9 Best Shock Collars for Siberian Huskies [2023 Updated]

Last Updated on March, 2023

Is your Siberian husky dog aggressive? Does it bark and yap unnecessarily? Does it need behavioral or obedience training? Or do you simply want your husky to be attentive and safely walk off-leash?

All these issues and more can be addressed using a dog training collar featuring a shock option. These training collars integrated with shock will help you put your husky through extensive training till you correct whatever issue that needs correction.

So here’s a list of reviews of the nine best shock collars for huskies. And the included buying guide will help you evaluate the various features offered by each one of these products. 

Editor’s Choice
Halo 2+ collar
Halo 2+




Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Garmin Pro 70
Garmin Pro 70




Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Educator PE-900 Pro
Educator PE-900 Pro




Overall Score


A List of Best Shock Collars for Huskies Reviewed

1. Halo 2+ Shock Collar (Editor’s Choice)

The Halo 2+ is a smart all-in-one solution that combines a GPS fence, GPS collar, dog activity tracker, and training collar.

The Halo collar has advanced and extremely accurate GPS/ GNSS built into it.

This allows the creation of up to TWENTY unique dog fences through the communication of over FIFTY satellites orbiting the earth.

Using the latest geolocation technology for communication makes the virtual dog fences even more accurate.

The Halo app lets you create the fences with the ease of a finger tap. If you create and save these fences you can establish them even in the absence of WiFi or cellular connection/interruptions.

So you can keep your husky safe wherever you go. Be it your backyard, dog park, or the beach; you can have peace of mind while your husky enjoys.

The halo app also includes features like dog activity trackers and daily activity charts displaying vital information on your dog’s activity levels.

This shock collar can cover an INCREDIBLE range of 6.2 miles. And the collar comes in three different sizes starting from a minimum of 11” and a maximum of 30.5”. Based on your husky’s neck size you can choose a halo collar accordingly. 

The Halo 2+ shock collar works through a three-step customizable prevention feedback system.

You can delve through voice, vibration, 15 levels of sound and optional static prompts to customize it according to your preferences and your dog’s learning style. This system follows a natural guidance approach to keep your dog within safe limits. 

And with the whistle feature included, you can signal your dog to return to where you are.

Since Halo 2+ is made for dogs, it is made to be incredibly durable to withstand rigorous pulling and other dog tests. It is crafted using chew-resistant materials, which makes it slobber and waterproof at IP67 while keeping it comfortable for all-day wear.

Key Features:

  • Advanced and extremely accurate wireless fence using the latest geolocation technology through the communication of 50+ satellites
  • Can create and save up to TWENTY GPS fences to allow your dog the freedom to roam around wherever you go 
  • Training modes: voice, vibration, 15 levels of sound and optional static prompts
  • Three-step prevention feedback system that is customizable to cater to your dog’s learning style
  • Natural guidance approach to keep your safety
  • The whistle feature allows you to command your dog back to where you are
  • Dog activity tracker to provide access to real-time monitoring with immediate notifications
  • Daily activity charts, including training status, to help keep track of your dog’s exercise levels and progress
  • Halo LED for nighttime visibility.
  • The Halo app allows easy in-app setup with the tap of a finger.
  • Incredibly durable: Chew resistant, Slobber proof, and IP67 rated for waterproof and dust resistance to survive the dog test


Comes in three sizes, so you can get the correct collar size that fits your dog
Connects to many GPS satellites for improved accuracy
The saved fences work even without WiFi or cellular connection
GPS accuracy is excellent; therefore, GPS tracking is reliable 
Chew-resistant, slobber, and waterproof
Easy to take on adventures
One-year warranty


Requires ongoing protection plan

2. Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training System (#2nd Best Choice)

Now, this is an interesting and extremely useful training system that allows pet parents with multiple dogs to be trained simultaneously.

The Garmin Pro 70 training system can control up to SIX dog devices (to be purchased separately) with a single handheld control unit. 

This e-collar system allows training with the help of six levels of continuous stimulation and tone.

This system also allows you to use the stimulation over the entire range.

The dog devices come with built-in LEDs that serve as beacon lights. You can activate these lights through the remote to help locate your dog in low-light conditions.

When training multiple dogs, to help keep track of which dog is receiving the stimulation and tone, you can use collar pairing. It is where you match the collar color with the color of the transmitter buttons.

With autorise technology, the dog collar has a built-in bark limiter feature that can automatically adjust to the right level required to correct any unwanted barking.

Featuring a classic, rugged design, the Pro 70 handheld control unit is tube-shaped with easy dials and buttons, allowing an intuitive fingertip operation.

It has a 2.5-inch transmitter antenna that facilitates up to a ONE-mile range. The antenna’s short and fixed nature ensures that it doesn’t easily break or get lost.

The handheld unit and the dog device are both made of durable materials for long-lasting toughness. It can withstand blows, bumps, and sloppy conditions associated with training and hunting.

The dog’s collar is adjustable to fit various neck sizes and has two sets of removable, stainless-insulated contact points. You can switch between the two lengths for reliable performance and comfort for your husky dogs. 

This training system has a great water-resistant nature. The collar is water-rated to 1 ATM, up to 10 meters in depth. And the handheld control unit is rated IPX7.

A long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers both the dog collar and control units. And with the integrated battery life indicator, you’ll know when to recharge the system.

Key Features:

  • Built-in bark limiter to correct unwanted barking behavior
  • Remote operation of beacon lights to help locate your husky dog in low-light conditions
  • Classic rugged design allows easy single-handed control
  • Water-resistant to accommodate various wet conditions associated with training and hunting 
  • Tough and long-lasting to ensure extended use even through tough situations
  • Collar pairing helps you keep track of which dog is receiving the stimulation


Can train more than one dog at the same time
Covers a ground range of up to one mile
Makes multiple dog training easier
Stimulation adjustability at six levels gives a comprehensive range to work on
Lasting battery life
Useful night light feature
Water-resistant nature allows your dog to take it through most of the water surroundings without a worry
Easy and intuitive operation


The control unit is handheld and does allow the convenience of wearing it around the neck
Pricing is in the expensive range

3. Educator PE-900 Pro (#3rd Best Choice)

The Educator PE- 900 Pro electric dog training collar brings advanced technology to create a whole new experience for your dog obedience training adventure. This e-collar system can train up to three dogs simultaneously using a single remote control.

It features a completely customizable training program that can be tailored to fit each of your three dogs’ needs. Covering a ½ mile range, you can explore five training modes with 100 levels of stimulation, six vibration levels, and three tone levels to customize the best program that works for your husky dog.

And to make life easier, the USB capability of this remote collar allows direct programming through your computer. 

The modes offered by this remote dog training collar are;

  • Independent Stimulation Levels for Each Dog
  • Momentary/Tapping Sensation
  • Continuous/Tapping Sensation
  • Tapping Sensation Only
  • Tapping Sensation followed by Stimulation (Pavlovian Effect)

This educator e-collar also has a ramp feature that works similarly to volume control. Enabling this feature will ramp the stimulation from a preset to a higher level over one or two seconds. And you can set these levels as you desire.

The transmitter and e-collar work on “two-hour quick recharge” lithium polymer batteries that can last up to 40 -60 hours. 

The Educator PE-900 Pro is made of tough and durable materials to make it completely waterproof and resist impact to the 5000 G’s. And the collar is adjustable to dog neck sizes varying from 3″- 29″. 

Key Features:

  • Multi-dog system makes it easy for trainers and pet owners with many dogs.
  • Innovative ramp feature to ascent through preset to high stimulation levels
  • Complete program customization: Explore 100 levels of stimulation through five training modes, six vibrations, and three tone levels
  • The exclusive “lock and set” feature to prevent accidental stimulation
  • Battery level indicator on both the receiver and transmitter helps track recharging needs.
  • Night tracking light to help keep track of your dog’s whereabouts
  • Ultra-durable biothane collar strap ensures high quality and lasting wear.
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant receiver and transmitter to ensure durability through various usage conditions
  • USB capability to allow easy programming of the training system through a computer.


Can train three dogs simultaneously with independent training programs
The collar is adjustable to fit small to large dogs weighing 5- 150 lbs or neck sizes varying from 3″- 29″
Coverage range is up to ½ mile
Durable and sturdy build with a sleek design
Includes multiple accessories for easy carry


There is a learning curve to get used to how the e-collar works, and the included instruction manual is subpar
Transmitter doesn’t seem to float a claimed

4. Pet Resolve Dog Shock Collar

The Pet Resolve dog shock collar is a reliable training solution that lets you correct bad behavior through beep, vibration, and shock modes.

You can use the shock and vibration modes at varying levels over a super-long ¾ mile range that can easily cover wide outdoor areas. With up to ten levels of continuous or momentary shock, vibrations, and beeps you can safely and efficiently teach your husky a range of commands. 

Pet Resolve

The included memory function lets you resume the training session where you left off. And the anti-bark function comes in handy when your dog barks unwantedly. While the night mode guides you on night walks with the help of the LED light. 

You can also accessorize the collar with extra-long prongs to improve contact. It eliminates the need to trim your dog’s fur. It comes in handy for a dog like a husky.

And in case you feel like you don’t need the shock function, you can swap the prongs with plastic prongs to avoid the shock application.

These training collars are made of the highest quality materials to make them completely waterproof, meaning your dog can take them for a swim all year around. The collar is adjustable for huskies 15 lbs and over.

Key Features:

  • Train using beep, vibration, and shock modes for a versatile training session
  • The memory function allows you to pick up where you left off
  • Use the night mode with the help of LED during night walks
  • Anti-bark mode to limit the unnecessary barking
  • Use fake prongs (plastic prongs) to remove the shock function
  • Extra long prongs to provide better contact without needing excess fur trimming
  • 100% Waterproof construction, making it ideal for swimming
  • Upgraded by removing standby mode to ensure it is ready for use whenever you want it


Removable shock mode allows usage a regular vibration collars
Covers long distance
Long prongs are ideal for long-fur dogs like Siberian huskies 
Completely waterproof, so it withstands water intrusions submersion without any damage


Removal of a standby mode will require more frequent charging
The receiver is fairly large, so dogs over 15 lbs are best suited 

5. SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425X Remote Trainer

The FieldTrainer 425X by SportDOG is built for field training or hunting with close-working dogs. 

This military-style dog collar features a remote transmitter that is easy to use without looking at it.

This way, the trainer can focus on the dog rather than on how to work the equipment.

Also the collar can be adjusted to fit dog neck sizes from 5”-22”

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425X

You can customize the training process for a personalized learning curve by featuring TWENTY-ONE levels of static stimulation, vibration, and tone. And the expandable nature allows communication with up to three dogs over a range of 500 yards.

The collar and transmitter run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a short recharge period and long working life. And the use of DryTek® technology keeps the system waterproof allowing use through various wet conditions.

Key Features:

  • TWENTY-ONE levels of static stimulation with vibration and tone to allow a more customized training
  • The transmitter is designed as a “no look operation” to improve ease of use and focus on the training rather than the equipment.
  • Expandable system to support the training of up to three dogs
  • Uses DryTek® technology to make it waterproof, allowing submersion up to 25 feet
  • Uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for long battery life
  • Battery life indicator to warn of low battery levels


Can expand the system to train three dogs
Transmitter is designed on an easy “no look operation”
Quick recharge in 2 hours but lasts 50-70 hours per charge
Fits dog neck sizes varying from 5″- 22.”
The remote transmitter has a durable build
The collar is small, lightweight, and comfortable


The range extends only up to 500 yards
Programming instructions in the manual are unclear
The lowest shock level seems to be a bit strong

6. Dogtra 1900S Wetlands Camo Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 1900s WETLANDS is specifically designed for wetland hunters with a camouflaged design pattern. Extending over ¾ mile range, this e-collar can fit dogs as small as 35 lbs. 

These e-collars offer low to high-power shock stimulation varying from 0-127 levels, nick, constant, and high-performance vibration options, letting you freely explore what works for your dog during various situations.

And the integrated LCD screen shows you the levels of volume stimulation and remaining battery power.

Dogtra 1900S

The 1900s WETLANDS are durable and dependable through the demanding conditions of the wetlands. Rating at IPX9K in waterproofing, the receiver can withstand high heat and extreme water pressure. 

Key Features:

  • Rapid charging within two hours ensures the device is always ready to use
  • Features 127 levels of static stimulation adjustable through the rheostat dial to use in various situations depending on the severity
  • Low to high power stimulation to customize based on training progress.
  • Nick, constant and high-performance pager vibration for versatile vibration options 
  • LCD screen to display volume levels and battery percentage
  • Fully waterproof at IPX9K to allow extensive use in the wet conditions


Extremely durable make
Smooth button operation
Retains charge for a long time


Not as effective for long-furred dogs
There are more affordable options compared to this

7. PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar

The P620B Pro by PetSpy is a two-dog field training system with two training collars and a transmitter. These e-collars offer sixteen adjustable vibrations and shock levels with a beeper that can be used over an operational range of up to 650 yards. 

You can tailor your training process to best suit the precise needs of your husky. Especially with the transmitter featuring distinguishable buttons, you can easily and blindly operate the unit.

The adjustable collar is suitable for dogs from 10-lbs to 120-lbs.

PetSpy P620B

With proper and consistent training, in time, you can stop your dog’s yappy, loud, and inappropriate barking. The 100% waterproof nature makes it great for various water adventures.

And the rechargeable feature with a battery level indicator makes it easy to keep your unit ready to use.

Key Features:

  • Includes three humane training modes, static shock, vibration, and beeper, to versatile training
  • Blind operation design featuring distinguishable buttons to allow easy use
  • Rechargeable avoids the need to have backup batteries
  • 100% Waterproof, making it great for swimming and other water activities
  • Battery level indicator to warn when recharging is required
  • Includes a training guide to make training easier


Designed to be operated blindly
Waterproof and durable design
The set comes with two collars, so it eliminates the need to purchase them separately
Thorough training guide making it easy to use even for first-time dog owners 


The range can be short for some users
No battery level indicator for the collar
No beep volume adjustability

8. FunniPets Dog Training Collar

The FunTrainer remote dog shock collar from FunniPets can help you with aggressive leash pulling and excessive barking or even train your dog to walk off-leash.

Like most other collars, this shock collar works on three primary training modes. The tone, shock, and vibration modes where shock and vibration are adjustable between 1-99 levels.

These husky collars feature an easy-to-use system that allows control of the dog collar receiver over a range of 875 yards.


The contact points of the receiver can be shielded using a conductive rubber cap to improve safety and comfort. And these collars are suitable for dogs above 20 lbs.

The LED light is handy when you want to train in the dark or take your dog for a walk at night. And the rechargeable and IP65waterproof feature ensures reliable usage through various water conditions. 

Key Features:

  • Three training modes: tone, shock, and vibration at 1- 99 adjustable levels to fine-tune and find the correct correction level
  • Two-dog system to allow training of two dogs at the same time
  • Built-in LED training light to train in the dark.
  • Rechargeable for continuous and reliable use
  • IP65 Waterproof to allow training at the beach or seaside
  • Power-saving movement sensor to prevent unnecessary light activation.
  • Contact points made of conductive rubber prevent skin irritation.


Adjustable to different levels of vibration and shock
Easy programming to use on two dogs
The beeper is loud enough
Reasonably priced


Battery life could be longer 
The clasp is not strong enough
The rubber caps easily slide off, so it often gets lost

9. PORUIS Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

The PORUIS training collar utilizes three safe and efficient modes of training. A standard sound, vibration, and 0-16 levels of adjustable shock mode. It can be used over a maximum range of 1640 feet anywhere.

These shock collars are made out of skin-friendly soft nylon for comfortable wear during extended periods. And they are adjustable to fit neck sizes ranging from 6′- 27″. 

The transmitter and collar provide a long-lasting battery life through easy, convenient, and quick two-hour recharge. The transmitter can last up to 40 days, while the shock collar can last up to 20 days.


The receiver in the dog collar is IPX7 at a waterproof rating to allow swimming and playing in the rain.

Key Features:

  • Safe and efficient training modes: sound, vibration, and 0-16 levels of shock 
  • Security lock features eliminate any accidental shock release
  • Anti-loss light helps you see better and keep track of your dog in the dark
  • For comfortable it uses skin-friendly nylon crafting
  • It is adjustable to various dog neck sizes
  • Waterproof at IPX7, letting your dog have fun in the water
  • A large LED interface allows you to see clearly during day and night
  • A rechargeable and long-lasting battery increases reliable usability


Easy to use
Waterproof to allow your dog to enjoy the water
Lasting battery life
A security lock prevents misoperation


The receiver can be a bit large for some small dogs
The shock feature can be intense even on the lowest setting, especially for small dogs
The plastic clip on the collar can break easily

A Buying Guide for the Best Shock Collar

Below is an extensive buying guide that will help you evaluate husky shock collars’ various features. The following variables will guide you in buying the best shock collar for your Siberian husky.

Intent of the Purchase

First, it is important that you figure out the primary purpose of needing a shock collar for your husky.

Siberian Huskies are strong-willed and extremely athletic dogs. You may consider getting a shock collar for plenty of reasons. But the most common reasons include:

  • Excessive barking.
  • Wandering off without supervision.
  • Aggression towards others.
  • Just taking your dog on a safe street walk. 

Considering your primary purpose will help you align your purchase with a suitable collar to fulfill the purpose.

For example, to correct your husky’s behavior, you will need a shock collar covering a high range during outdoor training. Or a shock collar with anti bark function to help curb excessive barking. 

Range and Effectiveness of the Collar

Mainly for training purposes, analyzing the range offered by the shock collar is important.

Since Siberian huskies are energetic dogs, long-distance coverage and flexibility are crucial to allow your dog to run around freely and play. 

Ideally, choose a range that effectively covers a major part of your dog’s play and/or training grounds.

It will ensure that your dog is always within range, so you don’t lose connection. 

Siberian Husky lying on the ground

The timing of the shock delivery is crucial. Dog collars that have a standby mode may affect the timing in an attempt to conserve battery. This delay can affect the effectiveness of the training sessions.

Size of Your Siberian Husky 

Siberian Huskies are comparatively bigger dogs with voluminous coats and thick necks. The shock should have an impact without hurting or intimidating your dog.

Considering these variables, a sturdy and thick dog collar will make the cut. It will allow convenient adjustment around your dog’s neck and ensure the vibration feature effectively reaches your dog.

Temperament of Your Siberian Husky

In general Siberian huskies are very playful and friendly dogs. This playfulness can come in both extremes. 

So keeping your primary intent of purchase in mind, consider your husky’s attitude to pick a suitable collar.

For example, although effective, choke collars are a big NO for sensitive dogs. Similarly, you can pick a suitable training collar based on your dog’s overall demeanor.

Efficient Training Modes 

Considering both the size and temperament of your husky, the electric collar you choose should have the relevant modes for effective training modes for impactful stimulation on your husky.

For example, if your husky is stubborn, mischievous, or hyperactive, you may need a dog collar that has a high beep volume.

Intensity Adjustability

A set intensity may not give the best results for dog breeds like huskies. So just as much as variety in training modes is important, it is equally important that these modes come with intensity adjustability. 

Most collars allow this customization. The adjustability through varying shock, vibration, and beep volume levels will allow you to put your husky through a comprehensive conditioning process.

It lets you explore a variety of combinations to figure out the best combination that can deliver effective results for your husky.

Quality of the Collar

A training collar for your Siberian husky is usually a long-term investment. So choosing the best quality that will give you fool-proof results and last through sustainable long-term use is paramount. 

Due to inconsistent and unwarranted shock patterns, certain low-quality shock collars cannot be relied upon. It can end up hurting your husky unnecessarily.

And even lead to unsuccessful learning outcomes as the mixed signals from your dog collar may confuse your dog.

Collar Material

The materials used to craft a dog collar are important as they contribute majorly to the collar’s quality. Since a shock collar is meant to be for long-term use, it must withstand continuous wear and tear. 

Ideally, a high-quality collar will be made using leather or nylon. The durability of a nylon collar makes it suitable for dogs like huskies.

Avoid materials like cheap plastic and rubber that easily get ripped apart by your husky.

Battery Life

Be it an electric shock collar or an e-collar, most of these collars run on replaceable or rechargeable batteries. We recommend picking an option offering you a rechargeable and high-capacity battery for extended work time.

It will ensure convenience to you and reliable usability without constantly checking on the battery life. 

Function to Price Ratio

With the number of options flooding the dog shock collar market, you will surely find a shock collar within a reasonable price range. That said, we advise you to consider the above variables to allocate an affordable budget for your husky shock collar. 

The collar you are considering should offer basic and essential features like remote control, high range coverage, and intensity adjustability.

Weigh the functions offered by the shock collar against the price tag. Determine if it is worth the investment but remember quality is non-negotiable. 

Usage Tips for a Shock Collar

Siberian Husky jumping on the ground

The tips below will help you and your husky have a satisfying experience using dog training collars. 

Let Your Husky Get Used to the Collar Being Around the Neck

Siberian Huskies are an intelligent dog breed. In no time, your husky will figure out why a shock collar is worn and what the shock collar does. Likely, they will also know when it is on or not.

To outsmart your husky, let it wear the training collar in its inactive state. Preferably leave it on for 6-12 hours for at least a week. Let your husky play, walk and sleep with it. It will help give the impression that the shock collar is just another regular collar.

When in Use, Rotate the Collar Around Your Dog’s Neck

Relocating the positioning of the receiver when in use around your dog’s neck is a good practice. Even Though the static does not hurt your dog, the spokes of the collar against the skin for a prolonged time can apply pressure.

Rotating the collar around helps avoid potential skin irritation or blister formation due to the pressure.

Collar Has to Be Fit But Comfortable

When your dog wiggles to dry itself, the collar can loosen and slip off. So always ensure the collar is a snug and comfortable fit around your husky’s neck.

Be Extremely Mindful When Using the Collar 

Martingale collar, prong collars, and choke collars are all training collars meant to be used in a particular way. Certain users get carried away in an attempt for quick results, and that’s when the controversies kick in. 

So always be mindful of how you use the dog training collar. Explore from the lowest stimulation levels and gently work upwards until you receive a suitable response.

Be attentive to your dog’s response, and do not push it to the point where it starts yelping in pain or discomfort. 

Training Tips for Best Results Out of a Shock Collar

A human training a Siberian Husky

Although shock collars are efficient training modes, incorporating the following practices into your husky’s training routine will help deliver quick and better results.

  • Establish and maintain your leadership in front of your husky. Avoid acting as equals, especially since huskies are independent dogs with leadership qualities. 
  • Include positive reinforcement techniques like awarding your husky with a treat.
  • Keep shock stimulation at bay and try training with warning beeps and vibrations. Resort to the shock option only when in a desperate situation.
  • Follow through a balanced and consistent training routine.
  • Put your husky through 30 minutes of daily exercise sessions to avoid excess energy building up.
  • YOU should be patient and persistent with your furry friend until it gets used to the shock collar concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, training huskies can be difficult due to their high-spirited and leadership-driven nature, but with proper attention and training, it is possible.

Yes, a shock collar is a helpful tool for training huskies, as they have a natural prey-driven instinct that can be difficult to control without the use of a shock collar.

Yes, shock collars can be effective for training Huskies, as they help to reinforce positive behaviors and correct negative ones.

Yes, shock collars can be a safe and humane option to use while training your husky, but it should be done under the guidance of an experienced and certified trainer to ensure it is used properly.

The training collar should be tight enough to keep the touch points in contact with the skin and fit snugly around the dog’s neck, without sliding back and forth or sideways.

The research shows that the Halo 2+ shock collar is the best training collar for huskies, providing a wide range of customization settings to suit your dog’s learning style.


No matter what the purchase intent is, we humans have to use these shock collars as humanely as possible to ensure the safety of our fur friends. And sometimes, with consistent training, you may not even need to resort to the shock feature. 

Even with all these reviews and the buying guide, If you still cannot decide on a particular shock collar that will work best for your husky, I’d advise choosing the Halo 2+.

It is the best shock collar for husky that lets you create multiple and accurate wireless GPS fences as you desire over a massive range. 

Halo 2+
Halo 2+ collar




Overall Score


Comes in three sizes, so you can get the correct collar size that fits your dog
Connects to many GPS satellites for improved accuracy
The saved fences work even without WiFi or cellular connection
Chew-resistant, slobber, and waterproof
One-year warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of March
Requires ongoing protection plan

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