8 Best Shock Collars For Hunting Dogs (2023 Buyer's Guide)

8 Best Shock Collars For Hunting Dogs (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

Last Updated on January, 2023

Training a hunting dog is not easy. Even the best-trained dogs can get distracted during a hunt. 

If you are struggling to command your hunting dog, shock collars are here to help.

Shock collars are well known in hunting dog training. They are used to train hunting dogs with fantastic results.

But how can you select the Best Shock Collars For Hunting Dogs?

Range, training mode, waterproof ability, and pricing are just a few things to consider.

We wanted to make your life easier… So we reviewed the best hunting dog collars for you.

Keep reading to find out our top 8 picks for the best hunting dog collars. Then, you can choose the best shock collar to fit your hunting partner.

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What Are the Best Hunting Dog Collars? 

Here’s an overview of the best hunting dog collars, ranked from 1 to 8. 

1. SportDOG Brand Sport Trainer (Overall Best)

SportDOG Brand Sport Trainer shock collar tops the list without a doubt. This shock collar has a range of 1500 ft. This range is great for both indoor and outdoor training.

The collar is suitable for any dog breed over 8 lbs, with a neck size of 5-22 inches.

The Sportdog collar has 3 training modes: Static, vibrations, and tone. You also have the option of choosing between continuous or momentary static shock. Also, there are 21 levels of static shock.

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425X-2

You can use the same system to remote train up to three dogs. If you plan to train a few dogs at once, this is a great choice. You will have to purchase the additional collars separately.

The collar and the remote are both waterproof. You can submerge the collar and the remote in 25 ft of water, and they will still work! If your dog loves to run through puddles and take a dip, this collar is a great fit.

The shock collar and the remote have lights to indicate the battery level. The battery lifespan is excellent, with a single charge lasting 50 – 70 hours.

With all these features, this dog collar is very affordable! That’s why we rated it as the best shock collar for hunting dogs.


Can train up to 3 dogs
4 types of stimulation, with 21 shock levels
Great waterproof ability
Great battery life. Both the collar and the remote have 50-70 hours of battery lifespan.
Great value for money


There is no night light feature

2. Educator E-Collar (2nd Best Choice)

Educator E-Collar comes 2nd on our list of best hunting dog collars. This collar has an impressive range of 5280 ft (1 mile). The excellent range allows you to command your dog from a very long distance. 

The 1-mile collar is for dogs, 20 lbs and bigger. They also have collars with ⅓ mile, ½ mile, and ¾ mile range. The collars in the low range are priced less. The shorter range collars are for smaller dogs, above 5 lbs. 

The dog collar has 3 training modes: tone, vibration, and shock. The dog shock collar has 100 static stimulation levels.

You can train multiple dogs with this system. One remote can control up to 2 dogs at once.

Both the training collar and the transmitter are waterproof.

The remote has a lock and set feature. This feature lets you hold in place a set stimulation. The lock and set feature is a superb addition that will prevent your dog from getting accidental shocks.

The collar has an LED night light. The night light is a great feature and it will make your dog visible in the dark.

All the great benefits make this one of the best hunting dog collars in the market. 

You have the option to buy only one collar with a remote or buy one remote with two collars for a slightly higher price. The prices are on the high end. You can check the latest prices for all the Educator e-collar ranges here


5280 ft range
Night light feature
Can train up to 2 dogs
Lock and set feature
Waterproof ability in both the remote and the collar


High price tag

3. Pet Resolve Collar (3rd Best Choice)

Pet Resolve Collar has a range of 3960 ft. This collar is suitable for any dog over 15 lbs.

There are 3 training modes: Beep, vibration, and shock. What makes this hunting dog collar unique is the option to remove the shock mode. To remove the shock mode, you must replace the metal prong with a plastic one. If your dog is already obedient and responds to vibration, this collar is a great fit. 

There are 10 levels of shock and 10 levels of vibration. The transmitter saves the static and vibration setting for each dog, so you don’t have to set up the remote every time you use it.

Pet Resolve Dog Training System

This is a multi-dog system. You can train up to three dogs at once. This is a perfect fit for dog owners with many dogs to train.

The hunting collar is waterproof, and the transmitter is water-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a shower or your dog taking a swim.

The Pet Resolve collar has an LED night light that lets you quickly locate your dog at night. 

The batteries will last for a couple of days with frequent use. There is no standby mode to save battery power.

The dog collar also has an anti-bark system. If your dog is an excessive barker, this is a great option. You will also get a free clicker when purchasing the Pet Resolve Collar.

The Pet Resolve collar with a remote is priced at the lower end. This collar with remote is excellent value for money and is relatively cheaper than most dog collars. This is why it is one of the best hunting dog collars out there.


3960 ft range
Anti-bark mode is available
You can remove the shock mode if you wish
The collar is waterproof
Good value for money


The battery lifespan is not that great

4. Garmin Delta Sport Pro Shock Collar 

Garmin Delta Sport Pro Shock Collar is one of the best Garmin dog collars out on the market. It has a good range of 3960 ft range

There are 3 training modes: tone, vibrations, and stimulation, and the stimulus can be either continuous or momentary. You can choose from 10 levels of static shock. You can adjust the intensity by just turning the dial on the remote. The remote is easily operable from one hand.

You can command multiple dogs with the remote. One remote can control up to three collars. 

The dog training collar and the remote are water-resistant.

You can also use the collar as a bark collar. This built-in bark control ability is superb for controlling a noisy dog. You can also adjust the shock setting for bark control.

Both the dog electric collar and the remote have impressive battery life. The collar will retain a single charge for about 60 hours. The remote has a battery lifespan of 80 hours.

There is an LED night light to locate your dog at night or during low visibility conditions. The night light makes your dog visible up to 100 yards.

The Garmin Delta Sport Pro dog shock collar is expensive compared to most other e-collars. But, it is well worth the price.


Easy to operate
Great battery duration
Built-in bark control function
Night light to locate your dog in the dark


The collar and the remote are water-resistant and not waterproof
There is no LED display on the remote.
Quite expensive

5. Petspy Dog Training Shock Collar 

Petspy Dog Training Shock collar has a good range of 3000 ft. This collar is for all dogs above 10 lbs with a neck size of 8-27 inches.

The collar has 3 training modes: vibration, static, and noise, with 2 types of static stimulation: convulsive and continuous stimulation. There are also 8 levels of shock and vibration.

You can train multiple dogs with one remote. This multi-dog system is perfect if you want to train 2 dogs at once.

The training collar is waterproof, so your dog can be outdoors during rain. However, the transmitter is not waterproof.

The receiving collar and the remote have a good battery lifespan of 72 hours. This great battery life means that you can go up to 3 days without charging!

The Petspy Dog Training Shock Collar is very budget-friendly. It is well worth the price for all the features they offer.


Good battery duration
3 training modes
Waterproof training collar
Low cost. This is one of the cheapest hunting dog collars you will come across!


The transmitter is not waterproof. This is a significant disadvantage for outdoor training

6. My Pet Command Dog Training Collar 

My Pet Command Dog Training collar has an impressive range of 6600 ft. This is the highest range in our hunting dog shock collar reviews! This shock collar fits neck sizes of 8.2-26.5 inches.

The collar comes with 3 training modes: shock, vibration, and tone. You can choose from 10 levels of shock and vibration.

To make the collar shock-free, you can replace the metal prongs with plastic prongs.

The remote has multiple dog training capabilities. You can control multiple collars (up to 3 collars) with one remote.

Both the dog collar and the transmitter are waterproof. The collar can withstand up to 1 m depth of water! This means you can let your dog take long swims without worry. The remote is also waterproof and can withstand rainy weather.

The Pet Command Dog Training collar has a good night light system. It is embedded with LED beacon lights that let you spot your dog in the dark. The night light system makes your dog visible up to 300 m.

An ultrasound dog training whistle comes with the collar and remote. This is an additional tool at no extra cost!

My Pet Command Dog Training Collar is very affordable and has a lot of value for money.


Great range of 6600 ft
Good night light system
Waterproof collar and remote
Includes an ultrasound dog whistle
Can train up to 3 dogs


The tone mode is too quiet when compared to other e-collars

7. Patpet Collar IPX7 Waterproof Shock Collars For Dog

PATPET Dog Training Collar has a range of 3000 ft. You can customize the collar to fit any neck size is best for dogs 10-140 lbs. 

This remote dog training collar has 3 training modes: tone, vibration, and shock. You can choose from 16 levels of static shock. You can train up to 2 stubborn dogs with one remote.

Both the collar receiver and the remote control are waterproof. The collar is IPX7 waterproof. The waterproof ability means that you can safely submerge the collar in 1 m of water for 30 minutes. The remote is IPX5 rainproof. So the remote can withstand rain for 5-10 minutes.

Both the hunting collar and the remote have long-lasting battery lives. The collar will hold a charge for 100 days when it’s on standby and 10 days when used. The remote charge will last for 365 days on standby and 20 days when in use. It takes 2 hours to charge the batteries fully.

The remote is designed for blind operation. You can operate it just by touch after a few uses.

This hunting dog shock collar is very budget-friendly!


Waterproof collar and remote control.
Long-lasting battery with rapid charging
The remote is easy to operate.
Low cost


Low range
No night light feature

8. Ipets Pet618

Ipets Pet618 dog training collar ranges 2640 ft and is suitable for hunting dogs between 10-150 lbs. The collar is adjustable between 15-50 inches.

The collar has 3 training modes: static, vibration and noise. There are 8 intensities for shock and vibration. 

You can use one remote on multiple dogs. Dog owners can train three dogs with the same remote. 

Both the dog collar and the remote are waterproof, so you can use them outdoors in any weather. 

The collar’s battery lasts for about 3 days, and the remote holds a charge for about 7 days. This battery lifespan is low compared to the other dog collars.

This collar with remote is one of the high-priced training systems on the market. 


3 training modes
Can train 3 dogs at once


Low range
Short battery duration
No night light
High cost

What Must You Look for in a Hunting Dog Collar?

Dog wearing collars

Hunting dog collars must be practical, durable, and, most of all, safe for your dog. Here are the essential features of a good hunting dog collar.


The range is one of the most crucial features of a hunting dog shock collar. The range is the maximum working distance between the remote and the dog training collar. It would be best to always buy an e-collar with a more extended range than you need because obstacles like trees and bushes significantly lower the range of the system.

Stimulation Levels

Different dogs respond to various stimulation levels. With a range of stimulation levels, you can opt for the best setting for your dog. Always start with the lowest stimulation.

Some shock collars offer 2 types of stimulation. Continuous and momentary. 

Continuous stimulation: Continuous stimulation will give a constant shock for about 10 seconds. With most collars, you can pick the duration of the shock. Usually, there is a time-out after 10 seconds. The time-out is to keep your dog safe from overstimulation.

Momentary stimulation: Momentary stimulation is given for about 1/10 of a second. You cannot alter the duration of the shock.

Good Battery Life / Low Battery Indicator

Good battery life is a must for remote dog training. No one wants the collar and remote to run out of charge in the middle of a hunting trip! A collar and remote with low battery indicators are perfect. The indicators will let you know when the collar needs to be charged.

Waterproof Ability

With all the time you plan to spend hunting outdoors, the waterproof ability is a must. Some remotes are only water-resistant while others are waterproof. It is ideal to have a waterproof collar and a waterproof remote. Remote trainers are a huge investment and you wouldn’t want the system to stop working after getting caught in the rain. 

Adjustability / Fit 

Whatever collar you choose, it must be comfortable, effective, and safe. A too-tight collar will hurt your dog. A loose collar will not be effective with vibrations and shocks. Always measure your dog’s neck and find a collar that fits your dog snugly. If your dog is not comfortable, he will not enjoy hunting after all.


Dog shock collars are not cheap. Make sure to check out all the features and the value for money before you choose. In the end, it is better to buy a durable dog collar for a higher price than a cheap one that breaks after a few uses.

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How to Train With This Type of Collar?

Now that you’ve seen the best dog shock collars, how do you train your dog with a shock collar? 

Using a shock collar for the first time is a daunting task for all pet owners. 

Here’s a quick overview of how to use a shock collar.

  • Step 1: Fully charge the remote and the collar.
  • Step 2: Pair the receiver (collar) with the transmitter (remote). The pairing method varies with the collar you are using. Follow the instructions in the user manual.
  • Step 3: Test the different features.
  • Step 4: Fit the shock collar on your dog. The receiver on the collar must be on the lower part of your dog’s neck. If the collar fits correctly, you should be able to place a finger underneath the strap. Give your dog a few minutes to get used to the new collar before starting training.

Checkout this guide if you’re confused how tight a dog training collar should be on a dog.

Things to remember when training with a shock collar

  • Always keep the training sessions positive and short.
  • Start with the lowest intensity setting. Always warn your dog with a tone and a vibration before giving a shock.
  • Make sure that your dog can understand basic commands before moving to shock collars. Shock collars work better with reinforcing training than training new commands.

CAUTION: Shock collars are not for aggressive dogs! If your dog shows aggressive behavior, you will only make things worse with a shock collar. Your best bet is to consult a professional dog trainer.


Final Thoughts

The best dog shock collar depends on your training needs. Not all remote collars are made for harsh outdoor conditions. You must pick one that can withstand rainy weather while maintaining good battery life.

The Sportdog Brand Sporttrainer is, without a doubt, the best dog training collar. It wins in every category, from training modes and waterproof ability to pricing. The collar has a superb value for money with an impressive waterproof ability to withstand 25 ft depth of water. The battery duration is excellent at 50-70 hours.

Educator E collar is a close second with the added feature of a night light but with a higher price tag. 

Pet Resolve Collar with its waterproof ability, night light, and anti-bark system is another great option.

By purchasing the best hunting dog collar, you will be the proud owner of an obedient, loyal hunting partner in no time.

SportDOG Brand Sport Trainer




Overall Score


Can train up to 3 dogs
4 types of stimulation, with 21 shock levels
Great waterproof ability
Great battery life. Both the collar and the remote have 50-70 hours of battery lifespan.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of January
There is no night light feature

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