Brandon McMillan Dog Training Masterclass Review: Here’s Why I Don’t Like it!

You might probably know Brandon McMillan’s Masterclass by now, but the question is, is it worth all this hype it’s been getting for the last couple of months? To find it, I purchased the McMillan’s Masterclass dog training to train my new Chihuahua. So here’s what I found out. In this Brandon McMillan Masterclass dog … Read more

Starmark Academy School Reviews: Don’t Waste Your $$$$

starmark cover image

Starmark dog training academy, known for its luxurious animal behavior centers, has dog training courses too but is it actually worth it?  Let’s check it out.   *So Keep reading the review till the end to see why we would never recommend the Starmark dog training courses and what alternative we suggest instead… Table of ContentsWho … Read more

Ian Dunbar Top Dog Academy Review: Is it a Good Training Program?

Last Updated on  Suppose you’re thinking of investing in Dr Ian Dundar’s top dog academy training program. In that case, you might want to go through this review article completely because there’s an alternative training program that is worth taking a look at.  These are my frank opinion on the Top dog academy training program and whether … Read more