How Long to Keep E-Collar on Dog After Spaying or Neutering?

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Last Updated on Most pet owners have a first-world problem after spaying their fur buddies! We will discuss it right here with you!  These days spaying is extremely common among pets. However, this article is not limited to spaying but is also relevant to neuter surgery.  I will quickly distinguish between the two types of … Read more

American Bulldog Training: 9 Easy Steps to Raise Your Puppy

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Last Updated on As far as muscle goes in the canine world, American bulldogs, also known as Ambull, could steal the show with their well-ripped physique, remarkable strength and high energy levels. Ambull is a large breed utility dog that is a descendant of the now-extinct Old English Bulldog. Though they play rough, they are … Read more

Will a Shock Collar Stop a Dog Fight? How to Separate them?

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Last Updated on Dog fights are SCARY. And like with all SCARY things, we would like nothing more than to deal with it safely and quickly. If your dog gets into a fight, your first instinct may be to intervene immediately to stop your precious pet from getting hurt. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT ADVISABLE because … Read more