Halo 2+ Dog Collar Review: $999 for What? Scam or Worth it?

Halo 2+ Dog Collar Review: $999 for What? Scam or Worth it?

Last Updated on September, 2022

When you realize your dog is MIA, the world stops for a moment. Everything that happens afterwards is just you and your loved ones trying to figure out where your fur buddy is. This can be highly stressful. 

Halo Collar is the latest invention you can rely on to overcome your fur buddies’ hide and seek game. The Halo smart collar was invented by two brothers, Michael and Ken Ehrman. The two brothers partnered with the well known canine behavior experienced Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. 

Cesar Millan’s expert skills have been reflected in this product very well. This halo dog collar is the groundbreaking solution all the dog owners were waiting for. As a result, many dog owners worldwide use the Halo Collar as an excellent boundary training tool. 

This is one of the most popular and fast-moving collars in the market. Being a dog trainer myself, having to keep track of the dogs makes me go crazy. This is why I thought it was high time to try out the Halo Dog Collar. 

This halo dog collar review will cover a detailed explanation of the halo collar and everything you need to know about the product. 

 Overall: 4.85/5
Brand Reputation
Has an invisible fence and customizable virtual fence
Has Halo App
Can track your dog’s activity and health
Can set customizable feedback for the dog
Has Indoor & Outdoor training
GPS Feature
All-Day Battery
Brand Information
The expert behind the device is Cesar Millan
Comes with a 75-day money-back guarantee
Over 50,000 dogs are safely off-leash and protected by Halo
Found in 2017
Product Benefits
Halo system will give the signals accordingly to create the boundaries
Device’s portability is 100% as it benefits from setting up fences wherever you go
The app allows you to set up the perimeters of the invisible fences
Having natural guidance in terms of sound, vibration or shock helps your dog understand better
The virtual fence gives you the liberty to use it anywhere and everywhere

How Does the Halo Collar Work? 

This dog collar featuring an invisible fence and customizable virtual fence will help you keep your pup within boundaries. Halo collar smart fences are very effective and it will keep your dog safe within the set boundaries. Basically this intelligent dog collar will let you have your peace anywhere you go, be it a dog park, beach, shopping mall, or even home. 

The halo smart dog collar is essentially a shock collar which contains all the features you need under the sun and moon. All these combined in one device make our lives pretty amazing. Trust me on this! 

The Halo Collar will be the main tool in this product. This will be around your dog’s neck, which will do most of your job. The collar will also track your dog’s activity and health. Finally, the most exciting feature of the Halo Collar is the invisible, virtual fence. The Halo Collar will function just as a shock collar whenever your dog tries to leave the boundaries set by you.

Speaking of the virtual fence, don’t you think it is high time you say goodbye to that old fence ruining your perfect garden? I threw mine away the moment I got my hands on this collar. The smart fence is operated by your phone, you can set the boundaries on the halo app, and the halo system will give the signals accordingly to create the boundaries. 

The Halo Collar allows you to create up to 20 customizable unique, installation-free wireless fences for the price of one in-ground fence. The expert behind the device, Cesar Millan, descriptively guides you through the training methods. Furthermore, you can set customizable feedback for your dog. You can either use sound, vibration or static methods to train the dog. 

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Set Up!

Before anything more detailed about this halo dog collar review, I believe it is important to know everything about the setting up of the halo collar which is not rocket science. Know your Halo Collar Kit first! 

  1. Download and Install the Halo App from the app store/play store. 
  2. Log in (if you have an existing account) or create a new account. 
  3. Enable location services on the phone. 
  4. Assemble the Halo Collar using the “user training” guidelines. 
  5. Charge the device (Halo Collar).
  6. Add your pet to the Halo App. 
  7. Connect the Collar to the Halo App. 
  8. Connect the Collar to Wi-Fi. 
  9. Begin to go through the in-app training content. 
  10. Follow in-app instructions to attach the strap. 
  11. The fun part begins now, start your 21-Day training program. 

21- Day Training Program 

  • Day 1 – Set up and user training 
  • Day 2 – Introducing the Collar 
  • Day 3-10 – Indoor training 
  • Day 11-21 – Outdoor training 
Halo Collars
Halo Collars
Visa master amex paypal

Features and Benefits of Halo Dog Collar 

Smart Fences

This feature enables your dogs to roam freely. The app allows you to set up the perimeters of the invisible fences, and the pup will always stay within the boundaries. Smart fences will take away all your anxiety as you can freely idle without having to check up on your dog a thousand and one times! 

The feature will not require any physical assembly. Instead, it is a virtual fence that will be set using the latest technology, unlike your old age invisible fence. 

Safe Boundaries

The safe boundary feature is handy as it does not require separate integration. The Halo App integrates the boundaries with a GPS and stores the data. The Halo system sets the safe limits accordingly, leaving you zero worries. 

The best thing about this feature is that this shock collar works just fine with no Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Natural Guidance 

This Halo Collar system is backed by natural guidance, ensuring that your dog does not pass the set boundaries. Having natural guidance in terms of sound, vibration or shock helps your dog understand better. The dog will notice the guidance and stop himself from crossing boundaries. 

Limitless locations 

GNSS and GPS feature together to create this cool limitless locations feature. If you have a traditional invisible fence, it will only be restricted to a particular area. The in-ground system will operate and create an invisible fence around it. 

Having the Halo virtual fence gives you the liberty to use it anywhere and everywhere. Furthermore, it does not require any installation. 

Just tap on the Halo app and pin the location and the perimeters. Then, you are good to let your dog roam off-leash! 

All Terrain Types 

Halo Fence and the GPS allow the Halo smart dog collar to be used in any terrain. It could be in streams, rivers or even in driveways. It can adapt itself and work well at any given time. 


The Halo Smart Collar allows you to set up an invisible fence around the globe with a simple touch. This device’s portability is 100% as it benefits from setting up fences wherever you go.

Halo smart fence covers up to 10 feet high and allows the configuration of up to 20 customizable fences.

Safety Statuses 

Safe statuses will let you know what your pup is up to in real-time. This feature enables you to track all your dog’s actions. For example, most dog breeds love to go on a lonely walk. You do not have to worry about your puppy taking long walks with the Halo Shock Collar. 

Activity Tracking 

The app’s dashboard will track all your dog’s activities. For example, the number of steps it had walked, your fur buddy rested for how long. Similarly to a Fitbit, the Halo Collar will monitor every single movement. This may come in handy in raising a healthy puppy. 

Easy To Install 

The Halo smart dog collar requires minimal effort to set up as it does not have complicated installations. The only thing you need to do is set up the application on the phone and configuration of the Halo Collar.

The technology used in the Halo system is very user friendly. The experts provide step-by-step instructions in a user-friendly manual, making it easy to install. 

No underground wiring, no fencing, absolutely zero hassle. The time taken to set up an invisible fence is completely off your plate. The Halo company gives the necessary tech support whenever necessary. 

GPS Feature 

This is the star feature of the Halo collar. GPS feature has enabled the device to stand out from the rest of the dog training collars. In addition, there is extra security assured by GPS services as it gives real-time insights into your dog’s whereabouts. 

The GPS plays a critical task in finding your pup if it passes the halo wireless fence despite the prevention measures. This basic tracking system is a lifesaver for all dog owners, and it keeps the dogs safe. 

We share our best dog training collar with gps in this guide.

No Wi-Fi

GPS technology is the primary mode of syncing the devices. The Halo Dog Collar does not require Wi-Fi to function as long as it has a good GPS satellite reception. This is a reliable option as the Halo Collar will work without interruption even when Wi-Fi is unavailable. 

All-day battery 

This is probably one of the most effective devices which give all-day battery life. Usually, complex systems integrated devices tend to drain fast and require the user to charge the device multiple times a day. This is not the case with Halo Collar. The battery life is built in a way to survive long hours. 

Charge the device overnight using a USB C-cable, and your device is ready for the day! 

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How Can I Purchase a Halo Collar? 

You can purchase the Halo Collar online from their website. The collar costs around $999; however, depending on the offers available when you make the purchase, you might be able to enjoy a few hundred off. 

To continue services with Halo, you will have to choose a subscription plan at the end of the 21-Day Program. Halo provides economically feasible plans that can be selected depending on your income level. 

You can choose a plan covering the basic features or a plan with many features. 

The basic plan costs $.15 per day (billed monthly at $4.49). The plan lets you create up to 20 automatic fences with access to storage, basic tracking and training content. 

The silver plan costs $.33 per day (billed monthly at $9.99). This plan includes more customizable fences and an advanced tracking system, historical data and logs relating to activity tracking. 

The gold plan costs $.99 per day (billed monthly at $29.99). This is the best plan and includes all the features that Halo offers. The plan consists of all that is in the Silver plan and premium training lessons every month, live sessions with expert trainers and Q&As with experts.

The Halo Company allows refund policies only if you have purchased the Halo Collar from the website www.halocollar.com and it must be postmarked within 60 days and not more than 75 days. However, Halo company will not refund if it has animal or human-induced damages. 

Halo Collars
Halo Collars
Visa master amex paypal

Social Proof 

This Halo Dog Collar review is completely based on my personal experience. But before I post this Halo Collar review, I researched what other customers think of Halo Dog Collar. Safe to say that the reviews over the internet did not disappoint me. 

Halo dog collar reviews posted by various customers had the same experience. They were satisfied with the product. The clients have recommended the Halo Collar to many other dog lovers as they believe this product is the best to cater for their undying needs. (only a dog parent will understand the struggle)

Below I have posted a few Halo Dog Collar reviews for you to read. 

Pros and Cons of Halo Dog Collar 


Wireless : The product is purely wireless instead of many other available options. Zero worries about the complexities in installation. This will not harm your perfect lawn! 
Built-in App: The halo app, incorporated with the device, gives many conveniences in operating the Halo collar. It is easy to install and fast. 
Adjustable: The Halo Collar has 100% adjustability. The Halo Collar can be conveniently handled depending on the size of the dog’s neck. 
Multiple feedback mechanism: The Collar has natural guidance incorporated. The feedback provided is threefold. Therefore it is easy for the dog owner to change the stimulation level or the type of feedback according to their need.


The device requires a subscription plan. To enjoy the features specified in the Halo Collar, it is mandatory to sign up for a convenient package that involves monthly payment. Therefore, this is an additional expense in addition to the purchase price of the device. 
Training features are manual. The features that are incorporated concerning training are not automated. It requires to be handled manually. This can be a little inconvenient for the dog trainers.

Is the Halo Collar Worth Spending on? 

This product is universal. The halo collar can be used on any dog breed. Dog lovers worry whether tiny dogs cannot wear this. Our expert Cesar Millan recommends the halo collar to any dog owner. Cesar Millan has integrated his expert skills in behavioral psychology training methods into the Halo Collar, making it the best for all dog breeds. 

The Halo smart dog collar is dog safe and is the best way to combat your dog’s negative behavior. Dog trainers have recommended this smart collar as it is easy to train your fur buddy and track the dog’s location. 

Data storage incorporated with the Halo Collar is quite impressive as it does activity tracking of your dog and stores the dog’s boundaries. 

Halo Collar smart fences are hassle-free, and it is far better than the traditional invisible fence, which has an underground wiring business. So it is worthwhile for the amount of money you spend on this device.

If you worry about Halo Collar shock, you can opt to use other customizable prevention feedback like sound or vibration. 

There are many Halo Collar alternatives, but whether other methods are as effective as the Halo Collar is a question of fact. For example, you could opt to clicker training lessons or in-ground invisible fences, shock collars or vibration collars


Final Thoughts

If you are convinced enough, my advice is to go ahead and purchase the collar at your earliest possible. This is a game-changer. The Halo Collar is as effective as a shock collar but with added benefits. 

Many people around the world are using halo Smart Collars. It is known to serve the purpose. The expert behind the device, Cesar Millan, has given so much thought to inventing this device. He has added up many features together in creating the Halo Smart Collar. 

Despite all the good things I have reflected on the post, this Halo Collar is not for you if you are strictly against negative reinforcement. The collar is designed to train the dog to stay within the set boundaries. Therefore the device has used the most effective method to train your puppy. 

I have tried and experienced the product. I am amazed by the outcome it has created. Initially, I was skeptical about buying the product as it was a little too pricey; however, after a few months of training dogs using this device, I thanked myself for making such a wise decision. 

Halo Collars
Halo Collars




Overall Score


Built-in App
Multiple feedback mechanism
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
To enjoy the features specified in the Halo Collar, it is mandatory to sign up for a convenient package that involves a monthly payment
Training features are manual

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