9 Best Waterproof Shock Collars for Dogs [Reviewed in 2023]

Last Updated on March, 2023

Water is everywhere! 

If you live by a lake or pond or if you happen to train or hunt in the marsh, or if you get caught in the rain often. I could go on with reasons…

Using a waterproof collar is a wise decision because you do not have to worry about damaging the collar or compromising its function when around water.

While correcting and controlling your dog’s behavior, you can let it enjoy the waters. You need to choose a waterproof collar instead of a water-resistant one.

So here’s a list of reviews on the best waterproof shock collars you and your dogs can enjoy around the waters. 

Editor’s Choice
Halo 2+ collar
Halo 2+




Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Educator E-Collar
Educator ET-300 Mini




Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
SportDOG 425X




Overall Score


A List of 9 Best Waterproof Shock Collars

1. Halo 2+ Shock Collar (Editor’s Choice)

The Halo 2+ waterproof shock collar is a next-generation wireless fence that combines the function of a GPS fence, GPS collar, dog activity tracker and training collar to give you an all-in-one solution.

This shock collar system is programmed via the Halo app that allows easy finger tap setup.

The advanced GPS/GNSS built-in tech in the dog collar allows creation of up to twenty wireless fences with the help of the latest geolocation technology.

This app integrates extremely helpful features like the dog activity tracker and daily activity charts that keeps you up-to-date on what your dog is up to with real-time location monitoring. 

Covering a massive range of 6.2 miles, these collars come in three sizes to fit neck size varying from 11” to 30.5”.

Following a natural guidance approach through a three-step customizable feedback system, this collar offers 4 training modes.

You can explore between voice, vibration, 15 levels of tone and static prompts to create a program that best suits your dog’s learning style.

These waterproof shock collars are fashioned using incredibly durable materials to make them slobber-proof and chew-resistant. They are waterproof rated IP67, meaning it can be submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. 

Key Features:

  • Fence creation utilizing the latest geolocation technology that communicates with over 50+ satellites for high accuracy
  • Can create and save up to twenty virtual fences using the advanced GPS/GNSS to allow your dog to freely roam around
  • The collar follows a natural guidance approach via the customized three-step program that specifically caters to your dog’s learning speed
  • Whistle function to command your dog back home
  • Dog activity tracker keeps you updated on your dog’s whereabouts.
  • A daily activity tracker summarizes the various activity levels of your dog, which is useful for keeping track of your dog’s healthy well-being
  • Incredibly durable: made of chew resistant slobber proof materials to survive the dog test

See why I recommend halo 2+ collar.


Impeccable GPS accuracy and tracking
The halo of LEDs nighttime visibility
Waterproof rated at IP67
Covers an extensive range
The Halo app is easy to use
Many subscription plans to choose from
One year warranty


Not suitable for dogs with neck sizes below 11” 

2. Educator ET-300 Mini Shock Collar (#2nd Best Choice)

The Educator ET-300 Mini system features a collar that is waterproof up to 500 feet underwater.

The collar is made of a heavy-duty biothane strap that keeps it durable through heavy use. And it is adjustable to cater to various neck sizes from 6”- 30”.

The collar and transmitter run on lithium polymer batteries that give 40- 60 hours of run time on a 2-hour rapid charging time. And with the low battery indicators, you can always keep track of the charging needs.

This mini version is small and lightweight. It is gentle for small, sensitive dogs but at the same time powerful enough for large dogs.

Integrated with vibration, tone, and 100 levels of medical-grade static stimulation, you can fine-tune the training process to match your dog’s temperament.

The ‘lock and set’ feature lets you save customized settings into the transmitter. And with the lost transmitter locator function, you can find the transmitter if you misplace it.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed in a stopwatch style for convenient fingertip operation
  • Training modes include vibration and tone only, plus 100 levels of medical-grade static simulation to curate a training process to suit your dog’s temperament
  • Remotely activated LED collar light is useful for a nighttime walk and training
  • LED transmitter display shows the current stimulation in use
  • The low battery indicator on the collar and transmitter keeps you informed of battery levels
  • The ‘lock and set” feature lets you save desired settings


Small and lightweight
Easy to operate
Great battery life


The prongs aren’t long enough for long-furred/thick-coat dogs

3. SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425X Remote Trainer (#3rd Best Choice)

The SportDog FielfdTrainer is built to be small and lightweight, especially keeping field training and hunting dogs in mind.

For this reason, the remote transmitter interface adopts a simple and easy operation. This way, the trainer can focus on the dog’s training rather than the equipment’s operation.

This waterproof collar offers vibration, tone and 21 levels of static stimulation to customize the training process based on the dog’s needs.

The range of this collar extends up to 500 yards, and the expandable system allows you to train up to three dogs simultaneously. The collar is adjustable to fit neck sizes varying from 5″- 22.”

The lithium-ion batteries powering the collar and the transmitter require only a 2-hour recharge period for long working hours of 50-70 hours. This collar uses the DryTek® technology to make it waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet.

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy operation of the transmitter without having to look at it
  • Vibration, tone and 21 levels of static stimulation to customize training based on progress and the dog’s needs
  • The system is expandable so you can train up to three dogs at the same time
  • Uses DryTek® technology to make it completely waterproof
  • Low battery indicator to inform charging requirements


Fits a wide range of neck sizes 5″- 22.”
Small and lightweight collar
Durably built easy, operation transmitter
Quick recharge and long run time


The 500-yard range is relatively lower 
Even the lowest shock level can be a bit strong

4. Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 1900s shock collar is fully waterproof, rated at IPX9K, capable of covering a ¾ mile range, and suitable for dogs as small as 35 lbs. With enhanced contact points, the receiver has a modern and slim design for better ergonomy.

The receiver offers low to high stimulation static outputs ranging from 0-127 levels, featuring the patented rheostat dial. It will allow you to pick the most suitable stimulation for your dog’s personality. And the integrated LCD screen displays the stimulation control levels. 

Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

The receiver delivers nick, constant and high-performance (NCP) pager vibration and non-stimulating high-performance pager correction options. This system’s high-performance lithium polymer batteries require only a rapid 2-hour recharge time.

Key Features:

  • Controlled via the patented rheostat dial on the transmitter, you can explore low to high-stimulation static outputs ranging from 0-127 levels
  • Nick, constant and high performance (NCP) pager vibration and non-stimulating high-performance pager for additional training mode options
  • LCD screen that displays the simulations in use
  • Runs on lithium polymer batteries that need a 2-hour recharge time
  • Ergonomic design: checkered grips on the transmitter, slim receiver with enhanced contact points


Long run time
Good range coverage
Multiple levels of static stimulations to work on
High-quality and durable make


Not as effective for long-furred dogs
There are more affordable options compared to this

5. Pet Resolve Dog Shock Collar

The Pet Resolve waterproof shock collar allows training through vibration, tone and shock correction modes that can be applied over a range of ¾ mile. You can efficiently train your dog to various commands and obedience practices by testing up to 10 levels of continuous and momentary shocks, vibrations and beeps.

You can use the anti-bark mode if your dog has a habit of barking unnecessarily. And the night mode is helpful if you want to take your dog for a walk at night.

Pet Resolve

This waterproof shock collar has an interesting memory function which helps you resume training at the same levels of stimulation that you last used while training. So it helps you pick up where you left off.

The collar is suitable for dogs over 15 lbs. The included extra-long prongs can be used if your dog has long fur. It prevents the need for unwanted fur trimming.

And if you don’t feel the need to use the shock option, you can use the plastic/fake prongs to prevent the effect of it.

Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof, ideal for various water activities
  • Offers beep, tone and shock modes for flexible training
  • Anti-bark mode limits any unwanted barking
  • Night mode uses an LED light for nighttime walks 
  • Memory function helps you resume training where you stopped previously
  • Extra long prongs to provide better skin contact
  • Use the fake/plastic prongs to eliminate the application of shock


Covers a range of ¾ miles
Shock mode can be eliminated by using plastic prongs
Completely waterproof
Includes a set of long prongs for long-furred dogs


The upgraded Pet Resolve version does not have the standby mode, so frequent charging will be required
The collar receiver is relatively large, so small dogs may find it unforgettable to wear

6. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Shock Collar

The PetSafe stubborn dog shock collar has a waterproof receiver and can be controlled via any PetSafe wireless fence transmitter over a range of ¾ acre.

The system can be expanded to cater to unlimited pets, so you can easily train all your dogs by adding more collars.

With tone only and 5 levels of static correction, you can find the best level that works for your pet.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Shock Collar

The collar is ergonomically designed to fit dog neck sizes varying from 6″ to 28″, so you can easily adjust it to fit your small, medium or large dog. Also, you can swap the collar strap with any ¾ inch collar strap of your liking.

You can accessorize the receiver with short or long contact points based on your dog’s fur length. These collars offer 2-3 hours of quick rechargeability lasting up to 3 weeks based on use.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all PetSafe wireless fence transmitters, so you don’t need a separate remote to control the receiver
  • Add an unlimited number of pets to expand the system to train all your pets
  • Train using tone only and 5 levels of static correction to find what works for your dog
  • Ergonomically design: slim, comfortable ¾ inch collar that can fit various neck sizes
  • Includes short and long contact points for pets with short and long fur
  • Quick rechargeability of 2-3 hours lasting weeks, so you don’t have to recharge often 


Unlimited expansion to fit as many pets as you want
The collars last a couple of weeks before needing a recharge
Easy to set up


Perimeter fluctuates at times
No vibration mode
Collar has a fragile charging connector

7. Petspy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar

The PetSpy P620 shock collar has a waterproof receiver making it great for swimming and other water activities. And the collar is adjustable for all dog breeds weighing 10-120 lbs. 

Built on a blind operation design, the transmitter features distinguishable buttons that control a range of up to 650 yards.

For training options, these waterproof collars include a beeper and 16 adjustable levels of vibrations and static shock to tailor the training to your dog’s precise needs.

Petspy P620

Key Features:

  • Blind operation design for easy and convenient use
  • Beeper and 16 adjustable levels of vibrations and static shock to create custom-made training based on your dog’s needs
  • The collar is adjustable to fit many small to big dogs


Blind operation design makes it simple to use
Quality and durable build
Includes an easy-to-follow free training guide 


No battery level indicator for the collar
No beep volume adjustability
Range fluctuates for some users

8. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

The DOG CARE shock collar has a rainproof rating of IP67, so you can train your dog even on a rainy day. The collar is adjustable to accommodate varying neck sizes of small to big dogs.

This waterproof collar is equipped with beep, vibration and 1-99 levels of static stimulation to allow you to create a suitable training curve based on your dog’s temperament. The transmitter covers up to a 1000 feet remote range and can be expanded to support training a maximum of 9 dogs.


The security lock feature is integrated toprevent any accidental shocks. The rechargeable and long-lasting nature ensures the transmitter can run up to 45 days and the collar up to 15 days per recharge.

Key Features:

  • Beep, vibration and 1-99 levels of static stimulation for comprehensive training
  • 1000 feet remote range for flexible indoor and outdoor training
  • 9 Channels Maximum Control: The transmitter of this collar can support the training of 9 dogs
  • Adjustable collar length to fit 9.8″- 24.8″ dog neck sizes
  • Security lock function to prevent misoperation of the remote
  • The receiver is rainproof at IP67 to allow your dog to enjoy the rain
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting for reliable usability

Here’s our DogCare Dog Training Collar Review if you want to learn more about this device.


Large buttons for operation make it easy
Reasonably priced
Good battery life


The transmitter does not have a built-in belt clip
The tone mode is not loud enough
The collar strap loosens over a few uses

9. Petrainer Shock Collar for Dogs

The petrainer shock collar is waterproof and rated at IP67 to ensure your pet can enjoy the water. The transmitter covers a range of 330 yards. It uses a standard beep, 100 levels of vibration and shock to control the receiver correcting your dog.

The collar is adjustable to fit dog neck sizes from 14″- 25″. 

It has a long battery life, and the simultaneous recharging of the transmitter and receiver also adds to the convenience and saves you time. 

Petrainer Shock Collar for Dogs

Key Features:

  • Training includes standard beep, 100 levels of vibration and shock to let you find the correct level that works for your dog.
  • The collar is adjustable, so it can fit many dog neck sizes.
  • Simultaneous rechargeability of the transmitter and receiver helps save time.


The included dual charger is very helpful
Easy to operate
Displays the level and mode you are on
Reasonably priced


Low range compared to other collars reviewed
No security lock
The screen timeout delays the correction delivery

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Waterproof Shock Collar

dogs wearing Best Waterproof Shock Collars

Many key features are crucial to consider when choosing the best waterproof shock collar suitable for your dog.

So here’s a handy buyer’s guide that will help you analyze and evaluate the various features to choose a suitable collar that will satisfy your needs while getting your money’s worth.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant 

Firstly you need to evaluate your purchase intent to determine if you need a waterproof collar or can settle with a water-resistant one. Yes, there is a difference between these two terms.

So, for example, if you want to train your dog on the beach or want to restrict your dog’s swimming area or if your dog tends to get wet in the rain, often the collar receiver should be 100% waterproof. Meaning it should handle submersion in water for long periods.

Similarly, suppose you only plan to use it around water where splashing is the only water contact for the receiver. In that case, a water-resistant nature will do.

There are models where only the receiver is waterproof. And in some models, both the receiver and the transmitter are waterproof. Having a waterproof transmitter remote is useful if you accidentally leave it out and it rains or gets caught in the rain. 

Note: Although some collars claim to be waterproof, the extent of waterproofing will vary. So be sure to go through the fine print thoroughly to understand the limits of your collar. Below I will cover a brief topic on what various waterproof ratings mean.

Collar Range

The range determines the ground area that can be controlled by the remote transmitter. Suppose your intended or regular training grounds are extensive. In that case, a greater range will allow your dog to explore and have fun while you have control over it.

But if you are looking at a smaller training ground and don’t see yourself ever using a large ground, you can settle for a moderate range of around ½ mile.

Also, it is important to note that large buildings, trees or dense forestry falling within the range can affect the range. So it’s always a good idea to go for a larger range.

Stimulation Adjustability

It goes without saying that having primary modes like tone, vibration and shock is essential. But these modes being adjustable at various levels is even better. Many shock collars allow adjusting all three of these modes.

Every dog is different. Each dog has a trigger point. Some may have low tolerance, so they respond to low levels of stimulation. But some with a high tolerance will need higher stimulation levels.

Exploring various adjustable levels will help you find the exact trigger level that works for your dog.

Quality and Adjustability of Collar

The quality of the collar is important to ensure durability and reliability through dog-level wear and tear.

Waterproof shock collars can be really expensive. So consider the quality of the materials and accessories used in fashioning the collar and the remote. 

Usually, skin-friendly materials like soft nylon, leather or biothane are great.

While maintaining comfort, these materials will prevent any skin irritation that can surface due to extended wear.

a dog wearing shock collar and a human holding a shock collar remote

That said, you should also consider the adjustability of the collar. Some collars come in various sizes, so you can pick your dog’s size. And some collars come in a single size that can be adjustable to fit various dog neck sizes.

Whatever works for you, just ensure the collar is snug and comfortable to fit around your dog’s neck.

Rechargeability and Battery Life

Pick a rechargeable model. Being able to recharge your collar and transmitter is definitely a plus because it avoids the need for battery replacements, which adds an ongoing cost. Also, it is convenient and eco-friendly as it eliminates the need to dispose of batteries. 

On top of that, many waterproof shock collar models also offer quick rechargeability that provides long working hours per charge. This ensures greater usability and dependability.

Bonus Feature

Apart from key features like the training modes with adjustability levels, having certain bonus features is a plus, although you can do without them.

Many modern shock collars offer additional features like a multi-dog system expansion, security lock, low battery indicator, anti-bark function, night light, and many more.

These features come in handy in various situations. So if you can afford a collar with additional features such as these, it would be a worthy investment.

a dog wearing shock collar and lying on the ground

Evaluating the Waterproof Ratings of Shock Collars

You must know the limits of your waterproof collars around water. As I said, not all collars are 100% waterproof. The waterproofing abilities of certain models stand at varying levels. 

There are many waterproof rating labels. Since various brands and models display various waterproof ratings, the below table summarizes some of the commonly seen ratings offered by waterproof shock collars. (1)

Waterproof ratingThe extent of protection against water
IPX9KResists high-pressure, high-temperature sprays at close range
IP68Protection against dust and water immersion for 30 minutes to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters
IP67Protection against dust and water immersion for 30 minutes to a maximum depth of 1 meter
IPX8Protection against continuous water submersion deeper than 1 meter
IPX7Protection against immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter
IPX6Protection against high-pressure water stream from any angle
IPX5Protection against low-pressure water stream from any angle
IPX4Protection against splashing from any angle
IPX3Protection against splashing when tilted at a vertical angle of 60°
IPX2Protection against splashing when tilted at a vertical angle of 15°
IPX1Protection against condensation and dripping water falling vertically
IPX0No protection 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, waterproof shock collars can be safe in the rain, provided they have a waterproof rating of 100% or complete waterproofing.

Yes, your dog can swim in salt water with a waterproof shock collar as long as it is completely waterproof. It’s recommended to rinse the receiver with fresh water after use to remove any salt residue that could cause corrosion.


Waterproof shock collars are definitely the way to go if you often encounter water surroundings when training. Plus, your dog should enjoy swimming or simply soaking in the rain.

Whatever the reason, you must evaluate the waterproof extent to ensure it suits your requirements. 

If I am to choose a winner, no doubt it’d definitely be the Halo 2+ shock collar offering you all the needed features at a massive range coverage.

Nevertheless, I hope this review article made your choice easier with the help of the buyer’s guide. 

Halo 2+
Halo 2+ collar




Overall Score


Impeccable GPS accuracy and tracking
The halo of LEDs nighttime visibility
Waterproof rated at IP67
Covers an extensive range
The Halo app is easy to use
One year warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of March
Not suitable for dogs with neck sizes below 11”

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