This program is ideal for those dogs who live alone without the owner. They are taught how to live inside a crate when they are away at work. This comes in intermediate training classes, and it is an essential package to hone up existing skills with this new skill. 

Benefits For Dog Training

Dog Training Benefits

PetCo offers proper training for Pet parents, so they have the satisfaction to keep pets at home. The training offers series of activities that your dog engages in and learns from trustable sources. 

In addition, the trainers in PetCo monitor the pet, and they observe how the pet responds to pet parents. The benefits it offers are:

  • Dog-Friendly Communication

This ensures your dog learns the difference between rewarding behavior and unrewarding behavior. They offer a myriad of activities in which the dogs indulge. When they do something rewarding, they are encouraged with a treat when they demonstrate positive interaction. In the training classes, unwanted behavior is totally ignored. (1)

  • Personalized Instruction

In PetCo, the trainers understand dogs’ specific needs and train the dog based on their behavior. The training sessions are tailor-made to cater to the need of the dogs. There are dog parks for training, and the classes focus on comprehensive programs. 

  • Socialization

The dog is placed with other dogs to learn how to socialize with all the other dogs. This helps the dog to interact in a fun setting. This also helps in reducing the anger, and with basic obedience skills, they show positive interactions. 

PetCo Dog Training Pros and Cons


The PetCo training session is good for both you and your dog.
The dog will learn to understand commands like sit or down.
In the private lessons, the dog is given basic commands.
It has punishment-free training.


The PetCo training con is it is an expensive training
Another PetCo dog training con is the training is not that effective as it is said to be.
The trainers seem more like a salesman.

PetCo Dog Training Testimonials

Now, let’s see what others think of PetCo dog training classes!

According to some reviews and case studies that I have been following for quite some time, PetCo offers a decent approach to training dogs. It offers classes and training sessions for puppies starting from 2months to adults over six months. In addition, they provide body harness, intermediate class, and coupons who shop from the store. 

The prices of the training vary from place to place, but the service is top-notch. The best thing about PetCo is they do not discriminate the dogs based on the breeds; these classes are specially for the socialization of dogs so they can get comfortable with other breeds.

However, some people of PetCo do complain about service from the members of PetCo.

They are more into money than training a dog. The honey traps the consumer to buy straps, loops, and other training tools. This is because the trainers get a commission from the center when a product is sold. So, Be aware! They can fool you into buying a workshop or session that your dog might not need. 

Pricing and Where to Buy

  • The prices vary for different programs.
  • The puppy level programs 1 and 2 are available for $110.
  • The essential puppy packages are available at $200-$300.
  • To enroll for the A.K.C. S.T.A.R. test, you need to pay a sum of $10.
  • The workshops cost $110.
  • Private lessons start at $70-$200 for a four-hour session.
  • The dog complete package comes for $300.

My Personal Opinion

not recommended tag

My takeaway from the program is it seems expensive than other dog training program classes. In addition, it does not offer anything specific which you can’t find n any other training cases. 

It is definitely a good program if you are looking for private classes or online classes considering the situation outside, but $200 for a four-hour private session is way too much than expected. Our take is you can look for an alternative program at a much cheaper cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I Purchased Brain Training for Dogs?

My dog Teddy was showing some behavioral issues that required immediate attention. She was chewing up everything at home, didn’t respond to leash training, and was constantly barking at home. 

The family members at my home were constantly knocking me up to do something for her, but I didn’t know what! So, finally, I looked up the dog training services around and found PetCo. But, while I enrolled her in PetCo, there were few things that I Didn’t like in PetCo.

  • It was out of my league in terms of cost
  • There were no private training sessions in the morning
  • The PetCo services didn’t include anything for jumping and whining

What Brain Training for Dogs Include?

The main manual includes all programs:

  • eBook for behavioral training
  • High-quality short videos to teach certain dog exercises
  • There are case studies so you can learn consumers are happy with this place
  • Behavior training
  • Trick Training

If you are still not satisfied with the training module, then this would help. It offers all these at the cost of $47. Yes, you heard it right its cost-friendly, so you can train your dog without feeling robbed.

PetCo vs. Brain Training For Dogs

The main thing that separates both the training classes from each other is the cost. The cost is the dividing factor, which means you have to pay up to $300 for complete dog training in PetCo, while you get the same at the cost of $47.

And the main thing is PetCo is not exclusively a dog training company. It sells veterinary products. Yes, I know how you would feel if you knew they are a big dog training company with bigger goals than training your dog.

They offer dominance training, but the dog does not require dominance training. When the dogs are rebuked or trained too much, they restrain to get trained. It is better if correct methods are approached and more time is taken to train a dog.

This is why I recommend you go for training classes that offer the service specifically designed for your dog. 


I hope this in-depth review helped you to find what’s best for your dog. In addition, you can learn from the case studies whether you invest money and time in training your dog in PetCo Dog training class. 

We recommend Brain Training Dog Classes, as these are cheaper and offer a wide range of training sessions. In addition, you can check the case study and testimonials to learn more about PetCo. 

Dog training is important; a not properly trained dog can cause trouble to you and your family. But a properly trained dog is up for dog therapy and can help become a good part of society. 

Brain Training For Dogs
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