Brain Training for Dogs Review: My Honest Opinion on Adrienne Farricelli

Last Updated on June, 2021

There are dozens of online dog training programs on the internet, some are great and some are downright awful, and one of the great program is Brain Training For Dogs created by a certified dog trainer.

I purchased it to train my two dogs and Below are some impressive results that I experienced through this program.

This is my Complete in-depth Brain Training For Dogs Review, here I’ll share all my opinions and what I’ve learned from this dog training course so far while especially considering my own pets.

My goal is to show you all you need to know, and hopefully help you see does brain training for dogs work for you.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Brain Training for Dogs

I think the main thing to consider before you buy Brain Training For Dogs is that this is a program, unlike many others.

You will not be performing dominance training in this program; instead, the program centers upon positive reinforcement training.

Are you ready for this style of dog training? And what’s the difference?

In dominance training…

  • Dogs develop low self-esteem
  • They learn slower
  • They don’t trust you as much

In positive reinforcement training…

  • Your dog is set up for success
  • Your dog learns quicker
  • Your dog WANTS to learn with you, wants to take an active role in their education

This is a force-free program, meaning you work with your dog and not against them.

If you are prepared to take everything you know about dog training and revamp it entirely, this is the program is for you. (And don’t worry, the program is written in such a way that all dog owners can use it; you don’t have to be Cesar Millan to help your dog!)

What Do You Get? 

brain training for dogs reviewSo, the program costs about $47, so it’s not dirt-cheap by any means but it also is much cheaper than obedience school or hiring a professional Dog trainer.

Discount coupons are available so read the full article.

Brain training for dogs consists of a member’s only area in which valuable dog training information is housed.

In this area, you will get short videos that show you all you need to know about training your dog, and information that is easy to read and well-written.

Previously, this information was offered in the form of eBooks, but I like the idea of offering it on a website better.

This is easier than downloading the eBook to your Kindle or phone and having to flip through it while simultaneously getting your dog to listen to you.

The videos are straight, to the point, and very well produced. They are good for visual learners who like to SEE what they are being asked to do. They illustrate the ideal training technique and make it easy for everyone.

Member Area Menu Options

[Sorry for bad quality images :-(]

Brain Training for Dogs members area

Once you pay for the membership, you get your login details right in your email. The login page is clean and has a nice layout that is easy on the eyes.

The menu options are as follows:

Brain Training for Dogs members area Dog Training and Courses

  • Dog Training/ Courses: In this section, Adrienne is introduced and shows you exactly what activities will be used to teach your dogs. This section is easy to navigate and you can find exercises that suit specific problems your dog may be having. She and her pup Einstein work together to show you the techniques.

Brain Training for Dogs members area puppy training

  • Training For Puppies: This category puts the spotlight on puppies and their owners, and how to begin training for success as the puppy’s life goes on. This way you set the pup up for success. I’d also recommend this to people seeking to adopt a new puppy. You will know how to handle them from day one. Pro Tip: Puppies ages 8-10 weeks are growing and need your friendship more than ever! You will learn techniques to embody during that crucial period.

Brain Training for Dogs members area behavior issues

  • Behavior Issues- If your dog is experiencing a behavior problem (in my case, Charli would bark whenever a stranger like a postman or the Schwan’s food guy came to our home) this is the place to be. Aggression, barking, whining and more are all talked about here. There are STACKS of good level articles to read about techniques to help solve your dog’s behavioral issues, and thanks to the dozens of articles around, you are likely to find someone who had the same problem as you. This makes it easy to solve.

Brain Training for Dogs members area archives

  • Archives: Adrienne houses her most important topics and problems here for all to read. There are old videos and articles here for you to enjoy. They are still quite useful. Some of them are unique or special techniques that might be hard to explain, so they are illustrated in a video format. It’s an interesting section of the website.
  • Case Studies: Here Adrienne shares her work in the field. She talks about dogs she has trained in the past. Two of the most interesting case studies there centered around Maggie and Sadie. Sadie was a therapy dog who got sent to Adrienne as a rescue animal. She whined a lot and was very possessive. Meanwhile, Maggie was a jumper. She had to work with Adrienne to stop jumping on others so much. Adrienne was able to help, and Maggie is much happier today.

Brain Training for Dogs members area

  • Member Forums: This is a place for you to sound off with other members of the program. You might be questioning something you read or you may wish to see how another dog owner handled their puppy’s problem. This is the place to do just that. Adrienne Farricelli even pops into the forums from time to time and answers member queries. It’s OK to have some doubts about the program and ask questions; the site members are happy to help. (Click here to see it yourself in their website @ )

Other Helpful Stuff

Aside from the videos and the information, there are other helpful resources Adrienne Faricelli (brain training program creator) has lined up to help you train successfully.

There are case studies for you to peruse and also an “Ask Adrienne” corner where you can pose all your tough queries but get a real answer from an expert.

This is helpful since you can access it anywhere using your phone, tablet or whatever device you happen to be holding.

There is also a community forum so you may chat with other dog owners about problems, victories, or any other dog-related topics.

What Is Brain Training for Dogs?

At this point, you probably have a good idea of what the program is all about, but let’s get into it in greater detail.

Update: I have found a coupon code for brain train for dogs by Adrienne where you can get it cheaper by going to this page  

Program Philosophy

The program is one based around kindness and working in harmony with your dog and does not involve any pack theory. I know that probably sounds a bit “woo-woo”, but it really can help.

The program is rooted in science, but has a strong hold on being kind and patient with your dog. For my two pups, this is just what they need after living lives where they were more or less pushed aside.

The big gimmick of the program is using positive reinforcement to train your dog.

This is a very good thing because your dog associates training with you with a positive thing, and the bond between you and your dog deepens as a result.

It is set up to work with dogs of all ages, from the puppies all the way up to senior dogs. This is again great in my case; I got my dogs when they were 2 and 3 respectively. They weren’t exactly puppies but they weren’t exactly adults, either!

I’d say this program is for people who have an open mind and a dog that needs training at any age. It is NOT for people who are unwilling to try something new with their training techniques. 

The program reminds me of a lot of professional Dog training techniques one would get working one on one, or working with an obedience dog trainer. Only, it is much more affordable and easy to follow.

Previously the program came in the form of ebooks, but the new format is a lot more manageable.

What You Do

The program is centered around physical and mental challenges meant to keep your dog entertained and grow his brain.

The training moves are progressive. They are made up of puzzles, games and activities your dog has to figure out on his own. And don’t worry if your pup is a bit slow at first to catch on; there are no time limits and your dog WILL eventually get it.

dog-safetyAfter all, it’s not about winning- there is no finish line to cross. It’s about helping your dog get smarter and grow mentally and physically. After all, learning never stops for us humans; we are always learning something new. Your dog is the same way.

And the treat aspect of it? No, your dog isn’t going to be spoiled rotten. It’s payment and reward for a job well done.

Just as we humans get a paycheck every two weeks, or get that warm and fuzzy feeling after helping someone else, dogs love rewards for their hard work.

And if your dog does run into trouble? Use the handy troubleshooting guide Adrienne has included. Your problems will be solved quickly thanks to her good suggestions.

About Adrienne Farricelli Dog Trainer

Here’s what you need to know about the author of Brain Training For Dogs.

Adrienne Faricelli is the Author of Brain Training For Dogs, she is a certified dog trainer and a behavior consultant and has over 10 years of experience in dog training.

Adrienne’s qualifications itself shows that she is a complete dog trainers out there, she is a certified CPDT-KA (Certified Pet Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed) in the United States and holds dual certificate in dog training.

In order to maintain her credentials the CCPDT requires her to participate in Continuing Education and should be up to date in dog training.

She is also certified by the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants.

Adrienne has also done many publication works online for well known sites such as:

  • Daily Puppy
  • E-how
  • Paw Nation
  • USA Today
  • Daily Puppy

Pros and Cons of brain training for dogs


  • Techniques included are easy to learn and use.
  • Adrienne Farricelli has over ten years of working with dogs.
  • Materials and tools needed are easy to acquire and use; anyone can do it.
  • There is a money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of if necessary.


  • TONS of reading involved- if you’re not a big reader, keep in mind this brain training for dogs program is heavy on the reading of articles and tips.
  • Videos can get a bit loud at times.

Key Features

You already know about the physical stuff included with the program; essentially you get a well-organized site with plenty of user engagement, helpful videos, articles, and even interaction from the owner herself.

But what do you get out of the program? What will you and your dog actually do while partaking in the exercises?

Let’s discover it now.

The Steps

Curious about Adrienne’s awesome methods for puppy training of all ages? I’ve got the inside scoop.

  • Intro: In this part, Adrienne lines up what tools you need for that day’s training and what the learning outcomes are.
  • How To: Here you will get a step by step guide on training your dog the behavior you’d like him or her to learn.
  • Troubleshooting: If you encountered a hurdle that your dog is having trouble overcoming, this is the place to turn. You will learn what’s going wrong and how to take care of it.
  • Raising The Bar: Here you will learn how to increase the challenge bit by bit and reinforce your dog’s positive actions so it becomes an internalized skill/behavior.
  • The Test: Here you will test the skills you’ve imparted on your dog and see how well they’re coming along. You can move onto the next skill or go back and work on it some more. Take your time.

=>Click here to see training guides by Adrienne Faricelli yourself

Obedience Training Basics

There is a basic Obedience Training section included in brain training for dogs, and this is important because it gets your dog the foundation they need to do well in the course.

These are the Obedience Lessons you’ll teach your dog:

  • Using lures
  • Sitting
  • Lying down
  • Taking/Leaving objects
  • Drop an object
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel

Knowing these skills will make the tougher ones you learn later on much easier.

Plus, it could save your dog’s life. Imagine your child accidentally drops the chocolate cookie they were eating.

Your dog runs over hoping for a sweet treat.

But when you say “DROP IT,” they drop the cookie out of their mouth. After all, we know chocolate is not good for dogs.

Now imagine your dog sees a bird or chipmunk head toward the street on a busy day. They naturally want to take off and run after the critter, but you don’t want them to be hit by a car.

If your dog knows and can respond to the “Come” command, they will be much safer.

Training the Humans

Adrienne FarricelliAs we mentioned earlier, this is a new way of dog training. I call it “Training the humans,” because that’s what it felt like when learning about this brain training program.

You are learning a new way of training your dogs that involves working together as one instead of the classic “Alpha dog, beta dog” way of doing things.

Adrienne’s writing is easy to read and well written. Her program brain training for dogs is easy to follow and you will know just what to do once you get there.

Even if things do not go as planned, you can always reference back to the troubleshooting guide for some help.

And you will finally learn how to use clicker training- for me personally, that seemed a bit too hard pull off. But you can and will learn how, and it is a game-changer.

Perfecting Your Training

Even if you’ve never trained a dog before, you are going to walk out of this with some pretty high confidence thanks to the tools Adrienne Farricelli provides to dog owners.

It’s like getting an inside look at what a professional dog trainer learn when they go through certification.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn as you take part in this program.

  • When to add verbal cues so it doesn’t cause confusion to your dog
  • Fading treat lures, so the animal does not become reliant upon treats
  • Hand signals made it easy for dogs to learn and follow
  • Fading but continuous rewards, so your dog will still be well behaved even when a treat is not present
  • Verbal cues and hand signals and when to use them correctly

It’s pretty exciting to watchdogs become smarter and more alert when they learn this stuff. And aside from becoming smart cookies, dogs will also benefit by becoming faster learners, having fun, and boosting their trust in you.

Best of all you get to spend quality time with your pet, which is a reward in and of itself.

Check this out: Adrienne Faricelli Training Her dogs 

=>Click here to see more training guides by Adrienne Faricelli

What Are Others Saying? (Customer Reviews)

Sure, I had a positive experience with the brain dog training program, but what did others have to say? In this section, I am going to show off some comments around the Internet.

These are just what I found; make sure you research some of your own!

Brain Training for Dogs results

Hannah Tomes left this positive brain training for dogs review on Goodreads. 

Brain Training for Dogs results

John Jaspert is a police officer working with K-9 police dogs and he found the program helpful.

Sam Jones left this review on Quora and even listed his own pros and cons. 

Final Words

Training your dog is very important. It not only helps your dog behave in public but also keeps them safe.

As a result, it’s important you do this early and often. And of course, it is not a Fake Gimmick Online program like other pieces of trainings online.

Instead, it is the best Dog Training program available online in our opinion. And with this price, which is the lowest its ever been, you’ll save a lot of money. So make sure to go through our link below to the actual/Real program.

Thankfully the Brain Training For Dogs program is perfect for this because:

  • The program is fun for dogs and their owners
  • The brain training program focuses on rewards and not punishments or scolding
  • The program is great for dogs of all ages

If you are thinking is Brain Training for Dogs scam? It definitely not a scam. So, why not take a look? Click here to see it for yourself and check out what the program can do for you!

Update: I have found a coupon code for brain train for dogs where you can get it cheaper by going to this page  


Does brain training for dogs work?

The answer is yes. It works and we and many others have experience with them. But keep in mind, it will take weeks to months even years to train your dog, it is up to you and how you use the information inside.

Is Brain Training For Dogs easy to follow?

The course is structured in a linear and simple way that anybody can understand, and is categorized into separate modules that help you understand which module is right for you and your dog. Click here to check it out.

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