Best Dog Sling Carrier – Small and Big

Any loving dog owner will want to spend as much quality time with their pooch as possible (best dog sling carrier reviews) But it’s not everywhere your dog can go on his own four paws. A sling carrier may be the easiest, safest way to take your dog everywhere you go. Table of ContentsWhy a … Read more

American Pit Bull Terrier Breed Information

American Pit Bull Terrier info featured image

Last Updated on Are you feeling lonely? For many, pets can make great companions and can make the owner feel a little less alone. Now for the hard part, what kind of pet should you get? A great option is the Pit Bull Terrier. This dog breed is easy to train and gentle, the perfect … Read more

Best Dog Nail Grinders in 2020

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Last Updated on  My dog hates having his nails trimmed. He will fight to stay away from me and the nail clippers if I even try to get close to him. He is not small, but he is large enough to make it a battle for every nail on a paw. That is why I … Read more