Invifence Review [2022 Upd.] Is This Legit or a Big Scam?

Invifence Review [2022 Upd.] Is This Legit or a Big Scam?

Last Updated on December, 2022

You NEED a barrier to ensure your dog stays within your property (does not STRAY or get LOST.)

You’ve thought about building a fence, but that’s an eyesore. 

Furthermore, nothing stops your dog from digging a hole under the fence or jumping over a fence.

Or, by mistake, you could leave the gate open to your property, and your curious pooch goes MISSING.

Regardless of the reason, you NEED an invisible fence.

So is the Invifence Invisible Fence system any good? Is it reliable? Is the system foolproof or faulty?

The Good

The Invifence has some good features, such as a WATERPROOF and DUSTPROOF collar.

The Not So Good

The connection between the transmitter and receiver could be better. The system can FAIL to work at times.

The Bottom Line

The Invifence is an EXPENSIVE system; however, it has far too many drawbacks. More info below.

About the Invifence (Luxipaws™️ 2 in 1 Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar – Invifence)

The Invifence system is yet another wireless fence in the market with a training collar intended to help your dog master an invisible fence.

It works to keep your dog within a defined safe zone effectively. It is a suitable device to help you train your dog to boundaries. 

Unlike a physical fence, no physical barrier stops your dog from leaving the boundary area. 

The system comprises a shock collar and a battery-operated transmitter. When your dog leaves the designated safe zone, the transmitter will send a signal to the shock collar, which will result in a correction.

Luxipaws Wireless Dog Fence

The system comes with beep, vibration and shock correction, which can work well to train HARD TO TRAIN dogs.

The device limits the beep and shock correction to two cycles, ensuring that the correction isn’t too harsh for your dog. 

However, the product is not recommended for aggressive dogs, who could react aggressively to the shock correction. 

This 2 in 1 system by Luxipaws can be used to both limit your dog’s movement to a determined space, at the same time behaviorally train your dog. 

You can use a single transmitter with up to three shock collars, which means the system is limited to 3 dogs. 

What’s in the Box of the Invifence System?

The Invifence system is yet another wireless fence in the market with a training collar intended to help your dog master an invisible fence.

It works to keep your dog within a defined safe zone effectively. It is a suitable device to help you train your dog to boundaries. 

Unlike a physical fence, no physical barrier stops your dog from leaving the boundary area. 

The system comprises a shock collar and a battery-operated transmitter. When your dog leaves the designated safe zone, the transmitter will send a signal to the shock collar, which will result in a correction.
  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1/2/3 Receiver Collars
  • 1/2/3 Adjustable TPU Collar Strap
  • 1 Charger Adapter
  • 1 Test Light Tool
  • 4 Metal Contact Screws With Silicon Covers
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Manual

How Does the Invifence Work?

Setting up this device isn’t the most simple thing in the world. (The system could be more user-friendly.)

First, you have to set the transmitter in a clear spot with as few obstructions to the signal as possible. (If you stick it in the closet, it WON’T work.)

You must then adjust the radius, defining an estimation of the safe zone. (Note: estimation.)

Once the radius is set, you can choose a training mode (all on the transmitter) and pair the shock collar with the transmitter.

You want to test whether the shock collar works appropriately during the first setup. This is done using the LED tester (Test Light Tool). Place the tester on the metal probes, and if the LED lights up, the shock collar works fine. 

There are three levels of adjustable correction. All you have to do is define the radius, pair the transmitter and the collar, adjust the correction level, and place the collar around your dog’s neck. 

The system has various training modes to help you initially train your dog to this wireless fence system; which can be a useful feature when training your dog to an invisible fence. 

a dog wearing invifence collar

You can choose one of the training modes and start the training process. 

You have to set up and test the coverage of this system manually. Using the LED tester, you can walk toward the defined boundary to check whether the radius is correctly adjusted for the invisible fence. (Do you see why we said this system isn’t simple.)

Once the Invifence is set up, if your dog leaves the designated safe zone, it will be corrected through two cycles of beep and shock correction, which, if properly trained, will cause your dog to retreat to the safe zone (away from the boundary line.)

Unlike wired fence systems in the market, you won’t have to install a boundary line. There is NO DIGGING involved.

Features of the Invifence 

Though the Invifence wireless system isn’t the most seamless system to operate and use, it does have some good features. 

Adjustable Collar

The Invifence system comes with an ADJUSTABLE collar which is intended to fit almost all sizes of dogs. The collar is designed for dogs between 10 and 110 pounds (that is almost all dogs.)

Transmitter Technology

The system comes with 2.4 GHz Transmitter WiFi Technology intended to provide greater stability and coverage. 

Coverage can be adjusted between 30 and 300 meters (1000 feet.) You can use this system in a small backyard or even a large farmhouse. 

That being the case, if there are walls or other obstructions, such as cars, in the way of coverage of the transmitter, the radius will fluctuate. (Questioning the reliability and accuracy of this product.)

a human holding invifence transmitter


The transmitter can be paired with up to 3 RECEIVER COLLARS, which means it can be used with up to 3 dogs. This can be a useful feature if you have 2 or 3 dogs.

However, if you have more than three dogs, you must buy and operate an additional transmitter. 

Adjustable Levels of Correction

You can choose between three levels of correction depending on the stubbornness of your dog. The lower levels are best for sensitive dogs, while the higher levels can prove helpful for HARD-TO-TRAIN dogs.

Rechargeable Battery

Both the transmitter and the receiver collar are battery-operated and RECHARGEABLE. On standby, the system can operate for up to 30 days without the need for a recharge. (It works for about 20 hours on a single charge.)

The rechargeable battery means you won’t have to keep swapping batteries.

This can be a major Pro to this system for many people. (Pros and Cons further down)

Conductive Silicon

The system comes with conductive silicon covers, which lowers the chances of harm caused by the shock collar. This is a great feature to safeguard your dog’s wellbeing.

Dust and Waterproof

The receiver collar is DUST and WATERPROOF (rated IP65), which drastically improves the durability of this product. A little dust or water won’t stop this system from working, which can be great if your dog likes to get WET or play in the DIRT.

Price, Refund Policy and Warranty – Invifence

The system costs $188. Which isn’t a small investment. Unfortunately, there is NO WARRANTY on the device, and neither does it come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Invifence Customer Testimonials

At $188, this system is more on the expensive end of the spectrum of invisible fences. So let’s look at what some of the customers who bought this product had to say.

Invifence Customer Testimonial 1

Well, if you have to pay $188, but the system is HIT or MISS half the time, then it would make you question the purchase. 

Invifence Customer Testimonial 2

Invifence’s clients are not all happy. Don’t get me wrong; some customers like the product’s functionality. However, the lousy ratings provided by some customers makes you wonder whether this system is the best in the market. (Are there better alternatives?)

It’s not all bad with this system. Some people found themselves satisfied with the purchase. In our experience, however, this system has a few drawbacks. 

Let’s see what a happy customer had to say about Invifence.

Invifence Customer Testimonial 3

This second testimonial raves about the reliability of the Invifence wireless system. However, with so many customers facing connection issues (including us), leading to faulty systems, it is difficult to consider whether this system is reliable or not.

In our experience, the technology used by Invifence could be more reliable. The technology is a little OLD and OUTDATED, so we didn’t feel great about this product. 

All in all, you HAVE TO consider the various Pros and Cons of the Invifence system to understand whether the system is worth the money you pay for it.

Pros and Cons of the Invifence Wireless System

A deeper look into the Pros and Cons of this wireless fence system will tell you whether the product is for you or not. 

Though the product has numerous Pros, we feel the Cons outweigh them. 


Unlike some invisible fence systems in the market, the Invifence system does not require the installation of underground boundary wire. There is NO DIGGING involved.

The collar is WATERPROOF and DUSTPROOF, making the collar reliable. 

The varying levels of CORRECTION mean the system will work on stubborn dogs. You can adjust the level of correction based on preference. 

Since the system is battery-operated and doesn’t require a power outlet to work, this wireless fence system is PORTABLE. You can use it in the park, in the woods, or even when you go camping. You can also choose a portable fence for camping with our guide.

The collar and transmitter battery is RECHARGEABLE, which means you won’t have to keep a stock of batteries to ensure the system works.

Lastly, you can upgrade the system to include up to 3 RECEIVER COLLARS, which means you can use the system with up to 3 dogs. (Extra collars have to be bought separately.)


In our experience, the ACCURACY of this product could be better. The accuracy of this system is hampered by obstructions (such as walls, trees, or cars) that fall between the transmitter and the receiver collar more often than the competition. 

The communication technology between the transmitter and receiver collar could be better. In our experience with this wireless fence system, the connection ISN’T a 100% guarantee. (A faulty system could lead to a LOST DOG!)

In our experience, the system, though looks sturdy, isn’t very DURABLE

The Invifence system is a CHALLENGING thing to set up. (Setting up and calibrating the transmitter could be more user-friendly.)

They recommend that you shouldn’t leave the collar on your dog all day. 

Invifence recommends that you leave the collar on your dog for 12 hours of the day. This means you must rely on proper training to ensure your dog’s safety when the collar is off. 

The comfortabilty of the collar on this system is a factor. If the collar isn’t comfortable enough, you dog isn’t going to want to wear it, and if the system is only recommended for half the day, there is NO GUARANTEE that your dog won’t stray when the collar is taken off.

Though the system costs $188, there is NO WARRANTY on the device, and neither does it come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Is it Worth Buying the Invifence?

a human holding invifence transmitter and Receiver Collar

At $188, this product is expensive compared to other systems on the market. The price you pay wouldn’t bother you if the system was better. 

This system has NUMEROUS drawbacks, which raise the question of whether there are better systems in the market. 

When you pay $188 for a wireless fence, you expect it to be FOOLPROOF, which this system isn’t. 

There is NO WARRANTY or GUARANTEE, which means you would have to live with the purchase; especially if it doesn’t work. 

Though this system comes with a training collar and training modes, there are no proper directions for training the dog to the system. You would have to go with the general information available to figure out the means to train your dog to this system.

Also, I would pay $188 for an invisible fence, but it has to work ALL THE TIME. At $188, I don’t need a faulty system that is HIT OR MISS. At $188, I need to know that my dog will not stray or get lost; unfortunately, this system does NOT GUARANTEE that. 

So is the Invifence worth the money? No. (Plain and simple, NO.)

A Great Alternative: Halo 2+ Dog Collar

The Halo 2+ is a considerably BETTER alternative that can be TRUSTED. Brought to you by a WORLD-RENOWNED dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, the system comes with an AMAZING set of training videos to help you train your dog to this invisible fence system.

The Halo 2+ dog collar can be defined as INNOVATION at its finest. (Compare the look of the Invifence system with the Halo 2+ Collar. The Halo 2+ is obviously BETTER TECHNOLOGY.)

The collar is a breeze to set up. There are no underground wires to install (NO DIGGING AND BURYING), and the system is 100% PORTABLE.

halo collar

However, the Halo 2+ collar’s biggest selling point compared to the Invifence system is the new and improved wireless GPS technology of the Halo 2+ collar. This technology is much more RELIABLE than the technology used by the Invifence system. 

With the Halo 2+ collar, you won’t have to worry about a LOST DOG due to a FAULTY SYSTEM!

Stray signal interference is held at a minimum, which means the ACCURACY of this product is incredible. You won’t have to worry about neighboring electronic fences causing signal interference.

Undoubtedly, the Halo 2+ Dog Collar is BETTER than the Invifence system. (And DOGS love the Halo 2+ Collar!)

The collar is waterproof (rated IP-67) and easily paired with a smartphone app that lets you track your dog’s real-time position. You can create and save up to 20 geofences on your smartphone. 

The Halo 2+ collar has a ten-square-mile coverage. (You can use it in small spaces like your backyard or large outdoor spaces like parks.)

Unlike the three levels of correction of the Invifence system, the Halo 2+ collar comes with 15 LEVELS OF STATIC CORRECTION. This gives you much greater control over the correction level to adopt to train your pooch.

Functionality-wise, this product (Halo 2+) is BRILLIANT! It is simple to set up and use. It even looks like it was designed in THIS century (unlike the Invifence, which looks like a blast from the past.) 

It even has health and activityTRACKING, which means you can monitor your dog’s wellbeing.

a dog is wearing halo collar

The collar battery of the Halo 2+ system is RECHARGEABLE. You won’t have to keep a stockpile of batteries to ensure your invisible fence is always working. With one charge lasting around 20 hours, the lifeline of the battery is excellent (ranging from 3 to 5 years.

The Halo 2+ Collar is priced at $649, however it delivers ABSOLUTE value for money!

Though $649 is still on the higher end of the price range of invisible fences, you should ask yourself: would you prefer to buy a cheap device that could prove faulty? Or, consider something more expensive but RELIABLE and TRUSTED by the dog community.

With the Halo 2+ system, there is NO GUESSING or estimation of boundary lines. You can define as many boundaries as you would like using your phone. 

The customer reviews of the Halo 2+ Dog Collar are stellar! Many happy customers think the Halo 2+ Collar is of BETTER QUALITY, ACCURACY, and RELIABILITY compared to other wireless fence systems on the market.

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The Invifence is fine, but the Halo 2+ collar is BETTER.

If you are looking for a reliable invisible fence, the Invifence falls short. In our experience, the Invifence looks unreliable and could lead to a LOST DOG!

Is it worth the purchase? With no MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, we would opt for something better in the market, such as the Halo 2+ Collar.


Yes, Invifence is a legit company that makes wireless fence systems.

Invifence was rebranded and is now called Luxipaws. 

Halo 2+
Halo Collars




Overall Score


Enables dog training
Multiple feedback mechanism
Precise and fast real-time location tracking
Built-in App
Storing up to 20 GPS-enabled geo-fences
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of December
Pretty expensive

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