9 Best Online Dog Training Courses 2023 (That Actually Work)

9 Best Online Dog Training Courses 2023 (That Actually Work)

Last Updated on January, 2023

Untrained dogs are a liability for themselves and the dog owners. But the problem with training dogs is that it’s not simple; they don’t understand as we do.

On the flip side, it’s a known secret that dog training schools and personal trainers are both expensive, and don’t always work. 

But you know that already; that’s why you’re looking for the best option.

That’s right! Online dog training courses have gotten so popular in the present. The reason is the balance between affordability and high quality.

So, we reviewed some of the best online dog training courses. All you need to do is read through and choose a course that works for you. We’re confident that you’ll like what we discovered. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Editor’s Choice
brain training for dogs review
Brain Training For Dogs




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#2nd Best Choice
SpiritDog Dog Training
SpiritDog Dog Training




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#3rd Best Choice
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K9 Online Dog Training




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9 of the Best Online Dog Training Courses

1. Brain Training for Dogs By Adrienne Faricelli (Editor’s Choice)

Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Faricelli goes down as the best online dog training course.

The content quality, the structure, the price, and everything else are unparalleled.

Let’s check it out.

The first reason why I loved Brain Training For Dogs is that it’s a reward-based training plan. Reward-based dog training courses are the most effective. 

Brain Training for Dogs

This course has been developed by a CPDT-KA-certified dog trainer named Adrienne Farrcielli. She’s well-recognized in the dog training business. That’s the second reason.

As I was evaluating her program, it was confirmed.

The main training course is divided into 7 progressive modules such as,

  • Module 1: Pre-School
  • Module 2: Elementary School
  • Module 3: High School
  • Module 4: College
  • Module 5: University
  • Module 6: Graduation
  • Module 7: Einstein

All the training sessions are in the form of videos and documents with lifetime and 24/7 access.

The course is so evenly diverse. In module 1, the simplest yet most important aspects, such as maintaining eye contact and attention shifting, are covered. Then the dog ascends the modules completing progressively tricky competencies. 

It could be finding hidden objects, object identification, potty training, or even obedience to basic commands. The process is gradual, so it tames even the most aggressive dogs. That’s another reason why this is the best dog course.

Adrienne’s training methods are reward and game-based. Positive reinforcement methods always work the best.

The training is not limited to that. There are so many valuable free resources to train dogs.

For example, there’s a 7-trick-training module where these tricks are covered. All these trick training solutions come as separate dog training videos as below,

  • Take a bow
  • Cover his eyes
  • Dance
  • Shake hands
  • Howl
  • Play Dead 
  • Roll over

That’s not all; you also get basic obedience training content focused solely on improving obedience. Here’s what dog obedience training has,

  • Insider secrets of using food luting
  • The critical element and key strategies of instant obedience

You also get a post-training polishing-up module and Adrienne’s archives, which have countless dog training secrets.

  • How to use fake food lures with no food in sight 
  • Demystifying truth behind hand signals
  • A simple tactic to increase obedience with verbal cues
  • How to boost obedience by continuous rewards

But is it over? No! You get more. Finally, you get free access to Adrienne’s archives, which includes,

  • Over 100 in-depth articles on dog behavior 
  • Puppy training strategies 
  • Identification method of root cause

Making everything even better, you can access a Brain Training For Dogs user community. There are private forums and an online members’ area, so you can immediately contact fellow dog parents.

None of the other best online dog training courses have these features.

Finally, you also get direct contact with Adrienne herself for bespoke expert opinions. My experience with her was really pleasant; she asked questions to ensure the situation and then proceeded to give us solution options to choose from. 

All of these come at a one-time, flat fee.

At the end, your dog will be free of these behavioral issues, 

  • Overreactivity 
  • Uncontrollable barking 
  • Lack of response to verbal commands
  • Consistent jumping up
  • Digging
  • Chewing things they shouldn’t
  • Repetitive pulling on the leash
  • Continuous whining 
  • And more!

So, as a matter of fact, Brain Train For Dogs is the best online dog training available for dogs. It is 100% force-free and focussed on a reward-based strategy.

Checkout our in-depth review of this program by clicking here.


One-time, flat fee for everything (no monthly fees)
One main comprehensive course for training dogs
Prepared by a CPDT-KA-certified professional
Video and documents based training program for your convenience
Ability to watch the videos as many times and anytime during the day as you want 
Suits all types of dogs and breeds
Increase success rate with the reward-based training methods
Train your dog gradually with a 7-steps main course
Improve your dog with obedience training and Adrienne’s archives content 
Access online member’s area for real-time advice
Follow private forums for common issues and more
Contact the creator of the course directly 
Refund policy within 60 days 


The program is web based, there is no app

2. SpiritDog Dog Training (#2nd Best Choice)

SpiritDog was a recommendation from a friend following one of their courses. So, I wondered whether they had any all-in-one course.

They didn’t.

But I’ll let you be the judge of what I found.

So, the content is prepared by Steffi Trott. She’s been in the field since 2013 and studied dog training with renowned professionals such as Polona Bonac and Kim Terrill. But there is no mention of any other trainers.

SpiritDog Dog Training

SpiritDog has multiple training courses. These force-free training programs come as bundles.

Here are key bundles,

  • Tackling Reactivity Bundle
  • Ultimate Puppy Bundle
  • The Perfect Focus Bundle 
  • Perfect Obedience Bundle 
  • Loose Leash Walking Bundle
  • Listening Bundle 
  • Ultimate Masterclass Bundle

From 1 to 6, the nature of the content is self-explanatory; they’re focussed on specific activities. The first is for tackling reactivity, the second is for puppies, and so on.

Ultimate Masterclass bundle covers both adult and puppy training. You never have to worry about crucial aspects like potty training.

Inside each of these bundles, there’s the main course and a long list of free training content. These are in the form of HQ printable PDFs and videos

For example, in the tackling reactivity online course, there is other free content such as training habits & rewards, attention boosters, hyperactivity helps, and so on.

Apart from the bundles, some of the highlighted single courses are,

  • Dog Agility @ Home Course (103 lessons)
  • SpiritDog Parkour Course (36 Lessons)
  • Focus in Public – Out and About course (21 lessons)
  • Indoor Games For Small Spaces Course (31 lessons)
  • Canine Fitness Course (65 lessons)

Almost all of these single modules are included in the Ultimate Masterclass Bundle.

You have lifetime access to the content. You can also contact the trainers whenever you want for a lifetime. In that way, SpiritDog brings a lot of value for what you pay. 

The content can be accessed by your phone, tablet, or PC. That lets you train your dog wherever you go conveniently. 

Upon completion, you get a certificate, and that’s an amazing confidence booster.

Similar to Brain Train For Dogs SpiritDog gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee. All the courses come at a one-time, flat fee. 

But you can get a free 7-day course when you join their email list. The best thing is that you’ll receive customized video lessons based on your training goals.

This short review isn’t enough to show you the truest value of SpiritDog courses. Check out the review here because that has everything you need to know.

SpiritDog is one of the best online dog training institutes offering a wide variety of reward-based (force-free) dog training strategies. 


The convenience of choosing the most suitable course according to your need 
Lifetime access to the video and printable PDF content
Continuous, direct help from the dog trainers
The free 7-day course lets you experience the content without spending
30-day money-back guarantee 
Masterclass bundle a pup to an adult dog


Almost all-in-one masterclass lacks three courses

3. K9 Online Dog Training Institute (#3rd Best Choice)

I couldn’t believe the K9 Training Institute’s offer because it felt too good to be true. But then I realized all social media is free for a reason.

This is a completely free dog training workshop conducted online and it is filled with positive reward-based dog training strategies.. 

Dr. Alexa Diaz (Ph.D.), with over 20 years in dog training, and Eric Presnall (host of the Animal Planet TV show “Who Let The Dogs Out”) conduct it. 

The workshop content is suitable for all breeds.

K9 Online Dog Training Institute

But the website asks you whether your pet was a puppy or an adult dog when you first visit it. After that, all you need to do is disclose personal details; your first name, dog’s name, email, and mobile number.

After that, you will receive a link to the workshop. So, what does it cover?

The host duo assures that their workshop improves dog-owner relationships and prevents poor behavior like,

  • Excessive Barking
  • Leash pulling
  • Ignoring commands
  • Jumping on people
  • Running out of the door
  • Chasing cars or animals
  • Chewing
  • Nipping or biting
  • Begging
  • Getting too excited 

The workshop has 7 stages of obedience and mindfulness training as follows.

  • Focus their attention on you
  • Focus on you even in the presence of distractions
  • Focus on you during walks
  • Focus on you regardless of location
  • Calmly greet other dogs and people in public
  • Do the Auto SIT
  • Have service dog-level impulse control

The course is an online workshop done through consulting by a group video conference call, without any video or printable PDF content. It never hurts to have that extra knowledge. 

This workshop is quite resourceful, and all it requires is for you to spend around 10-15 minutes per day training your dog. But all the methods are positive and reward-based; nothing forceful.

Checkout our complete review of K9 Training Institute Here.


Free of charge 
Hosted by two of the most experienced and qualified professionals
Train your dog in the course of 7 progressive stages
Suitable for all breeds and for pups and dogs 
No need to do your research and choose a course
Covers all the major areas of dog training


There is no video or printable content to access 24/7
After the workshop is concluded, you’re on your own

4. Brandon Mcmillan Dog Training Masterclass

“There are no untrainable dogs; there are only untrainable humans.”

That’s Brandon McMillan in MasterClass, The Emmy-winning host of “Lucky Dog.” That was the kind of reassurance any dog parent would expect.

I personally loved how he believes dog training isn’t about dominance but trust, technique, and conditioning.

His training methods are entirely reward-based.

Brandon Mcmillan Dog Training Masterclass

There are 15 levels of dog training in his masterclass, such as

  1. Meet Your Instructor 
  2. Variables That Make Your Dog Unique
  3. Trust & Groundwork for Training
  4. Training Foundations & the 7 Common Commands
  5. Signaling Commands & Leash Techniques
  6. Sit
  7. Down
  8. Stay
  9. No
  10. Off
  11. Come
  12. Heel
  13. Behavior: Housebreaking
  14. Behavior: Door Dashing
  15. Behavior: Digging, Chewing, Barking

At a glance, everything you need is covered with a cumulative lesson duration of 2 hours and 58 minutes. That’s why it’s one of the best online dog training courses.

All the HD-quality dog training videos have amazing production quality. The audio is clear, and Brandon goes above and beyond to complete each level as the average dog parent.

Since the training content is based on the MasterClass platform, a monthly subscription is billed annually.

Brandon’s program would have been up on this list if he had provided the opportunity for dog parents to reach out to him, like how Adrienne does. Nonetheless, Brandon follows a force-free and more affectionate and reward-based strategy.

Check out this course’s full review here.


No need to make complex choices thanks to an all-in-one course
Superior production quality training videos 
All the lessons are reward-based 
Complete the training levels at your own pace
View samples of each lesson before subscribing


Monthly subscription 
You cannot reach out to Brandon to resolve issues

5. The Online Dog Trainer By Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer who used to be an engineer and a sales manager.

His career background itself proves how systematic he is as a trainer.

The Online Dog Trainer is similar to Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dogs. The initial problem I noticed was that his offer was a bit expensive.

Doggy Dan has named his training course The Dog Calming Code™. 

The Online Dog Trainer By Doggy Dan

The following strategy is a mixture of rewards and dog pack psychology. The training aims to make you look like the pack leader, so the dog listens to you while still being your best friend.

It’s an interesting approach.

The Online Dog Trainer course is divided into five golden rules such as,

  1. Feeding or controlling food
  2. Handling dangers
  3. Post-separation leader replacement 
  4. Convergence of training on dog owner’s terms
  5. The essential walk

Each module improves the unique cognitive abilities of your dog with training videos and PDFs which are interconnected. That helps you achieve a comprehensive training process. 

Doggy Dan gives 7 days of free access to all of his Only Dog Trainer courses. But remember that you get this only after ordering the “Dog Calming Code”.

So what else do you get? Five free bonus courses.

You get the bonus puppy training program course with 31 videos, downloadable articles, and PDFs. Puppy training shouldn’t be forceful in the tiniest bit, and this course ensures that.

The second bonus course is Everyday Tools & Techniques, with 18 videos and downloadables. All these training methods are force-free and reward-based.

The third bonus course is “Project Moses – How To Raise The PERFECT Puppy,” with 68 videos and downloadables. 

The fourth one comes with 56 videos plus downloadables to solve Dog Problems. The fifth and last course is a foundation of Dog Training with 41 videos and downloadables.

Dog parents don’t have to overly worry since there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The plan would have been better if we could reach out to Dan for personal questions. Even without that, this reward-based training program performs pretty decently. 

Check out this review here.


Reward-based approach is uniquely effective 
The five stages training course covers pretty much everything
The five bonus courses increase your knowledge and improve training further
Risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee 
Seven days of free access to all the training content
More hassle-free puppy training


Cannot reach out to the creator of the content
Dog pack psychology approach is not widely accepted

6. Sirius Dog Training By Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Ian Dunbar is an expert dog trainer, veterinarian, and animal behaviorist with 30 years of experience. 

With that in mind, let’s see what his Sirius dog training brings to the table.

The course is available on Udemy and has a 4.7 rating from 2057 ratings. The secret is using positive reinforcement training.

His main course consists of a four-day training series, and here’s how it works.

Sirius Dog Training By Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Day 1: business, promotion, people training, and games
  • Day 2: behavioral counseling
  • Day 3: Adult dog training classes and home training 
  • Day 4: Puppy classes and home training 

Each of these days has an average of 6 lectures for about 5 hours and 30 minutes. For example, day 2 behavior counseling has six videos that are about 50 minutes long on average. Each Sirius dog training video is interconnected and progressively complicated. 

Similar to other Udemy courses you would find on the website, this course too is a compilation of pre-uploaded videos.

The result is your dog being trained just the way you want, with a reward-based positive approach.

The collective course has 45 lecturers and is 28 hours and 30 minutes long.

The extra training content comes as documents and behavior blueprints. The documents have lecture notes and two ebooks; BEFORE you get your puppy and AFTER you get your puppy.

Behavioral blueprints contain a long list of pinpointed topics and issues.

The solutions for these are based on positive reinforcement techniques. Some of the features, issues, and topics are such,

  • Digging problems 
  • Dog and children 
  • Excessive barking 
  • Hyper dog
  • New Puppy 
  • Fear of people
  • Walking on a leash

For your convenience, there are subtitles in multiple languages, such as English, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, and Thai. So, it’s a great choice for those who aren’t that comfortable with English.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee from Udemy, and you have lifetime access to the content. The price isn’t bad either, and that’s why Dr. Dunbar’s SIRIUS® became the sixth-best online dog training course.

You can learn more about this course in this Ian Dunbar Top Dog Academy Review.


28 hours and 30 minutes of progressive training content 
Extra content to polish up your dog’s training quality 
Subtitles in multiple languages are beneficial for the relevant dog parents
Lifetime access to the content 
Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee 


You cannot reach out to the course’s creator for problems
No user community or forums 

7. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is a book with a 4.5-star rating out of 8000+ ratings.

All the reasons that justify the rating help you train your dog better.

Zak George is also a celebrity dog trainer/ YouTuber who has combined hundreds of videos and experience with thousands of dogs. With Dina Roth Port, they are presenting us with one comprehensive dog training guide that includes,

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution
  • Choosing the right puppy 
  • House training and basic obedience training
  • Handling biting, leash pulling, jumping up, barking, aggression, chewing, and other behavioral issues
  • Healthcare essentials like finding a vet and selecting the right food
  • Cool tricks, traveling tips, and activities to enjoy with your dog
  • Topics with corresponding videos on Zak’s YouTube channel so you can see his advice in action

His training course is reward-based, increasing the long-term sustainability once you’re done training the dog. All of this is delivered in 240 pages and that’s impressive.

There are no videos or additional content, and there is no chance to reach out to Zak for questions. But there’s a private Facebook group where users ask questions and interact with others.

However, it’s a resourceful book that showcases many positive reward-based training strategies.


Just 240 pages of training content to cover 
Comprehensive training content book from choosing a puppy to tricks and hacks 
Content prepared by experienced professionals in the industry
No monthly subscriptions


Lacks video content 
Lacks guidance from the creator
No online forums of fellow users

8. Petco Dog Training

It’s always reassuring to have certified professionals on board. So, it’s reassuring to have AKC-certified professional dog trainers at Petco online dog training school.

Petco brings a wide variety of dog training solutions for you. The trainers deliver both in-store and online training via Zoom.

They have three main modules, and each module is divided into levels. How do they vary?

Petco Dog Training

The first module is puppy training, and there are two levels with two packages. The first and the second levels take 6 weeks each. The puppy essentials package takes 12 weeks to complete.

The complete puppy package takes 18 weeks and includes the puppy level 1, level 2, and other training steps.

The second module is adult training which has two main levels taking 6 weeks each to complete. The adult dog essentials package takes 12 weeks, and the adult dog complete package takes 18 weeks. But there’s a 4-week extra Separation Anxiety course.

All these are group online dog training classes.

But you can also go for a 45-minute private lesson. You can also go for a 6-lesson pack that spans for 6 weeks. The class schedule is manageable since everything else is decided after the first session.

Payments are based on the level of the packages you choose.

With positive reinforcement training Petco has increased the effectiveness of its programs.

Not only that, but you can also get your training supplies under one roof. That’s a convenience if you’re starting from scratch.

But the problem is that your dog’s incompetence in keeping up will make you retake classes. Because there isn’t any lifetime accessible pre-recorded content.

The entire course is designed with a non-forceful reward-based strategy, and works pretty well; just not as good as Adrienne’s Brain Train For Dogs.

Learn more about the Petco online dog training course here.


Online courses conducted by certified professionals 
Ability to train your dog with private lessons 
No recurring monthly fees
The comfort of separate classes for adult dogs and puppies
The convenience of getting training supplies under one roof
Fix separation anxiety issues


Lacks video content accessible anytime
There can be scheduling conflicts
Private lessons are expensive 
Group lessons might not always work for you

9. Udemy Dog Training Courses

Udemy is a popular and recognized online learning website. Why settle for training tips when you can self-learn? That’s right, Udemy training courses are very diverse, addressing specific issues.

Needless to say, these aren’t remotely close to the first couple of training modules in this review.

Because when some courses allow lifetime access to some training content, some courses don’t. But that’s just the start of it.

Udemy Dog Training Courses

The bestseller in the online dog training courses category is “Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems” by Dr. Ian Dunbar (yes! The one we talked about.)

This course has 2 sections, such as videos and notes. The video series contains 26 lectures that span close to six hours. 

The second one is Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs, by the same Dr. Ian Dunbar. The video series has 12 lectures that run for 5 hours and 50 minutes.

Here are some of the other top-rated Udemy dog training courses:

  • By Dr. Ian Dunbar:
    • Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling) – All 3 Days
    • Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training
    • Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting & Fighting
    • Reliability and Games 2-Day Dog Training Workshop
  • By Eval Walton
    • Punishment-Free Dog Training: 30-Day Perfect Dog Blueprint

And this list goes.

All online training courses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for convenience.

All you need to do is click on a course, read its contents, and see whether it works for you. But let’s be honest; all of them combined would not be as good as Brain Train For Dogs.


Diversity of dog training courses
Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee 
Some courses have lifetime access to them
Courses are mostly in the form of videos and notes
Take the courses at your own pace
No monthly subscription


Choosing a course from level zero and up might be difficult
There is no mentor to answer your questions 
The extra content might not always useful 

Benefits of an Online Dog Training Course

a human training a dog
  • Save thousands you spend on conventional on-site dog training courses 
  • Be safe from overcharging in-person dog trainers
  • Speed up the training process when training in comfortable environments
  • Safeguard your dog from fighting other dogs in kennels 
  • Bond better with your dog 
  • Identify your dog’s health-related issues at the earliest stages 
  • The convenience of training your dog in your free time 
  • Bond better with your partner when training your dog
  • Use the same training tools for a second dog (if you have any)
  • And much more!

How Long Will it Take to Complete an Online Dog Training Program?

Even the best dog training course shouldn’t be like a movie marathon. The dog must understand what happens in each progressive stage. Since they’re less intelligent than us, they need to catch up with repetitive patterns. Because of that, it would take around 6-12 months on average to train a dog from scratch. 

But once you do, your dog will be extremely obedient. That keeps you, your dog, and so many others away from trouble.

In-Person Dog Training vs Online Dog Training Program

In-Person Dog Training and Online Dog Training Program

In-person classes are not ineffective. It’s just that online dog courses are miles ahead.

The most important aspect is how online dog training programs are more effective. Professional dog trainers in a kennel would work with a group of dogs. So, what if yours couldn’t keep up? Usually, personal dog trainers charge by the hour. Would you want to pay for ten hours when you can do better under two or three hours?

You can take time to ensure your dog completes each competency level. That’s the highest quality of training you can receive.

That effectiveness is unparalleled.

In-person dog training programs are much more expensive, whether done at dog kennels or by personal trainers. But online courses are cost-effective

What about timing? Finding a time slot that doesn’t clash with your plans with trainers and dog training schools will be challenging. Online courses let you do it on your own time.

Online dog training lets you bond better with your dog. That’s because you will be carrying out the instructions provided by the dog trainer. But it will be the dog trainer who gets to bond with your dog when you choose in-person training. 

Do it with your partner, and it helps you strengthen the connectionwith your partner. You don’t get that at kennels and with personal trainers. 

I also noticed a weird walking habit during the training, which I fixed with the help of a vet. I might not have noticed it if not for an online dog training program that I carried out.

We all lead busy lives, and finding time to train your dog can be more complicated than you’d expect. Imagine all the appointments you’d have to cancel at the last moment. But you can train your dogs at your own pace with online courses. Take as long as you want with basic training, potty training, and beyond.

The bottom line is that online training courses are much better. It’s mainly due to the quality of the training courses, ease of access, and the convenience of modern technology.

Top Factors to Consider in Choosing an Online Dog Training Course 

  • Is it a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?
  • Whether the content is prepared by a certified and professional dog trainer
  • Average expected time of completion 
  • The additional training-related content you receive
  • Whether you get to download the videos
  • Whether there is an online community for the brand 
  • Whether you can contact the dog trainer in case
  • Opportunity to fix psychological issues such as separation anxiety
a dog In front of a laptop

In Conclusion 

Training your dogs in time is important. A better-behaved dog ensures their safety and the surroundings. Achieving that is extremely convenient and cost-effective with modern online dog training courses. But which one of the best out of the best?

The Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Faricelli wins with a lead for multiple reasons. After all, we just want to train our dogs cost-effectively and with optimal effort — this is the solution for that.


Yes! They are better, and the rising preference for conventional training programs justifies it.

It’s always better to have some knowledge. But better training courses don’t require much effort; pretty much any adult can comfortably manage.

It’s always reward-based. Because the sense of expecting a reward will always be there, unlike the sense of punishment.

Ideally, it would take around 6-12 months because your dog should get well accustomed to training habits as they get progressively complicated.

Brain Training for Dogs
brain training for dogs review
Ease of Training




Overall Score


One-time, flat fee for everything (no monthly fees)
Suits all types of dogs and breeds
Prepared by a CPDT-KA-certified professional
Refund policy within 60 days
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of January
The program is web based, there is no app

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