Best Dog Sling Carrier – Small and Big

Any loving dog owner will want to spend as much quality time with their pooch as possible (best dog sling carrier reviews)

But it’s not everywhere your dog can go on his own four paws. A sling carrier may be the easiest, safest way to take your dog everywhere you go. 

Why a Dog Sling Carrier?

There is any number of situations a dog carrier can come in handy. Every dog and dog owner is a unique combo with unique habits, but there are a lot of situations where a sling carrier can save you a lot of hassle, regardless of your style.

  • Going Places Your Pet Can’t Otherwise Go

A dog sling carrier is great to get your pooch with you whenever you’re on the go, no matter where you go.

Sometimes, it may be about using travel modes that wouldn’t otherwise let your dog on board, like the metro or tram. 

And it’s also about places that wouldn’t let you in with your dog walking on a leash, but are happy with dog carriers. Like shops, your office, or the local pizzeria.

  • Hands-Free Convenience

Sometimes you just have to carry your dog, period. And a sling can make that so much easier.

Instead of juggling your pup and your shopping (and potentially dropping both!), you get to use both hands wherever they’re needed the most. Like picking a call from your boss while loading your grocery cart.

  • Your Dog’s Safety

Best Dog Sling Carrier cover image

There are many times and places your dog may need to be carried. Anybody that has owned a small pup knows that long outings without a carrier simply don’t work.

And on a crowded street or jam-packed bus with standing room only, a dog sling carrier can become a spot to keep your pet safe and secure, away from careless drivers and big stomping feet.

  • Health Benefits

For you, it’s all about spending time with your dog. Duh, you love your dog. Why wouldn’t you want to spend as much time with him as possible?

But it’s more than that. Studies show that spending time with your dog does a lot to improve your health. It can help lower the risk of heart disease and mental problems, among other things.

And when it comes to your dog, he’s happier being with you than away from you. This is especially true for dogs that are nervous and prone to separation anxiety.

A sling carrier lets you keep your dog with you any time you’re away from home. And it’s a safe, den-like spot snuggled up against your body that your pup can quickly learn to love and feel safe and secure in.

Dog Sling Carrier vs Other Carrier Styles

A quick look online and in retail shops will tell you there’s a variety of dog carriers around, of all shapes and sizes. From pet crates on wheels to backpacks, the choice is endless.

But dog slings have their appeal and can be easier to deal with that other types of carriers.


First up is comfort, in this case, yours. Your dog can learn to feel at home in any type of carrier. But for you, a sling may easily be the easiest to use.

Light-weight and portable, it doesn’t put much strain on your body. Dog slings are designed to distribute your dog’s weight evenly, so it is supported by your hips and back, not just your arm and shoulder.

A dog sling is like having a large purse, but without the neck and shoulder pains that come from carrying one for a long time. A dog backpack or handbag is a lot less ergonomic to work with.


Consider the alternatives to dog slings. Most are large and bulky. So on top of being heavier and harder to carry around for longer periods, they eat up more storage space and are not as easy to fold or roll-up.

Where will you put it when your dog decides he needs to walk for a while, or if you put your dog on your lap on a bus?

Dog Pet slings are easy to fold or roll up and occupy minimal space when not in use. And when you take your dog out in one, it can just stay on your body whenever your dog doesn’t need it.

What to Look For In a Dog Sling Carrier

Not all dog carriers are made equal. Here are a few things to look out for when selecting one for your pooch.

  • Safety First!

Is it made of a strong, durable material? Does it have strong collar clips and closures to keep your dog firmly in place and stop him from falling out?

  • Your Dog’s Comfort

If it’s not comfortable, your dog will hate it. Some slings come with removable comfort pads, a bit like a bed on the go. Others give you space to add your pet’s favorite blanket or toy.

  • Your Own Comfort

Look for slings with soft, breathable material. This can help prevent you from feeling hot and itchy where the sling comes in contact with your body.

An adjustable shoulder strap can also help with shifting and redistributing your pet’s weight whenever you’re using the sling for longer periods.

  • Ease of Use

A good dog sling won’t have any complicated locking mechanisms or adjustors. It should be easy to set your dog up in it, and equally easy to get him out.

  • Quality and Durability

No matter how well-designed or stylish a dog sling looks, it may not come to much if it’s made of low-grade materials with poor quality workmanship.

Look for durable, good quality materials and finishing. This can help keep you and your dog safe and save you money in the long run.

Top 5 Best Dog Sling Carriers

Yudodo Pet Carrier, Soft  (Best Overall)

This stylish, comfortable dog sling has both dog and owner in mind.

Made from a lightweight, breathable material, the Yudodo sling carrier has a broad strap that doesn’t eat into your shoulder. It also happens to be adjustable, so you can easily change it up to redistribute your pet’s weight when you start feeling tired.

The zipper closure is secure and easy to use, and the carrier is roomy enough inside to fit a blanket or toy for your pooch. And the fact that it comes in two sizes means even a larger dog may still comfortably fit in it.

The materials feel durable, and the workmanship looks good. The Yudodo not only feels safe and sturdy, it also offers you some color selection, so you can match the sling to your personal style.


  • Breathable material
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strap is adjustable
  • Comes in two sizes, small (4lbs) and medium (10lbs)
  • Has space for a dog blanket
  • Comes with an iPhone pocket
  • Affordable


  • Collar clips could be better
  • No storage pocket


TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier (Most Versatile)

The TOMKAS dog carrier is a dog sling but looks a little bit like a handbag too. It has a wide strap with room for adjustment and is made of thick but breathable material.

Your pet’s safety is well taken care of by a security ring that you can attach to his collar or harness. And the belt can be moved to fit fur babies of different sizes.

When it comes to style, the TOMKAS is quite funky. On top of having three basic colors to choose from, the sling is reversible and has a versatile two-way look.

Convenience wasn’t forgotten either. There’s a zipper pocket on the front part big enough to hold your wallet and keys, or some poop bags and treats.


  • Security ring takes care of your pet’s safety
  • Comes in 4 different sizes, up to 15 lbs
  • Has a wide, adjustable strap
  • Comes with a zipper pocket to store small items
  • Two-way design and three color options
  • Machine-washable


  • Semi-handbag design compromises on comfort
  • On the pricier side


Alfie Pet-Chico Reversible Dog Sling Carrier (Most Comfortable)

Lined with fleece, the wide, comfortable strap on this sling won’t eat into your shoulder even if it is bare. This means you can still carry your dog with you, even when you’re wearing a light summer dress or strap top.

This sling is quite roomy and will hold pets up to 12 lbs in weight. But even a smaller pet will be safe with the help of the collar hook, and the extra room just means you can add a nice, soft blanket.

There’s a range of colors to choose from, so you can pick something that suits your wardrobe. And they’re reversible too, so you get two looks for the price of one.

Both the stuff and workmanship are of good quality, and you can expect this sling carrier to serve you for years, even with daily use.


  • Roomy, can fit pets up to 12lbs
  • Comes with a collar hook for added security(hands-free)
  • The soft fleece material is comfortable and machine washable
  • Strap is adjustable
  • Reversible design, multiple color choices


  • On the more expensive side
  • Could mold better to the body


Ownpets Pet Sling Carrier (Best for Larger Dogs)

This could be a good choice if your dog is on the larger side, as it can carry up to 25lbs. The inner depth is 13.5 inches, so even a larger dog should be able to sit comfortably.

There is a safety strap to keep your dog secure, so even a smaller dog won’t be able to jump out easily, but the quick-release buckle makes it simple to let your dog out when you need to.

This carrier molds well to the body and is comfortable to wear. The broad, adjustable strap and soft, breathable material add to the appeal.


  • Great for larger dogs, holds up to 25lbs
  • Good security system with safety strap and quick-release buckle
  • Comfortable to wear, even long-term


  • Available only in one color
  • May not work well for very small dogs


SlowTon Pet Carrier (Most Elegant)

This stylish, comfortable dog sling(pet sling) has a premium look and feel. It has an elegant, classy look, and comes in a choice of eight good colors.

With its adjustable strap and breathable material, it works even on longer stints. And your dog’s comfort and security are also taken care of with an adjustable collar hook and buttons at the mouth of the sling.

Suitable for dogs up to 22 pounds, this sling is quite roomy. It also comes with a zipped pocket large enough to fit some poop bags and treats, or your cell phone.


  • Roomy, takes up to 22 pounds
  • Strong, durable materials
  • Adjustable, padded strap for comfort
  • Zipper pocket in front adds to the convenience
  • Machine washable
  • Has adjustable collar hook for your dog’s safety
  • Stylish and elegant with eight color options


  • Premium price tag
  • The strap maybe a little too short for taller people



Dog in a Sling carrier

If your pooch is small to medium-sized, a dog sling can be a very comfortable, convenient way to keep your dog with you, no matter where and when you go.

Small, portable, and lightweight, it fits right up against your body, leaving your hands free for other things. And because slings are designed to reduce strain on your body, you can use one for longer periods without becoming fatigued.

For your dog, it can be a safe, secure spot to relax when in a less-than-ideal situation, like a noisy, crowded mall, or subway station. It’s also a great way to keep your dog with you in places that otherwise wouldn’t allow a dog entry.

Our firm favorite is the Yudodo pet carrier. This lightweight, breathable, pull-on sling is very comfortable to use. It molds to your body, nicely distributing your dog’s weight against you.

Roomy inside, it can easily fit a comfort blanket. The strap is wide enough not to eat into the shoulder and is adjustable. And the iPhone pocket is definitely a nice touch.

The quality and workmanship are excellent, and there are some color choices too. At this price point, this carrier is an excellent value for the money.

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