How Much Does Dog Training Cost? The Average Price (January, 2022)

Last Updated on January, 2022

The first thing that comes to every pet parent’s mind when they think about getting their fur baby trained is, ‘How much does dog training cost?’ The same query must have itched you, too, if getting your pooch trained has been on your mind lately.

Dog training prices may vary based on your place and what type of dog training service or product your dog’s trainer offers. In a nutshell, it all depends on the dog and the training.

We have prepared a lowdown of the costs of different types and modes of puppy training to give you an estimate of the possible price of your pup’s training. So let’s take the guesswork out!

Average Price for Dog Training 

A man Training a Dog

Whether you enroll your pet in online dog training, hire private dog trainers for personal training, or opt for physical canine training, you should expect to spend some good bucks. Here is an overview of what different types of dog training can cost you. 

  • The average dog training cost is approximately $30-$50per class (with most spending about $50 per hour). 
  • Obedience schools charge $200-$600 per week for providing obedience training classes.
  • The boot camp training price also ranges somewhere between $500 and $1200 per week
  • The average cost of a service dog’s training for support, protection, and therapy purposes is $120 per hour.
  • The cost of a private dog training (like Petco and Petsmart) can range between $109 to $120.

Now, let’s dig deep into the different types of training and discover their average prices.

3 Types of Dog Training

We can classify the major dog training trends into three categories:

  1. Group Dog Training 
  2. Dog Obedience Training 
  3. Dog Boot Camps

What Is the Average Cost of Group Dog Training?

Group Dog Training
A group of adult dogs in training session

Group training can cost you $120-$600 if you go for a 6 to 8-week package deal. However, mostly the group classes that last up to six weeks are an ideal choice if you want to improve the communication with your dog.

Group training has the edge over private lessons because they help remember the commands and training tools for both – the dog owner and the dog!

In a fundamental group class, your dog will learn basic commands, basic skills, dealing with anxiety, and interaction with other dogs. In addition, group training is a great way to socialize your dog.

How Much Do Dog Obedience Classes Cost?

a Dog in a Obedience Class
A young puppy in a training class

Has your dog turned into a bad guy and is refusing all your commands? If so, obedience dog training is your best bet. The cost of basic obedience class will be lower, but high-end obedience training will come with a higher price tag.

For example, the average cost for training your canine for basic obedience through a private obedience training school is $45-$120 per session.

However, if you book a series of three to ten classes for more success, there is a chance that you can reduce the cost of your dog’s introductory obedience training sessions. 

How Much Is the Cost of Dog Boot Camp?

Dogs in Boot Camp

Boot camp kennel training, also known as ‘Board and train,’ is perfect for busy pet parents. In a dog boot camp, your dog hangs out at the trainer’s facility for a series of days or weeks to learn some good habits. The charges for a dog boot camp can be $45-$75 per day or $500-$1250 per week based on the duration you choose for your canine’s training.

Service Dog Training Cost

Besides the basic dog training, some exclusive activities have a specific purpose behind them. For example, service dog training focuses primarily on teaching dog skills to perform tasks for disabled persons.

Below you’ll find the average cost of each specialized training:

Therapy Dog Training 

The training for a therapy dog can cost you $30 per session. Therapy dogs are often used for therapeutic purposes at hospitals and child care centers. For example, a therapy dog serves to deal with loneliness, recognize the stress levels in individuals, and comfort people.

Check out the video to train yourself:

Guide Dog Training

Guide dog training is another type of service dog training. It takes a total cost of $45,000 to $60,000 to train a guide dog for two years. However, as guide dogs lead the way for blind and visually impaired people, they are available for FREE!

Hearing Dog Training 

 A hearing dog recognizes different sounds like the doorbell, smoke alarm, or the sound of crying children. Hearing dogs are free for people with hearing disabilities. The cost of training a hearing dog is $1000 after grants, donations, and sponsorships. (1)

However, if a pet owner wants to train his doggie as a hearing dog, they should get ready to pay about $6,000.

Protection Dog Training 

Protection dogs help save people from a head injury during an epileptic seizure. They can also detect low blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. The training cost for a protection dog is $120 per hour.

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Search and Rescue Dog Training

Search and rescue dog training is a 600 hours long training process. In primary search and rescue dogs’ training, you should expect to spend $2,500-$5,000. However, for providing advanced training, you should put $15,000-$20,000 aside to get your rescue dog fully trained. (2)

The Cost of Private Dog Training

private dog training
Private training session

There are two popular professional private dog training programs. Petco and PetSmart! Both have their pros and cons. Which one you should go for highly depends on your preferences and the training goals you have set for your pet.


PetSmart dog training is designed for younger puppies (aged 10-weeks to 5 months). PetSmart has a six-week training program that can cost you $120. Their training program comprises three stages: puppy, intermediate, and advanced.

  • Stage 1 teaches the basic commands like sit, come, stay, and loose leash walking.
  • Stage 2 teaches basic commands but with duration, distance, and distraction in mind.
  • Stage 3 focuses on complex dog skills and tricks.


Petco dog training has two levels, and both levels stretch over six weeks. This training is specifically designed for slightly older puppies aged two months to four months.

This training aims to teach your pup basic obedience cues and socialization with positive reinforcement techniques. This training costs you $109 for their 6-week program. However, they keep on offering different deals.

How to Hire a Dog Trainer?

When you hire a dog trainer, you should consider a few factors. Such as:


Dog trainer certificate

Though there is no law about dog trainers’ certification, you can ask your dog’s trainer about their certification. Most professional dog trainers have training certificates from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers or the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

A certified dog trainer is always an ideal choice because they are well-equipped with modern training techniques and receive their certification from reputable sources. 

Training Method: Reward-Based Training vs. Punishment Based Training

When you hire a trainer, you should decide what kind of training method you are looking for. Then, you can talk to your dog trainer about the type of training they are providing. The two approaches are opposite, and a dog owner must be comfortable with the training methods their dog’s trainer will employ.

Here is the difference: 

Reward-Based Training: This type of training is also known as positive reinforcement training. This training incorporates positive reinforcement techniques. Your pup gets rewarded for showing progress in the form of praise, petting, encouraging sounds, and food. 

Punishment-Based Dog Training: This type of dog training includes choking and shocking the puppy when negative behavior occurs.

Note that: American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior does NOT recommend the punishment-based dog training method.

Benefits of Hiring Dog Trainers 

Training your dog by yourself seems fascinating as it costs ZERO dollars—all you have to invest in is the time with your pup. But, after trying too hard, you still struggle with your dog’s behavioral problems, hiring a dog behaviorist becomes a must. (3)

When you hire a professional trainer, you enjoy the following perks:

  • They fix your pet’s behavioral issues.
  • Your doggie learns good manners in the environment he is in.
  • Your dog and the trainer can focus on specific things.
  • They save your time and money.

So, What Is the Best Professional Dog Training Program?

Brain Training for Dogs Program

There are multiple online professional dog training programs. But after conducting thorough research on the best online dog training courses, we figured out that many pet parents have found Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs a pure gem!

However, mind that, every dog training has its pros and cons. Which one you should go for highly depends on your preferences and the training goals you have set for your pet. 

Here is an overview of how Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli can help you deal with your pet’s behavioral problems.

Brain Training for Dogs is effortless to follow and 100% safe for dogs of all breeds. The best part is the training is jam-packed with valuable video lessons where you’ll hardly find any fluff. What you’ll find inside your Brain Training for Dogs kit is:

  • A Brain Training for Dogs ebook in PDF format.
  • A Behavior Training for Dogs ebook in PDF format.
  • 21 High-quality videos to demonstrate the training.
  • Access to a dog-parent exclusive forum.

Even better? You can complete this online training course at your own pace. Plus, you don’t have to pay too much to buy this great deal for $47.


By now, we hope you have a better understanding of the pricing of different types of dog training. However, if you are still indecisive about training your dog by yourself or hiring a pro, we recommend going with a professional.

Professional dog training programs are a more systematic and result-driven way to train your dog in a particular time frame. You can also enroll your pet in Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli, as we noticed many dog owners vouching for the results of this training program.

However, you can take the final decision by conducting extensive research at your end. 

The choice is all yours!

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