Fenrir Dog Training Reviews What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Last Updated on November, 2021

If you’re to discover what Fenrir Dog Training is and whether this training program is really worth the hype, you’re in the proper place.

After scouring the internet about this Fenrir Dog Training Reviews for the last couple of weeks ‘’making it easy for you guys’’ I’ve come to a clear conclusion that everyone needs to know about this program.

My personal thought on this Fenrir perfect puppy course review and whether it is worth your investment. 

So keep reading…

Things to consider before buying a Dog Training Course Online

These are some factors that you might want to consider before you buy a Dog Training Course on the web;

  • Make sure you research the training program thoroughly on the web.
  • Features and Benefits compared to other training programs
  • Get to know what’s included in the training program.
  • The main thing you should consider is ‘’Social Proof’’ look at what others are saying about the program.

“Don’t get fooled. Many websites these days post fake testimonials on their website”. 

So asking someone verbally is a much better option in my experience. (Which I always do)

Now let’s get into the review deep analysis part.

Author: Will Atherton Dog Trainer

will atherton dog trainer

The founder and the CEO of Fenrir Dog Training is William Atherton. He is a Canine Behaviorist specializing in extreme behavior rehabilitation cases.

His goal is to help the Dog owners by providing best in class products and services for the owners to become high-level canine leaders who can raise perfect canine companions.

He is very well known for his YouTube channels, Fenrir Canine Show and Fenrir Canine Training, with a subscriber count up to a 117k and 13k at the time of writing this article.

Jason Corey and Rachel Atherton are also the authors of the Fenrir Dog Training Program.

Fenrir Dog Training Courses Review

Canine Show Canine Training

Now that we know about the authors of this program, it’s time to look into what this training program has to offer.

There are around 6 to 8 courses available on their website. Let’s check them out.

1.Principles of Perfect Puppy Training

This Perfect Puppy Principle Course is entirely free. This free course breaks down the only principles and theories on how your dog can become your perfect canine companion and further explains about dog socialization and manners.

I think this course is actually worth taking a look at because of the fact that this course is completely free and might be useful if you own a puppy for the first time. 

2. Fenrir Perfect Puppy Course Review

The canine show perfect puppy course teaches you a complete walkthrough of Modern Training Methods, canine psychology, combined into a step-by-step, easy-to-follow simple guide.

This course lets you raise the perfect canine companion yourself without letting you spend thousands of dollars on pro trainers. 

The course is implemented from the ground up and promises that you can quickly get it right for the first time. And the course is suitable for every Dog.

The course’s hefty price tag of $99 seems perfect for me in the long run because it covers some of the essential training techniques that everyone needs to know if owning a puppy.

3. Canine Boot Camp

  • Canine Boot Camp is a step by step course which promises to achieve three incredibly important outcomes.
  • It helps you to become a high-level canine leader.
  • A 1-month structured program which helps to restructure the relationship with your dog.
  • And finally helps to fix the problematic behavior of our dog.

This course includes extensive video lecture-based modules and some theories and documents to help you throughout the course.

And this course costs $99, which is not cheap by any means.

4. Raw Food Masterclass

This course is all about transitioning your dog to a Raw Food Diet.

And teaches on how to manage the transition and exactly what to feed throughout the course, some beneficial tips and tricks.

This course also includes various video lectures to help you throughout the course.

This course too costs $99, and again it’s not cheap.

The course looks like it is overpriced because it only includes a dietary course for your dog.

5. Ultimate Bullmastiff Owners Guide

Ultimate Bullmastiff Owners Guide

This absolute wonder course covers every single bit that you might ever need to know if you’re owning a Bullmastiff.

This course covers;

  • Bullmastiff Development cycle
  • Temperament
  • Grooming
  • Exercise
  • Socialization
  • Health
  • Only specific to Bullmastiff

This course bundles with all the courses as mentioned above and a mammoth price tag of $250, which seems quite pricier for an Online Dog Training Program.

6. Ultimate Cane Corso Owners Guide

This Cane Corso Owners Guide covers everything that you need to know if you’ve invested in a Cane Corso.

This course teaches the exact same things mentioned in the above course.

 This course too bundles with the same above-mentioned courses.

(Bullmastiff owners guide not included)

This course, too, embraces the same premium price tag of $250.

Fenrir Dog Training Testimonials

Now let’s see what other people think about this program. Shall we!!

I’ve been digging through their testimonials and found loads of Positive comments and found one just one Negative comment, which seems a bit skeptical for me, at least.

But you know what, sorry to say this but some of the comments look kind of fake in my point of view. 

Don’t get me wrong, but it seems obvious. After looking further into some of the images on the testimonials page, I found an image with a watermark depicting another famous Cane Corso website.

Fenrir Dog Training Customer Testimonials

And once again, don’t get me wrong, these are just my personal opinion. 

If you want to check it yourself, then go ahead Testimonials.

However, at the end of the day, each one of you might have different opinions on these statements.

Fenrir Dog Training Pros and Cons


  • This training program is entirely self-paced, means that we can decide when to start and when to finish
  • After joining, you’ll have lifetime access to the course across all your devices.


  • Prices seem a bit higher compared to other courses with the same attributes as what this course has to offer
  • Some of the training methods seem a bit overwhelming.
  • Lack of what’s included in the program is hard to stomach because many courses at this price range tend to offer more than what we expected.

My Personal Opinion (Is it worth it?)

My takeaway is actually this program seems pricier, and lack of what’s included makes this program lose its place against its competition.

But some of the premium $250 courses seem to live up to the hype because of the fact that these courses are bundled with all the main courses, especially the Perfect Puppy Training course. Seems worth trying it for yourselves if you are ready to spend that $250 asking price. 

But wait, hang on a sec!

See what the alternative program can offer for a cheaper price.

Best and Cheaper Alternative

Brain Training for Dogs featured image
         Click Here to Check yourself

And finally, it has come down to this.

After struggling to find which training program would be perfect for my Dog, my neighbor suggested that I should try out Brain Training For Dogs(BT4D).

This Dog Training course worked out pretty well as I expected.

Let me tell you what’s included first;

The main thing which was preventing me from joining the Fenrir Dog Training Program was what’s included with it, but this program does not miss out on any of this. 

Here’s what’s included in it;

  • The main manual to the program.
  • Ebook for Behavior Training for Dogs.
  • 21 high quality, short videos that can teach you how to complete the exercises successfully.
  • Case studies: If you’re wondering what this is, here’s a small overview, Here, the author shares her personal experience with her dogs and shows how she was able to solve her dogs’ problems so that you can apply the same principles to yours.
  • Ask Adrienne (this is where you can ask direct questions to the author).
  • In-depth case studies

Also Adrienne has included a wide variety of behavior and trick training too:

Behavior Training:

This step helps us to get rid of some serious behavioral issues like:

  • Whining
  • Digging
  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Chewing

Trick Training:

Especially great for maintaining Mental and Physical fitness for your Furry-friend, also tricks help to get Mental and Physical exercise as well. here you’ll learn tricks such as:

  • Take a Bow
  • Rollover
  • Play Dead
  • Shake Hands
  • Dance Howl
  • Cover His Eyes

These are the Trick Training you’ll learn throughout the course,

Not enough?

Exclusive access to the member’s area on the website.

All these for a whopping $47!!

Now that’s pretty impressive, right?

Fenrir Dog Training vs. Brain Training For Dogs

The main thing which separates Brain Training For Dogs from Fenrir Dog Training is the price, I mean why spend $99 to $250 for a course when you can teach everything for a mere $47. And the other thing is what’s included for that price. It’s like nothing’s included with it.

And the main takeaway is that the author of Fenrir Dog Training, William Atherton, is not a certified dog trainer, even though he’s a specialist plus he’s also a balanced trainer.


A balanced trainer doesn’t necessarily need to be a certified trainer, but my concern is that from what I’ve known balanced trainers often tend to use Dominance training rather than Positive Reinforcement training which BT4D Offer.

Dogs don’t deserve dominance training as it can make them a bit scared, reduce there confidence and your best buddy can even lose trust in you because of how training methods are approached.

This is the reason why I don’t recommend you this Fenrir Dog Training because you can see what it can do to your dog, right?

Update: Helen from the comment section below found a working coupon site for Brain Training For Dogs at https://cheapcoupan.xyz/brain-training-4-dogs-coupon-code/ that will work until the end of November, 2021. This will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying this program.(Thanks to Harry in the comments below)

Conclusion: My Final Words

brain training for dogs reviewI hope this complete in-depth review of Fenrir Dog Training has helped choose what’s best for you and your dog.

Brain Training For Dogs is an entirely authentic experience which you cannot get in any other Dog training courses, and it perfectly sums up what a dog training experience should be like.

And BT4D comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

brain training for dogs review

Brain Training For Dogs

Our #1 Recommendation

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14 thoughts on “Fenrir Dog Training Reviews What You Need to Know Before You Buy”

    • Me too!

      Training sessions are going perfectly until now, thinking about continuing till the end,
      Also thanks for the coupon.

  1. Was searching for a good online dog training program and suddenly stumbled across Fenrir Dog Training adverts on Instagram and thought of investing in it, thank god! I’m glad I came across this review

    • Hi Jimmy! Yeah… he is a balanced trainer, no doubt he uses dominance training similar to doggy dan who is also a balanced trainer and uses dominance training.

  2. I’m Very excited to try out Brain Training For Dogs, But my concern is I have not tried out any online dog training before so will I be able to complete it without any problem? Can anyone who’ve tried Brain train for dogs help me out with this?
    by the way I’m owning a dog for the very first time.

    • Hey Ryan… glad you asked this question and yes Brain Training For dogs is for everyone whether you’re first time dog owner or an experienced trainer, you don’t any experience to complete the course, this course will do for anyone who’s looking to train their dog.

  3. Hi Thomas
    Do you have any financial interest in Brain Training 4 Dogs? Is your opinion completely independent and unbiased?
    If so, I’ll buy it.

    • Hey There Andy,

      Yes my opinion is completely independent and unbiased. In fact,
      Years before actually becoming a dog trainer myself, Brain Training For Dogs was my go-to way of training my dogs, I had two dogs, one being a 8 weeks old Lhasa and the other was a 5 year old Cane Corso(Bucky), which I decided to take care of after my friend passed away. Bucky was traumatized after losing his owner and he suddenly became aggressive towards dogs and people. But, Thank god Brain Training For Dogs helped me to get through all this problem and today he’s 9 years old.

  4. We are getting a Cane Corso next month and was considering the Fenrir Perfect Puppy because the Cane Corso breed is known for their over-protective manner if left un-trained. Will is know for working with mal-trained and aggressive dogs. Would this still work BT4D work just as well for this breed?

    • Hi Rochelle,
      BT4D will be a perfect program for your new Cane Corso and I’m pretty sure it’ll help you get all the results you need. By the way, I’ve also trained my own Cane Corso with this program and it worked wonders, I’ve shared my story in one of the comments here.


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