DIYK9 Course Review (2024) Training Program Legit or a Scam?

Last Updated on March, 2024

Garret Wing’s (The man behind DIYK9) Daughter, 4 years old, is a better dog trainer than my 28-year-old friend **SORRY MARCUS**. 

The way she handles her Cane Corso “Thanos” is a joy to watch. Remember, it’s not just other dogs; it’s a Cane Corso…

But How?

Simple. Garret, that is how good of a teacher he really is. I’ll put my money on him any day to train any dog, no matter the breed or its behavior. 

I don’t know how you came across Garret’s DIYK9, probably via his TikTok or his YouTube channel, but I’ve got to say that you’ve found a gem of a course if you want to train your dog. 

I put the course to the test with two new dog owners for precisely 8 weeks, and the outcome was, as expected, largely positive. 

And in this DIYK9 review, I’ll go into detail about what courses it offers, each’s effectiveness, cost, and benefits so that you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s Begin.

 Overall: 4.9/5.0
DIYK9 Online Dog Training
Ease of Training

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  • Tailored to fit both puppy and senior dogs
  • Separate courses for various behaviors, from puppy training to obedience and walking
  • A 5-step system for e-collar mastery
  • High-Quality Content
  • Effective Results
  • Walkthroughs for purchasing the right equipment and tools for your dog
Brand Information
  • DIYK9 offers online dog training courses
  • The brand is run by Garret Wing, a former K9 handler with over 20 years of experience
  • The brand offers a refund policy for customers who are not satisfied
  • DIYK9 is considered one of the top e-collar training programs available online
  • Over 3 million followers across platforms
Program Benefits
  • Comprehensive training for various dog behaviors
  • High-quality, detailed instructional videos
  • Personalized support through the comment section
  • Created by an experienced dog trainer who has worked with police dogs for over 20 years
  • Effective training methods
  • Positive Reinforcement Training

About DIYK9 Training Course

diyk9 logo

Before I tell you about the courses, I must tell you how reputed DIYK9 is. They are super popular, with over 3 million plus followers across platforms. They’re on TikTok as “americanstandardk9” and have around 2.8 million followers there. 

They are quite a force on YouTube in the dog training department as well. Search “American Standard Dog Training,” and you’ll see a channel pop up with around 709k subscribers at the time of writing this article. 

Not just that, there are a combined 600k plus followers on Instagram and Facebook. That’s a whole lot of people!

By the way, comment down below on which platform you found DIYK9. I came across it on YouTube.

Coming back to the course, DIYK9 being a dog training program, is a little different from its competitors. It’s not a single program that has everything. Instead, it is broken into separate parts containing varying degrees of training.

That’s great as you can pick the one you need the most without having to pay for the ones you don’t need. 

However, there is also a kinda all in one package which hands you all the training needed to convert your dog into an obedient canine companion. 

That said, there’s not much to rave about the course; DIYK9 is a simple yet effective dog training course that has the ability to change any dog to the best dog behavior-wise. 

DIYK9 Online Dog Training
DIYK9 Training

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Garret Wing: The Creator of DIYK9 Courses

Creator of DIYk9 Training

Now that you know about his course, here’s a little info about him.

Garret Wing is a former K9 handler and has worked with police dogs for over 20 years. That’s the first green light.

A police dog trainer training civilian dogs, what more could you ask for?

That said, Garret actually started out as a police dog trainer, but only after a good couple of years, he decided to put that same knowledge into training civilian doggos. That is when DIYK9 was created. 

Education, Training & Certifications in dog training, Garret has much of that, experience too. He was even a Senior Police K9 Unit Supervisor. Police dogs have a significant part of Garret’s life; in fact, his father is a police K9 handler too.

After going through all of his qualifications, there was only one thing running through my head, and that’s:

*Garret Should Be The Only Trainer To Train My Dogs From Now.* With all his experience and knowledge in dog training, you can, no doubt, rely on him to train your dog.

DIYK9 Training: Everything it Offers 

As mentioned earlier, DIYK9 has a bunch of courses targeting different behaviors. It is up to you to pick the program you need.

All of the courses are tailored to fit both puppy and senior dogs, so you no need to worry about that, plus, since this is an online dog training program, you can work on it at your own pace. 

“Unleashed!” 5 Steps to E-Collar Mastery

inside the diyk9 "Unleashed!" 5 Steps to E-Collar Mastery online course
>> Click here to checkout Unleashed Course <<

Designed for both adult dogs and puppies, the Unleashed Course is a 5 step system for you to master e-collar and train your dog with it.

**e-collar should be purchased separately**

Training with an e-collar might put off some, but keep in mind that it’ll only take a toll when used at higher levels of intensity; otherwise, it’s just another solid training device. In the course, it’s used on lower levels unless your dog does not respond. 

That said, this was the course I used the most and have the most experience with. 

Unleashed is the all-in-one course I mentioned above. If you bought home a new pup or already have a pup that does not even bother you’re there, this is the course you should go with.

A to Z, everything is in here. 

Yes, you need to master the shock collar, but the way Garret has put together everything makes it a breeze to understand and follow through.

It’s super simple. 

Also, if you have no idea about which e-collar to go with, there’s also a walkthrough as to which type of collar you should get for your dog. 

Mr. Wing is a good teacher; gotta give him that. 

Moving on, Unleashed has 30 hours worth of training content and covers problem behaviors such as: 

Unleashed! 5 Steps to E-Collar Mastery all course videos
  • Jumping
  • Lunging
  • Barking
  • Biting 
  • Chewing
  • Counter surfing

And more.

On top of that, the course will also help you teach your puppy to be calm and confident in any situation plus, if you have any questions during the training, you can ask for help through the comment section of the course and get answers straight from Garret or his team. 

That’s excellent support. 

diyk9 "Unleashed!" 5 Steps to E-Collar Mastery course videos

It took the trainers 8 weeks to fully complete the program; however, you can complete it in as little as 5 weeks, which isn’t too long. 

I already said that the course is well put together, that’s true, the videos are high quality, the sound is excellent, and overall everything’s just great.

Not just that, though, every content is explained in a step-by-step manner that makes it super easy to understand.

Overall the Unleashed course is, without a doubt, a must-have for all new dog trainers; everything about it is just great. 

Garret constantly keeps saying that this is the number one e-collar course on the internet, and from what I’ve seen, it kinda is. I’ve not encountered an e-collar course that’s as good as this until now. 

Puppy Essentials

inside the diyk9 Puppy Essentials online course
>> Click here to checkout Puppy Essentials Course <<

As the name suggests, this course is made for puppies. 

Literally everything, I mean EVERYTHING is in this course for puppy owners. It has everything needed to train your puppy from 8 weeks old to 6 months old.

Excellent when you consider that you can complete all the essentials required for a perfect puppy.

What’s more surprising is that it even has steps to get the right puppy for you, from choosing the right breeder to picking the right puppy out of that litter and getting started with training once you take it home. 

That’s top-notch content for you. 

Moving on to what training the course offers, as mentioned above, it offers a lot. Starting from potty training to socialization, you’ve got a step-by-step guide for everything.

Here’s a brief rundown of what the course provides:

diyk9 Puppy Essentials course videos
  • Crate Training 
  • Potty Training
  • Socialization
  • Biting 
  • Barking
  • Lunging
  • Jumping 

And more. 

These are everything that you need to get rid of from your puppy; they won’t go away on their own, so the content in this course is super helpful. 

Along with the training advice, the course also provides tips such as:

  • How to properly exercise the puppy
  • Feeding advice
  • What type of toys, equipment, and tools to buy for the puppy
  • Teaching House manner

And more.

That is a lot of content. You can’t go wrong with “Puppy Essentials” if you’ve brought home a new puppy or are willing to bring one in. 

Puppy Biting and Manners

inside the diyk9 Puppy Biting and Manners online course
>> Click here to checkout Puppy Biting and Manners Course <<

This is a standalone course that otherwise comes included with the bundled ones above. Puppy Biting and Manners is a straightforward course you can opt for if your dog or puppy is trained but still has biting problems. 

diyk9 Puppy Biting and Manners course videos

It does not bring a lot similar to the ones we looked at above, but it’s excellent considering everything it offers.

Garret claims that the course can be finished in 5 weeks, and problems like; Biting, Jumping up, Playing too rough, Scratching and Refusing to be groomed or bathed would be eliminated entirely. 

Potty Training

inside the diyk9 Potty Training online course
>> Click here to checkout Potty Training Course <<

The name says it all, this one’s entirely dedicated to potty training. From A to Z, everything about potty training is covered in this course. 

Garret claims that you can get your puppy potty trained in 48 hours with the help of this course; even though that seems too good to be true, you can get it done eventually, a week, to be exact, thanks to all the detailed step-by-step materials included in the course.

diyk9 Potty Training course videos

That said, from all the courses I’ve seen, Garret’s potty training course has been the most detailed. Excellent stuff. 

Crate Training

inside the diyk9 Crate Training online course
>> Click here to checkout Crate Training Course <<

Crate training cannot get much easier than this. Similar to the potty training course, the crate training course is stacked. You even get tips on which crate to buy for your dog, which can be very useful. 

Apart from that, there’s also content on how to put a full stop to separation anxiety, which can be super useful if your dog has been affected. That is not it, though; there’s more.

Here’s everything in the crate training course:

  • Tips to stop crying, barking, and whining inside the crate once and for all
  • Ways to build confidence in your puppy
  • How long to leave your dog in the crate
  • If your dog has anxiety or trauma, there are ways in this course to overcome both
diyk9 Crate Training course videos

As I said, everything related to crate training is covered in this course, and nothing is missed out on. 

This is a great way to start crate training with your dog; just look at everything it offers.

As for the quality of the training materials, those are easy to understand too, you won’t be having any trouble, if you do, you can ask for help in the comments section. 

The Perfect Walk

inside the diyk9 The Perfect Walk online course
>> Click here to checkout The Perfect Walk Course <<

Now, this is a gem of a course, one of the most detailed, well-thought-out courses if you want to take your dog on walks peacefully. It’s just excellent.

The perfect walk, like all other courses in DIYK9, contains every single bit of info you need to train your dog; like I said, it’s super detailed. 

30 videos with step-by-step instructions, a walkthrough on what’s needed to start training, ways to put a full stop to pulling; these are what will help you achieve that perfect walk. 

Along with what’s mentioned above, the course comes with additional bonuses:

diyk9 The Perfect Walk course videos
  • What to do when you come in contact with a loose dog during the walk. 
  • How to hold a leash like a pro.
  • How to stop strangers from petting your dog.
  • How to read a dog’s body language.
  • How to correctly introduce your dog to another dog during walks. 
  • How to handle a situation where another dog is attacking your dog.

These make the course even more worth it, and I was surprised when I saw this much content.

And as always, the quality is top-notch. On the other hand, you’ll have zero difficulties while going through it. 


inside the diyk9 OBEDIENCE 101 online course
>> Click here to checkout Obedience 101 Course <<

Obedience is one of the most important things a dog should be taught, and there’s no better way to do it other than with the help of Garret’s OBEDIENCE 101 course. 

It’s a complete walkthrough on how to teach your dog to:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come back
  • Focus 
  • Heel
  • Place
  • Go inside crate

That’s the majority of the basic and advanced obedience covered. 

diyk9 OBEDIENCE 101 course videos

Prices of the Courses and Refund Policy

DIYK9 offers a load of training courses, each of them at different prices, but the thing is, they’re not cheap. The courses here cost relatively more than the competition. But it’s justifiable considering the content and the quality they’re offered in. 

Also worth noting is that most cheap dog programs do not have a trainer as experienced as Garret; this man has trained police dogs for over 20 years. What more do you need?

Now for the price of each course:

  • “UNLEASHED!”: With everything it offers, it costs $597, which is expensive, but look at what it offers—complete training to make your dog the perfect canine companion you’ve always wanted. Just imagine how much all this would cost with an in-person dog trainer. 
  • Puppy Essentials: this all-in-one course for puppy training costs $247, which, again, isn’t cheap. But to train your new puppy, I’d say there’s nothing better than this, A to Z; there’s everything you need to turn your pup into the perfect dog. 
  • Puppy Biting & Manners: this is a $97 course; this, when considering the other courses in DIYK9, is cheap. That is because of the content it offers. Here, it’s tailored more toward dogs that have issues like biting. 

If you’ve already trained your dog and if it still has issues with manners, this can be a worthy course. If that is not the case and you’re about to train your dog for the first time, I’d recommend you go with “UNLEASHED!”. 

  • Potty Training: similar to Puppy Biting & Manners, costs $97; I would say it’s worth buying the course if you have not potty trained your dog but are done with all the other essential training. 
  • Crate Training: coming in at $97 is a course that’s worth buying. Not many online training programs cover crate training, and even if they do, it’s mostly half-baked. Considering all that, this is the best crate training course you can buy on the internet. 
  • The Perfect Walk: $147. Take my money, that’s all I can say. This is one of the best online dog training courses I’ve tried. 
  • Obedience 101: a complete obedience walkthrough for $397; yes, it’s expensive, but the way the content together makes it worth the price; it’s so well done and super easy to follow. 

One thing to note is that the programs after the purchase will be accessible for a year. If there are any new content inclusions or updates, you’ll get those during that time. 5 new contents were added to the Unleashed course during my time with the course.

If you need continued access however, you’ll need to purchase the membership, which comes in at $19.99 per month.

That has its own benefits by the way, like:

  • Weekly sessions with Garret himself, super valuable!
  • Discounts for existing and upcoming courses, along with early access to new training content.
  • Community forum where you can seek information and help from like-minded owners.
  • Access to dog training articles.
  • All that comes under the membership, if you want the complete experience, this is, no doubt, a worthy experience.

Since the membership is optional, and you get over a year of access with the regular purchase, I’d say it’s more than enough to train your dog.

Worth noting is that the courses can also be used to train dogs of any size and breed. That is another plus. 

All of the courses, when purchased without membership, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee too, which makes that purchase completely risk-free.

All things considered, courses in the DIYK9 are all excellent in their own rights. 

DIYK9 Online Dog Training
DIYK9 Training

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My Personal Opinion 

So as I said, I put the course (UNLEASHED, Specifically) to test on two dogs, and it was a great experience.

The owners couldn’t believe they were able to train the dogs themselves.

They were doing it for the first time, by the way, and it was excellent to see the results turn out this way.

All the praise went to Garret. Both of them didn’t stop mentioning how good of a teacher Garret was. 

The contents on Unleashed were easier to follow, too; instances where they struggled were also instantly sorted out, thanks to the comment section; even Garret stepped in to help in some cases. 

DIYK9 Online Dog Training

The thing I couldn’t believe when I first saw it was both of the dogs off-leash walking. They were flawlessly walking at the side of their owners, even with a lot of distractions around; that was awesome.

One of the dogs had this constant barking issue that was gone as well. Speaking of issues, both the dogs had zero by the end of the training. 

Apart from Unleashed, I checked up on the other courses, and as I’ve already said, all of them were top-notch, precisely what you’d expect from a premium dog training course. 

My experience and both of those dog owners’ experiences were nothing but Awesome; they had a great time training their new dogs. 

Yes, the courses are expensive, but it’s totally worth considering what the content offers and how well-polished they’re. It’s nowhere near to one of those wannabe dog training programs with unwatchable video quality and awful audio quality. 

I’d say any course on DIYK9 is worth spending your money on if you’re ready to train your new dog, it’s that good to the point where you’ll ask yourself, Did I Train This Dog!?

What Do Others Say About DIYK9 Courses?

Not just me, everyone who’s purchased DIYK9 courses rave about its effectiveness and appreciate Garret for his work throughout. Below I’ll list the reviews of the other customers who bought DIYK9, so you check it out yourself. 

I was looking for help in the form of a trainer because I didn’t know how to train my dog to be really good. Then I found some videos from DIYK9 and went to there website and it clicked. I don’t need a trainer coming to my house. I can do this myself. I’m 2 days into the leash training course and I’m already seeing results. I now have a blueprint and the confidence to train my own dogs. 2-4 month old Australian Cattle Dogs looking to me as their leader.

Brain saved thousands by not hiring a trainer and going with DIYK9. The outcome? He has turned into a confidence trainer himself. That is the kind of outcome you can expect with the help of Garret. 

I was looking for help in the form of a trainer because I didn’t know how to train my dog to be really good. Then I found some videos from DIYK9 and went to there website and it clicked. I don’t need a trainer coming to my house. I can do this myself. I’m 2 days into the leash training course and I’m already seeing results. I now have a blueprint and the confidence to train my own dogs. 2-4 month old Australian Cattle Dogs looking to me as their leader.

Like I was saying throughout the review, Garret is an excellent teacher. Corey hasn’t even completed the training, but his 4-month old Golden Retriever has started walking without a leash!

I am completely thrilled with DIYK9’s YouTube content and online training. I appreciate their insights and how clearly concepts are explained. They have helped me become a much better trainer and owner as well.

The way Garret explains everything here is the main reason why everyone has fallen for DIYK9, it’s so good, the videos are also well-polished, no downsides whatsoever.

These are just some of the few customer reviews on DIYK9 around the internet, there’s a lot more, and out of all, it’s really hard to find a negative one. 

Checkout more customer testimonials here.

Pros and Cons

DIYK9, from what I’ve seen, is one of the best dog training programs I’ve got my hands on. You can, without any hesitation, put your money into it and expect nothing but positive results. That said, it isn’t perfect. 


Garret, the trainer, is a highly experienced police dog trainer with over 20 years of experience
A course for almost all dog behavioral programs is present in DIYK9.
Positive reinforcement dog training
Load of content along with bonuses
High quality training videos
Courses tailored towards both puppy and adult dogs
Excellent customer service
30-day money-back guarantee


The courses are on the pricier side. However, when considering the contents, it’s really not a con.
Some may not prefer the use of shock collar in the Unleashed course, but I’ve got to say that Garret will help you use it in the most gentle way possible. 

Other dog training reviews:


If you’ve been struggling with dog training all this time, this is it. With Garret’s expertise and experience combined, DIYK9 Training Courses can help you train your dog to become what you’ve always wanted it to be. 

It’s just too simple; training your dog will never be easier than this. Yes, it’s expensive, but think about the content offered and its outcome. As a matter of fact, you can even become a dog trainer yourself. 

I’m not the only one who’s praising the course; take a look at the reviews I’ve added above. Those say it all. 


Yes, DIYK9 offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Unleashed course can be completed in a minimum of 5 weeks.

DIYK9 offers one year of access to the courses you purchase, for continued access, you’ll need to purchase the membership.

DIYK9 Training
DIYK9 Online Dog Training
Ease of Training




Overall Score


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Positive reinforcement dog training
Load of content along with bonuses
High-quality training videos
Excellent customer service
30-day money-back guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of March
The courses are on the pricier side

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