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How Long to Keep E-Collar on Dog After Spaying or Neutering?

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Last Updated on Most pet owners have a first-world problem after spaying their fur buddies! We will discuss it right here with you!  These days spaying is extremely common among pets. However, this article is not limited to spaying but is also relevant to neuter surgery.  I will quickly distinguish between the two types of … Read more

Will a Shock Collar Stop a Dog Fight? How to Separate them?

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Last Updated on Dog fights are SCARY. And like with all SCARY things, we would like nothing more than to deal with it safely and quickly. If your dog gets into a fight, your first instinct may be to intervene immediately to stop your precious pet from getting hurt. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT ADVISABLE because … Read more

Why is My Dog Shock Collar Stopped Working? (Steps to Reset)

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Last Updated on I know the feeling of buying something with high expectations and when it turns out to be defective. That is a total bummer. Dog shock collars are often criticized due to their technical confusion. But in reality, it is a simple glitch that you had no idea about!  Dog shock collars are … Read more

Proximity Dog Shock Collar: Make Your Dogs Stay in the Yard

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Last Updated on Let me paint you a picture of your home: it’s a beautiful Saturday morning, blue skies, birds chirping, a cool breeze brushing over your face, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Ah, this is life,” then you hear it! Your neighbor is screaming at the top of her lungs.  You lunge out of … Read more

How to Put a Collar On a Dog & Get Used to Wearing it?

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Last Updated on Dogs are very energetic pets and love to go for walks often. As pet parents, we need to make sure that we take them for walks daily.  Collars are popular and often mandatory to use when taking your dog for a walk. Collars help you control your pet and not lose sight … Read more