5 Best No Dig Fences for Dogs [2023 Updated] Tried & Tested

Last Updated on October, 2023

Setting up dog fences in the present is necessary. The two main reasons are to contain dogs in safe areas or prevent them from digging your yard.

But the biggest problem is the inconvenience of setting them up.

The dog parents used to have no choice but to dig the ground when setting up the protective fences. Sometimes, even that’s not effective.

But what if I told you that you could have resilient dog fences that don’t need any ground digging AND meets and exceeds your expectations? 

I’m sure you know because you’re already on the right path. 

Now, the problem is about choosing the best no-dig fence. 

For that, we decided to do the analysis for you. We checked all the hidden details and read every word in the product manuals of some of the best no-dig fences on the market.

What you have here are our five best picks. That’s why you’re in the right place.

So, take your time to read through and choose the best no-dig fence that suits your needs.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Editor’s Choice
spoton collar
Battery Life





Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Halo Collars
Halo 2+
Battery Life





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#3rd Best Choice
wagz collar
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Best No Dig Fences for Dogs

1. Spoton GPS Fence (Editor’s Choice)

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SpotOn is a US-based no-dig fence for dogs with many features. 

The collar comes in three neck sizes,

  • Small: 10’’ – 14’’
  • Medium: 12’’ -18’’
  • Large: 16’’ – 26’’

I love the build quality of it, especially the belt buckle system that ensures a good fit. 

SpotOn’s fences require no digging or physical wires to begin with.

You can set up 20 wireless fences within the free mobile app.

You are in complete control of choosing the custom shape of each fence. You can either walk along the boundary of the expected fence or draw it on the map in the app. 

To increase the customizability of the map, you can draw the map up using 1,500 fence points. This is because there is no maximum limit to the map’s boundary; the lowest is only ½ acre.

What about the corrective feedback?

The SpotOn collar features warning and corrective feedback.

Your SpotOn collar will beep when your dog comes closer to the boundary. With the proper prior training, the dog should return. This is warning feedback.

Static shock has 30 intensity levels to choose from and will be triggered when the dog escapes the boundary. This is corrective feedback.

That’s more than enough to make your dog return instantly.

The SpotOn collar has location tracking too. Its location updating speed is every 6 seconds with an accuracy of up to 10 feet, and that’s amazing.

Durability is guaranteed with the IP67 waterproof rating.

The maximum expected battery life is 22 hours.

So, the SpotOn fits the no-dig fence category since its fence doesn’t require any digging or a physical fence to begin with. With all the features, this becomes my #1 recommendation for a no-dig fence for dogs.


  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Ten wireless fences 
  • Neck size fits between 10″ and 26″
  • 22 hours of maximum battery life
  • GPS positioning
  • Beeps when nearing boundary
  • Static shock correction of 30 levels when crossing the boundary 

Read our complete Spoton GPS Fence review.


Requires no digging to set up
Requires no wires at all
Draw extremely accurate custom-shaped wireless fence boundary 
Tone-only warning and static shock to make your dog return 
The convenience of long battery life
Remote monitoring of the dog’s location 


Works only in Canada and the United States

Get 100$ off using coupon code: iPet100 (Exclusive for IPetGuides readers)

2. Halo 2+ (#2nd Best Choice)

Halo 2+, commonly known as the Halo collar, is another device that perfectly qualifies as a no-dig fence for dogs.

How so? Keep reading to find out.

The collar is available in two colors; white and graphite, and three neck sizes such as,

  • Small: 11’’ – 15’’
  • Medium: 15’’ – 20’’
  • Large: 20’’ – 30’’
Halo 2+

Instead of a belt and buckle system, the Halo collar has a clip lock, ensuring a comfortable fit for your dog.

Similar to the SpotOn collar, the Halo 2+ collar also needs no physical wires or digging.

The Halo collar lets you create 20 wireless fences at a maximum of 6.2 miles from each other. They are fully customizable in shape that you can draw in their designated free mobile app.

Halo recommends the minimum fence size to be at least 30 feet by 30 feet. But there is no maximum size limit to the fences.

In addition, there are keep away zones as well. These are areas within the safe areas, and you don’t want your dog entering them.

There are three types of feedback if your dog tries to breach the boundary such as sound, vibration, or shock. Tone and vibration has no intensity levels but shock has 15 levels of intensity to choose from.

Reward-based conditioning is very sustainable. It explains the presence of a return whistle or feedback that says ‘Come back home’ or ‘Good dog’ when the dog is returning. That convinces your pets that they’re doing the right thing.

That’s another reason why the Halo collar is an excellent no-dig fence for dogs.

Halo collar gives you access to location positioning technology. The scannable range for location is up to 10 square miles, and the fastest location updating rate is every 7 seconds.

The tracker also has free activity tracking, where you can track your dog’s number of steps, active and resting time, and even the distance covered.

The cherry on top is the dog training content provided by the founding member and renowned dog behavioral psychologist Cesar Milan.

Its durability is certified with the IP67 waterproof rating and amazing build quality.

The maximum battery life is 21 hours.

Thanks to all of its features, this tracker is the second-best no-dig fence for dogs.


  • 21 hours of maximum runtime 
  • 20 custom-shaped virtual fences
  • 10 square miles of range
  • Location positioning features 
  • Sound, vibration, and shock feedback in 15 levels of intensity
  • Activity tracking
  • Cesar Milan’s training content

To be completely convinced, checkout our halo collar review.


Requires no physical or buried fences 
Increased safety with multiple correctional feedback types and levels 
Train your dog better with Cesar Milan’s dog training content 
The high coverage range of 10 square miles
Increased durability by design and IP67 waterproof rating


More static shock intensity levels would have been better

3. Wagz Freedom Smart Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued.

The Wagz collar or the no-dig fence system is our third-best recommendation as the best no-dog fence for dogs. 

Wagz presents its collar as the only shock-free collar in the market, emphasizing its kind approach.

However, it’s impressive how they have filled the gap of lacking static shock.

So, how does it perform as a no-dig fence for dogs? Excellently! The Wagz fences require no physical or buried wires.

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

The collar comes in one standard size of 2.375” wide x 2″ high x 1.5″ deep, weighing only 1.7 ounces. It’s recommended for dogs 15 lbs and above.

The wireless fences’ shape is customizable. Once you draw the fence, you can choose whether it’s a safe zone or a keep-out zone. All fences are drawn and managed by the free mobile app provided by the company. 

There is no maximum size limit for the fence areas. But to avoid GPS complications, it’s better to have a 15 feet error margin when drawing the fences.

The company doesn’t use static shock for corrective feedback. Instead, it uses ultrasonic sounds. In addition, it also uses sound and vibrational alerts. 

So, as a no-dig fence, the Wagz fence system delivers the requirement.

Wagz collar also has location tracking achieved by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. That’s why it delivers 10 seconds location updating ratio and 10 feet of accuracy.

You also get comprehensive free activity tracking features where you can observe the number of calories burned, the number of steps, temperature alerts, and even the sleeping time. 

With a durable build quality, the Wagz collar comes with an IP67 waterproof rating.

The maximum expected runtime of the collar is 24 hours, and it comes with a rechargeable and removable battery, that’s a relief. 

Overall, the Wagz no-dig fence system has become the third-best no-dig fence for dogs.


  1. Custom-shaped no-dig fence for dogs 
  2. Ultrasonic, sound, and vibration for boundary breach correction 
  3. GPS location tracking with 10 secs and 10 feet accuracy 
  4. IP67 waterproof 
  5. 1.7 ounces of weight 
  6. Comprehensive activity tracking with sleep tracking

Learn more about the Wagz collar here.


Shock-free collar
Multiple fences
Ultrasonic, sound, and vibration for correctional feedback 
Ability to train your dog better
Know your dog’s location always with high-accuracy location tracking
Keep your dog away from keep-out zones
Draw the virtual no-dig fence of the desired shape 
No extra cost for location tracking and activity tracking


Runtime could have been longer

4. Petsafe Wireless Pet Fence

So far, the no dig fences we’ve discussed were created by a collar. But the Petsafe Wireless Pet Fence is different.

Its fence is made by a trasnmistter. Nonetheless, you don’t have to do any digging or bury wires for the fence.

The collar is recommended for dogs 8 lbs and above.

Instead of using GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, PetSafe has its own transmitter that is 11 x 12 x 9 inches in size and weighs 12.8 ounces.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence

The expected battery life of the collar is two months, and that’s due to the RFA-67 the collar uses.

It also has a battery indicator made from an LED light, blinking green if the battery is between 60-100%, yellow if 20-60%, and red if the battery is below 20%.

We love the build quality and how durability is assured as it is a waterproof collar.

You can’t customize the shape of the fence as it is circular with a maximum range of ½ acre. There are six correctional levels and the lowest starts as tone only. The rest of the levels are of static shock.

Petsafe’s fence requires no physical wires or above-ground or buried fences.

As I mentioned, this tracker works with a transmitter. Because of that, it requires no mobile app.

But to increase the effectiveness of dog training to corrective feedback, the package includes 50 training flags, amongst other vital components.

In addition, you can add as many collars to the system, and the transmitter can handle all of it.

However, the PetSafe no-dig dog fence system has no activity tracking or location tracking.

But it does what the product is advertised to do; provides you with a strong no dig fence.


  • Waterproof
  • Battery level indicator 
  • Six levels of corrective feedback
  • Includes tone-only and static modes
  • Two months of battery life 
  • ½ acre of range


Requires no physical wires at all
Increased durability by design as a waterproof collar
Audible and static shock correctional feedback
The convenience of long battery life


You need to have the transmitter to make the collar work
Cannot track activity or location in real-time

5. Dig Defence No-Dig Animal Barrier

We talked about two main issues at the beginning of this review; dogs escaping safe areas and digging your yard. 

The Dig Defence No-Dig Large Animal barrier is explicitly made for the second issue; preventing digging the bottom of existing physical fences.

So, it’s not a fence like the first four fences that prevent them from moving past a specific boundary.

But it’s patented and made in the USA, increasing the quality by design.

Dig Defence No-Dig Animal Barrier

Each burial is 10″ long and 32″ wide with 2.5-inch spike spacing. You can buy 2, 5, 15, and more bundles with a bulk package. All the spikes are made of solid metal, and that certifies durability.

This is an above-ground physical fence made to prevent your dog from digging your fence. So, you get no diverse digital features found in virtual fence systems such as expandable ranges, corrective feedback, or remote monitoring. 

But for this fence to work as a dog fence, you should have the main fence so that this one can fill the space at the bottom. This is not a full-sized fence that stays above ground.

Look at the bottom of the black fence; that’s the Dig Defence fence.

This product is a must-have fence for every dog parent who wants to keep their dogs from digging your fences and similar places.


  • Made of durable metal 
  • Each Barrier is 10″ long and 32″ Wide
  • 2.5″ spike spacing
  • Available in bulks


Requires no monthly subscriptions or mobile phones
Above ground
Made to prevent dogs from digging the bottom of your fences


Doesn’t require digging ground but the fence is fixed on the ground
It is not a full-sized fence to prevent dogs from moving away

Factors to Consider in Choosing No Dig Fence

The Range and the Type of the Fence

The range and the type of fence are like the two sides of a coin. If the fence is a circle, then its range would be radial.

You could measure the range in distance and area for custom shapes. Whichever it was, you should ensure you’re comfortable with the specs.

Variation of the Corrective Feedback 

A virtual or no-dig fence must have feedback when the dog attempts to cross the border. It is better if the collar warns the dogs as they get close to the boundary, as that will make them return.

If they don’t, there should be corrective feedback in tone, vibration, or even shock. It’s better to choose the intensity level for each type.

The Fit

Some collars are made to suit a range, and some have specific fits. A collar’s fit is usually based on the weight or the neck size. So, look out for these numbers in the specs. If not, the collar might be too tight or fall off easily; you don’t want either to happen.

Average and Maximum Battery Life

Wouldn’t it help if your collar stays up for more than a few hours? Maybe a whole day? You won’t be using the tracker for 10 hours at once.

So, when a tracker runs for 20 hours at a stretch, it means you can use it for a week, depending on the times you use it. The point is you must be okay with the battery life.

Whether it Requires Any Transmitter to Set Up the Fence 

Some virtual fences work solely from mobile phone apps and the collar. Sometimes, you could be getting a transmitter on which everything is centralized.

I’m not saying it’s terrible, but I know it’s easier to work with a dog collar and the smartphone you use daily.

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Resistance Against Water 

Your collar is pointless if it is not waterproof against water. That’s why most of the beloved collars are completely waterproof with IP ratings. The higher the rating, the better the resistance.

Why Should You Get a No-Dig Fence?

a dog digging under the fence

As mentioned at the beginning, the no-dig fence is the ultimate solution for pet parents who don’t want to dig and don’t want their dogs to dig their yard. 

Some virtual fences in the market only work if long wires are buried along the boundaries. Needless to say, this process is tedious and a bit dangerous too.

None of those will be present with a no-dig fence. You can choose the range and even the shape of each fence. All the systems have some corrective feedback when they come near or cross the boundary.

That’s more than enough to bring your dog back to safety. 

There are many other features, including free access to monitor your dogs’ activity and location. How cool is that?

All things considered, investing in a proper no-dig fence is an excellent idea.

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Pros and Cons of No Dig Fences


Be freed from tedious digging work
Preserve the beauty of your property while safeguarding your dog
Train your dog faster to respond to tones, vibrations, and shocks
Safeguard your dogs from uneventful accidents 
Take the fence with you anywhere you go
Save a little you spend on daycare centers 
Ensure your dog walker is not lying (with location tracking)
Predict health complications easier (with activity tracking)
Never tie up or physically cage your dog 


Need to train your dogs on what to do for sounds, vibrations, and shocks at the fence boundary

In Conclusion

The best no-dig fence for dogs is the SpotOn virtual fence. The sole reason for its supremacy is nothing but its features.

After all, it should be your choice if your priority is safeguarding your dog the best way. Because I’m using the SpotOn tracker, it has been nothing but peace of mind for everyone.

You and your dog deserve only more.


Almost all the time, they are harmless. It’s recommended to start from the lowest level to ensure safety.

Yes, they will; thousands of customers have tested, proven, and verified all these fences.

There are four main types: tone, vibration, static, and ultrasonic.

spoton collar
Battery Life





Overall Score



Get 100$ off using coupon code: iPet100 (Exclusive for IPetGuides readers)

Requires no digging to set up
Requires no wires at all
Draw extremely accurate custom-shaped wireless fence boundary
Tone-only warning and static shock to make your dog return
The convenience of long battery life
Remote monitoring of the dog’s location
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of October
Works only in Canada and the United States

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