Online Dog Trainer Reviews 2020: Why I Decided Against Buying It?

Last Updated on April, 2021

Did you come looking for some information about the Doggy Dan Online Training program? If so, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will tell you why I personally don’t recommend Doggy Dan’s Online Training to anyone, and a good alternative I would like to introduce. ( review scam) So keep reading…

The focus of this article is to provide you a good look at what the Doggy Dan program is about, what it entails, and why I think there is a better alternative.

What Is Doggy Dan Online Training? 

online dog trainer review imageDoggy Dan Online training is a video-based dog training course that boasts an endorsement by the SPCA.

A professional dog trainer provides regular updates to the website.

The program focuses on providing the owners specific but effective instructions about methods of training their dogs and pups, so they do not exhibit unwanted behaviors.

It sounds pretty good on paper, an SPCA endorsement, teaching specific behaviors… so far, so good.

But once you actually get into the program, things begin to get a little fishy.


What Are the Techniques of the Doggy Dan Program?

After you get past the introduction to the Doggy Dan course, things begin to unravel a bit. He refers to himself as a “balanced” trainer, but I don’t find it balanced at all. It’s mostly a lot of negativity, which I don’t think dogs deserve.

You first begin with positive interactions, which are good. But then if those do not work or are not successful with your dog, you use “corrections” on your dog.

I find these to be harmful to dogs in the psychological sense. After all, dogs are smart, caring, and need their family.

Pack Training

The program relies heavily on “pack training”, which I don’t agree with.

The main goal of pack training is that you are always constantly reminding your dog who’s in charge. You are the highest member of the pack, and that’s just going to be how it is.

It gets even crazier: you have to imitate wolves every time you interact with your pup. You will act like a “mom wolf” in order to train the dog.

Doggy Dan’s theory is that if we fail to do this, we will have dogs that control the house and act out.

I don’t believe in pack training, not by a long shot. My dog will NOT run my house, but they are not going to be made to feel unwelcome there either.

My dog should know that I am a safe person to be around, and there are other helpful training techniques by which to do this.

Besides, pack training is NOT the way to go. Dominance based dog training lacks respect for your dog, and on top of that, the idea that there is an “alpha dog” is a myth.

The origination of that idea came from a single study done in a zoo during the ’30s and ’40s. There an animal behaviorist watched wolves fight to gain dominance.

Somehow this finding was pushed onto domesticated pet dogs, and dog training programs like the Doggy Dan Online Training scam got started. I use the word “scam” because Doggy Dan is not a certified dog trainer.

I just was not able to find any place where he shows credentials or where anyone indicates he is a professional trainer. I think it is important to have your dog learn from somebody who is actually qualified to teach dogs.

Gimmick Methods of Doggy Dan

online dog trainer review

Let’s now look at two different ways in which the program claims to “teach dogs”. These techniques probably garner the most Doggy Dan Online Training complaints.

  • “Gesture Eating”

Okay, so this one works by you eating whilst your dog watches. That’s it.

You eat whatever you want but your dog has to watch you do it, and you need to eat before them.

The idea behind this technique is that the alpha dog of the wolfpack will eat before the beta dogs.

Then, you remove the food in just 1 second if they don’t begin eating right away. (What the heck?)

The point of this is to remind your dog who controls what in the relationship.

This is, to me, incorrect in a few different ways. It’s not hard to train your dog about eating.

  • My dog knows we are not the same. She is definitely smart enough to know this.
  • My dog likes to sniff at her food sometimes, so I am not going to remove it. It’s OK. She will eat when the scheduled time comes. I remove any uneaten food to prevent rats or mice. But she knows another meal will come in just hours.
  • My dog Rosie eats at 9 AM after our morning walks around the block and then again at 7 PM when my family usually eats dinner. She gets her canned food usually while my kids are setting the table and then snoozes while we eat.
  • She is trained not to beg for table food.

My situation is of course very different from others, but my point is that you CAN train your dog to avoid bothering you while you eat. Also, by feeding them at regular intervals, they know when to expect food and won’t beg for it.

Dogs are also very smart; they know you control the food. They see you fill their bowl every day. Rosie even whines at me sometimes.

My bottom line? Food is a necessary item for your dog and should not be used as a punishment. 

  • “Ignoring Your Dog”

Doggy Dan review cover imageImagine coming home after a day at work but you have to ignore your dog, no pets, no hugs, no “hey, want to go outside?”

Doggy Dan advises no eye contact or even talking to your dog.

Doing this means you are less dominant, he says and establishes the dog as the pack leader and not you.

I find this to be a load of poppycock, personally. Greeting my dog after coming home is just polite.

I’ve had to ignore jumping behavior with Rosie, and with a dog, I owned ten years ago (RIP, Brutus). But once I started giving them attention with their feet on the ground, they quickly learned to stay with feet firmly planted.

I didn’t need to go any further to realize this program was not for me or my dogs. Yeah, I nearly wasted some money on this program, but at least I didn’t and didn’t have to practice the techniques.

Thankfully I found a better program, and I would like to discuss it now.

Alternative – Brain Training for Dogs: My Review

brain training for dogs reviewI should have read Doggy Dan Online Training reviews before I bought it, but oh well. I thankfully found a better program called Brain Training for Dogs. This one worked very well in helping my brother train his dog, Tank.

Tank is a rescue puppy whose owner could no longer care for him as the house was condemned and all pets and people had to be removed. We got lucky because he was still a puppy and we could easily train him.

We used this great program to shape him up. But what does it entail?

Let’s find out.

Main Features of Brain Training for Dogs

  • You teach techniques that help your dogs grow and use their brain, which they LOVE doing.
  • You will do activities that get your dog really thinking critically about the actions he is performing.
  • You will see videos of each and every dog training technique so you can execute it perfectly.

What’s Inside?

Here is what you can expect when you get Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs program:

  • Introduction: Here, Adrienne shows you what you will be learning that day.
  • How: Here, you get a guide on how to teach a certain behavior to your dog.
  • Troubleshoot: If your dog is having trouble figuring something out, this is going to be where you can learn corrective actions.
  • Next Level: Here the bar is raised, and you increase the difficulty of the behavior being learned bit by bit and then positively reinforce it so your dog internalizes the skill.
  • Test: This is where your dog will put to the test what he has learned. You can decide if you would like to keep the focus on learning the same skill or move onto the next one.

Why I Prefer Brain Training for Dogs to Doggy Dan’s Online Training

This mostly comes down to a matter of why dominance training is not a strong method for dog training when compared to positive reinforcement training.

Let’s compare the two methods briefly:

During positive reinforcement training, dogs:

  • Have a desire to learn and will look forward to it
  • They learn faster
  • They develop confidence and thus are successful in learning

During Dominance Training, dogs: 

  • Learn slow because they are afraid of messing up
  • Do not trust you as much as they could
  • Have low self-confidence

It’s a lot like working with human beings: Humans work better when they work together and not against one another. That’s exactly what this program is all about, it’s about working with your dog in a firm but friendly way.

Program Mission Statement/Website Layout

Adrienne Farricelli with her DogsThe mission behind Brain Training for Dogs is to work in kindness and harmony with your canine. The program also places a big focus on interacting with other dog owners who also bought the program.

You might say it takes a village to raise a puppy.

The website layout is straightforward and clean, here is a brief rundown of what to expect once you login:

  • Dog Courses: Here you are introduced to Adrienne, creator of the program, and what you will be doing to train your dog. You will be able to locate with ease the exercises you’d like to teach your dog.
  • Puppy Training Zone: This section is all about puppies, and I used it a lot for Tank. Tank was 9 weeks old when we rescued him, and I got in at the right time. I learned fast he needed socialization. Adrienne definitely helps puppies get a good start in life.
  • Behaviors: This section is devoted to helping your dog fix behaviors that are bothersome to yourself and your canine. If you have a dog that barks every time somebody walks by the house minding their own business or when the postman shows up, come here. Any behavior you’d like to fix, you can find it here.
  • Archives: Adrienne has laid out all her old stuff here. Even though it’s best to stick with the most recent stuff as it is newer techniques, some of this is pretty useful.
  • Case Studies: Two case studies are presented here about Adrienne’s work as a professional dog trainer. They center around Maggie, who needed to stop jumping on people, and Sadie, a service dog who was rescued but needed to stop whining so much.
  • Forums: In this zone, you can talk to other members who signed up for the program. You can ask questions about the content, and you can see what other dog owners are doing with their canines to help them learn. It’s a great place to get ideas, and Adrienne even comes in to answer questions from time to time.

Update: I have found a coupon code for brain train for dogs by Adrienne Farricelli where you can get it cheaper by going to this page  

Our Experience with Brain Training for Dogs

I’ve told you a lot of what the program is about but what about actually using it?A-girl-training-a-puppy

My brother and his dog Tank were our “guinea pigs” for the program.

And ultimately, it worked! We started out in the puppy zone and learned how to safely socialize the puppy. This is the most important thing; getting your dog used to seeing and interacting with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes, wearing different clothing, and more.

We learned we had to have Tank around people in hats, hoods, and sunglasses.

We had to have Tank interact with children and babies.

We had Tank go to a place with complete strangers (the dog park in the next town over) so he could see people are not a threat.

Tank was always a friendly dog but got way more chilled out after we did these things repeatedly.

After he did that, we started by teaching him basic techniques such as: 

  • Heel
  • Come
  • Sit
  • Lay Down
  • Drop It
  • Stay

Giving a flower to a German Shepherd Dog

These were all part of Adrienne’s Obedience training Basics portion of the dog training and they provide a solid foundation.

After that, it gets even more advanced, which I love. You can keep it interesting for yourself and your dog. I also think this is a great first-time dog owner tool to have because it teaches you how to effectively train your pet.

You can use the techniques again and again with all kinds of dogs in your life. Even if you are working with a senior dog, these techniques can and will work. After all, the program is based on working with one another, not against.

It’s a very professional approach to dog training, and Adrienne even includes information on how to do clicker training. This is great because it gives your dog an audible cue to do what is necessary.


My Final Thoughts: Doggy Dan Training Vs. Brain Training for Dogs

We’re coming to a close here, so I wanted to wrap things up with a final comparison of the two programs.

The reasons I do not recommend Doggy Dan’s program is because, well, it’s mean, and it’s based on a largely perpetuated myth regarding dogs having alphas and betas and whatnot.

I mean, imagine yourself. You start a new job and you want to impress your supervisor; you WANT to do well at the tasks you’re given. Now imagine your boss ignores you when you ask for help.

Imagine if you take a few moments to look over a job, it is snatched away from you because you didn’t react immediately.

Eventually, you’d find a new job- that’s no way to be treated. Dogs are like us; they want to be rewarded for doing the right thing.

Adrienne Faricelli’s program focuses upon doing just that- giving dogs small rewards for good work. She teaches the techniques in such a way that uses “treat fading,” so your pet will not become dependent on treats.

The cost of the program is another factor I would urge you to consider before buying. The Brain Training for Dogs program is a one-time fee of $50. >>Click Here For Best Price<<

Meanwhile, upon figuring out the cost of the Doggy Dan Online Training course, you are billed monthly for the service at a cost of $37.

And the biggest factor of them all? Doggy Dan is not a certified dog trainer. Removing all the other factors, think about that: he’s an “expert,” but has no formal qualifications we could identify.

In Conclusion

I hope this Doggy Dan review(online dog trainer review) has been helpful to you. We loved Brain Training For Dogs. It’s a kind and refreshing approach to helping your dog learn to be good, obey basic commands, and ultimately bring your dog and you closer. this also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you need want you can read a complete in-depth brain training for dogs review on our website.

Update: I have found a coupon code for brain train for dogs by Adrienne Farricelli where you can get it cheaper by going to this page  

brain training for dogs review

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