Dog Crate Training: How to Crate Train a Puppy 101?

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Last Updated on There’s no place like home. Well, that’s how we humans feel, but it can be a bit hard to teach the same thing to your puppy when it comes to crate training. So we’ve scoured the internet to develop the best possible solutions on how to crate train a dog. Your dog … Read more

Least Effective Way To Retrieve a Dog That Has Got Off Leash

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Last Updated on A dog slipping off-leash is an issue that’s not new to dog owners; these furry athletes can get excited for anything while outside and can easily escape your grasp. And the chance of them returning back to you is a bit slim; many household dogs don’t know much about the outside world, … Read more

Sit Means Sit Reviews: Not What I Expected!

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If you’ve been searching the internet for the best dog training programs, you have probably come across Sit Means Sit. So, should you buy into it, and is the program really worth your bucks?  Amongst the hundreds of reviews I scoured through, one embellishing the shock collar method as the “only effective method to train … Read more

The Koehler Method Of Dog Training Book Review – Not Recommended!

Last Updated on Considering To Train Your Dog With The Koehler Method Of Dog Training? Please read this article before doing so. Bruno, My Labrador Retriever, he constantly digs Barks excessively and needs some obedience training. Due to his barking habits, my neighbors were not happy, and they wanted me to do something about it.  … Read more