10 Best GPS Shock Collar for Dogs (+ Buyer's Guide)

10 Best GPS Shock Collar for Dogs (+ Buyer’s Guide)

Last Updated on December, 2022

Is your dog an escape artist? 

Does your pup try all sorts of tricks to escape from his safe boundaries? 

Do you want to keep track of your dogs during hiking and hunting trips?

A dog GPS tracker is the best solution to all your problems.

But it’s difficult to select the best device. There are many brands to start with and various features to consider. Tracking range, subscription plans, and monitoring your dog’s activity are just a few key features.

We have reviewed the Best 10 GPS collars. In addition, we summarized all the main features, benefits, and pros and cons of the best dog GPS shock collars so that you can make a good choice.

So keep reading to find the best GPS shock collar for dogs to keep your pup out of harm’s way.

Editor’s Choice
Halo Collars




Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Fi Collar GPS tracker
Fi Series 2




Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Sportdog TEK Series 2.0 GPS + E-Collar




Overall Score


Reviewing the Top 10 Best GPS Dog Collars

1. HALO 2+ (Editor’s Choice)

Co-founded by Cesar Millan, Halo is easily our top pick and it’s probably everything you’d want from a GPS Shock Collar. Train your dog, track your dog and even contain your dog, this literally does everything. 

I’ve been using Halo as my primary collar and trust me, you’ll not find a GPS shock collar better than this!

Here’s why… 

Halo 2+ comes equipped with all the correction feedback you’d want; Tone, Vibration and Static Shock.

halo 2+

This is great as it provides you some options when training without just going in on shock all out. 

And what stands out is that it comes with its own training program put together by none other than Cesar Millan, easily one of the best dog trainers in existence. This makes things much easier if you’re struggling to get training started with your dog.

Feedback on the other hand is customizable too, you can easily set the level your dog is comfortable with and carry on. With that, the collar is completely controlled via your smartphone, all you have to do is download the Halo app and that’s it. 

No need to carry a remote like most other collars to control the collar wherever you go.

Halo 2+ is one of the most advanced location tracking collars. The collar takes advantage of industry leading GPS/GNSS systems to track your dog and is capable of covering upto 10 square miles. 

Not only that, WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular technologies are present in the collar too, all of which provide you with a better tracking experience. 

Earlier I mentioned that the Halo collar is able to contain your dog, Yes! 

It can be used as a pet containment system, Halo 2+ allows you to create upto 20 smart indivisible fences (no wires needed) anywhere you go, be it, beach, park, friend’s of family member’s house.

Use your phone to create the fences and you’ll be good to go. Every time your dog tries to escape the safe zones you’ve created you’ll be notified on your phone and even the collar will do its part to not let the dog escape. 

This feature works much better than expected, I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised by how well it works. 

The next thing is that you’ll be able to keep an eye on your dog even if you’re away from him through the app, the collar will keep you updated on his location, thanks to all the advanced tech it’s covered up with. 

Halo 2+ not only cares about tracking and training, it also keeps your dog safe and under your watch 24/7 and that’s what sets this collar apart from its competition. 

This is just a tip of the ice-berg, Halo 2+ is stuffed with useful features that you’ve never even imagined in a dog collar. Check out our full review to learn more


Fits dogs that are 20 Pounds Or Larger
IP67 Water Resistant
Excellent build quality and durability
Upto 21 hours of battery life
Cover upto 10 miles
Lets you create 20 virtual fences
Has an activity tracker that lets you keep track of your dog’s health and other important info on your dog.
12-month warranty



2. Fi Series 2 (#2nd Best Choice)

Fi Series 2 is a close second to Halo 2+. It’s another great all round collar with a lot of great features. Recommended by many, this is a collar known for its outstanding tracking capabilities. 

Dog owners’ main aim is to keep their dogs safe, and with Fi, that task is made much easier. Just like the Halo, you’re able to create virtual fences with the Fi, whenever your dog goes beyond the fence you’ll be notified on your phone instantly so that you can take immediate action. 

But first you’ll need to install the Fi app and set-up the collar.

Fi Series 2 GPS Smart Collar

GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE-M all help you track your dog’s movement. 

There is also a ‘’Lost Mode’’ which you can activate if your dog goes further away from the safe zones. This will increase the location pings of the collar leading to even faster updates on your dog’s whereabouts.

Build quality and durability is something that I could talk about all day, it’s that great. Fi Series 2’s face plate is made of the highly durable armor aluminum and withstand upto 300 lbs of pull force along with IP68 water/dust rating. 

I’d say this is the most durable collar I’ve ever laid my hands on!

Fi Series 2 has the best battery life on any collar too, with a full charge, it can last a whopping three months, which is simply out of this world. 

Everything from tracking, endurance to durability is top-notch with the Fi Series 2. If you want an excellent dog collar with state of the art tracking capabilities to keep your dog safe and sound, This is a collar you can consider without hesitation. 

Click here to learn more about fi smart collar.


Fits all dogs that has a neck size of 11.5 to 34.5 inches
Top-notch build quality and durability
Class leading battery life
Has an activity tracker that can count steps, distance traveled and sleep
Built-in LED light in the collar for low visibility conditions
Works all over the US
One year warranty


Has a slight learning curve

3. SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 GPS + E-Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

This was the first device to combine GPS tracking with e-collar training. 

With TEK Series 2.0 technology, you can enjoy reliable and accurate tracking and training.

And it allows you to control up to 21 dogs. To do this, you need to separate collars for each dog.

Not only that, it is Bluetooth compatible and contains 1:100,000 preloaded topo maps. So this will ensure that you will have a great GPS tracking experience.

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 GPS + E-Collar

Moreover, the collar works up to 10 miles using HopTek™ technology.

And the SportDOG TEK Series 2.0 collar has 99 continuous, momentary, and rising static stimulation levels. There is also an option to train your dog with tone and vibration.

The GPS collar is waterproof and submersible to 25 feet.

If we talk about the collar sizes, it suits dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck size 10.75″ – 23″.

The device comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. And it has a low battery indicator too. So you do not have to worry about a sudden-dead battery.

And it requires 4 hours to charge. It can last up to 24 hours with a single charge. The handheld device takes 8 hours to charge and lasts about 12 hours.


  • GPS tracking + training
  • Works up to 21 dogs
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Works in a range of 10 miles
  • Waterproof 
  • 99 continuous, momentary, and rising static stimulation levels


Reliable and accurate GPS tracking
Expandable system
99 stimulation levels
Can be used up to 21 dogs


Difficult to pair the device with the collar 

4. Cube GPS Tracker

Cube GPS Tracker is an excellent way to track almost anything! You can use this device to track your luggage, vehicles, and, best of all, your dog. Also, the 4G LTE tracking gives you worldwide coverage to track anything that matters to you through google maps. You will have to buy collar attachment clips separately. The clips come in 3 sizes, and you can use the tracker on any dog collar up to 1 ½ inches in width.

The pet tracker is small, waterproof, and wireless. Being completely waterproof, your dog can wear the device outdoors in any weather. In addition, since the device weighs just 2.3 ounces, your dog will be comfortable wearing it throughout the day.

To use the cube GPS tracker, you must download the Cube tracker app to your smartphone. Next, you can set up a geo-fence zone and set customized alerts to warn you if your dog leaves the safe zone.

In addition to the basic features, a few sophisticated smart features make this device worth it. First, the location history keeps you updated on the daily movements, stops, and even travel speed. The ring your tracker options lets you ring the tracker from your mobile app. This feature is beneficial if your dog is good at hiding. Finally, with the device sharing option, you can share your dog’s location with other family members so that everyone knows where your dog is.

You have to pay a monthly subscription fee for this device to work. However, the device comes with a SIM card, and you can pick a suitable subscription plan from the GPS tracker app.

The Cube GPS tracker has rechargeable batteries with a battery life of 10-60 days. In addition, the device sleeps when there is no movement, which helps prolong battery life. Long-lasting battery power keeps the tracker active during an emergency so that you can track down your dog.

With a lifetime warranty, you don’t have to worry about spending for another tracking device anytime soon as long as the cellular network is active.


You can use this device to track almost anything
World wide coverage
This device is waterproof


The tracking app can sometimes crash

5. Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker 

Tractive waterproof GPS Dog Tracker is a quick way to accurately find your dog’s location. The device works by giving real-time location tracking to the Tractive GPS app, which you can download on your smartphone.

The device is light and small, and your dog will be very comfortable wearing it. In fact, it is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. 

If you want to keep a close eye on your dog, you can activate the LIVE modes. This real-time tracking gives you 2-3 second updates on your dog. The fast update times make sure that you never lose track of your dog.

Once you set up a safe area in your garden or backyard, you can get instant alerts if your dog leaves the secure area.

You must get a subscription plan to use this device. Monthly, 1 year, 2 years, and 5-year subscription plans are available.

You will receive clips to attach the dog GPS tracker to your dog’s collar, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

The device has unlimited range, so you don’t have to worry that your dog will travel beyond the range. In addition, you can track your dog in 150 countries. How great is that?

Being 100% waterproof, your dog can wear the tracker while taking a dip in a pool or getting wet in the rain. The device is also shockproof, so it won’t easily break even if your dog is adventurous.

Bonus features of the Tractive GPS collar include activity monitoring and location history. You can keep track of your dog’s location throughout the day with location history. You can also use this device as a health tracker to stay updated on your pup’s health, including rest time, activity, and calories burned.

The tractive GPS tracker is rechargeable and comes with lithium polymer batteries. The battery life is pretty good, and it takes about 7 days for the batteries to drain.


The device is fully waterproof
An unlimited range that covers 150 countries
Stored location history
Monitors your pet’s activity 
Live mode with 2-3 second location updates


There can be signal issues depending on the location

6. Dogtra Pathfinder Series GPS Tracking & Training E-Collar 

Dogtra Pathfinder Series GPS Tracking & Training E-Collar is a good choice if you want to both track and train your dog. This GPS pet tracker is a good fit for dogs of 35 lbs and above.

The pathfinder GPS tracker works alongside the Pathfinder app. With a 2 second GPS update rate, you can know where your dog is every minute of the day.

A distinct feature of Pathfinder is that you don’t need cellular data for tracking and training, so you don’t have to pay a subscription fee. You can use google maps offline once you download the offline version.

Pathfinder connector links your phone with your dog’s collar. The connector uses radio signals to connect with the collar and Bluetooth to communicate with your phone.

You can create a customized geo-fence on the Pathfinder app and set up alerts whenever your dog strays beyond the safe area.

A 9-mile range makes the Pathfinder tracker perfect for field training. It is prevalent in training and tracking hunting dogs.

The Pathfinder GPS pet tracker is 100% waterproof. So you can track and train your dog outdoors in all weather conditions.

If you want to use the e-collar for training, you can choose between an audible tone and static shock. Also, there are 100 different stimulation levels, so you can start with the lowest level that works for your dog. Also, if you only want to track your dog, there is a tracking-only mode.

There is one downside to using Pathfinder for dog training. You must always use the phone app to give corrections. So this is not perfect for emergencies when you want to correct your dog’s behavior. Overall this collar is better suited for GPS tracking and is not great for training.

Pathfinder is a multi-dog training system that is expandable to include up to 21 dogs.

With long-lasting, rechargeable batteries in the collar, you can track and train your dog for long periods.


Can use the device to train as well as track your dog
100 levels of corrections
Expandable to include 21 dogs
Fully waterproof collar


You can only give corrections through the mobile app
The app drains the phone battery pretty fast

7. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker is a perfect option if you want nationwide location coverage for your pup. This GPS tracker is ideal for any dog between 5 and 240 lbs.

The device is lightweight, and your dog will be very comfortable while wearing it. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting a collar with the device. However, the device is compatible with most dog collars, up to 1.5 inches thick. 

It takes about 2 minutes to track your pup with the FitBark tracker. Afterward, you can get updates every 60 seconds. In addition, you can pick safe places and get updated if your dog leaves his safety boundaries.

You need wi-fi and a subscription plan with Verizon 4G LTE-M coverage to use this dog device. The phone app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. So you can easily track your dog’s location from your smartphone.

You can also add multiple dogs and dog owners in the app. So if you have more than one dog, you can monitor and compare their activities in one app.

In addition to tracking your pup, this smart tracker can also monitor his health and activities like sleep times, calories burnt, skin conditions, and anxiety.

Fitbark GPS dog tracker is the best dog tracker for dog owners who love to work out with their pets. It can function as a fitness tracker, link the device with your google fit or apple watch and track your healthy habits together.

The device is waterproof and durable, and it’s perfect for an outdoorsy pup. So, your dog can wear the device throughout daily activities.

FitBark GPS tracker for dogs is powered with lithium rechargeable batteries. The battery life is pretty good, with most batteries lasting 10-20 days on a single charge.


Waterproof and durable
Nationwide coverage
Can monitor your pup’s health
Good battery life


Device updates can be slow at times

8. Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Bundle

Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Bundle is an excellent GPS tracking and remote training device.

You can track up to 20 dogs within a 9-mile range by pairing the device with Garmin dog collars. 

The device has 18 training levels of continuous and momentary stimulation. Also, it provides tone and vibration alerts.

Garmin Alpha 100/TT facilitates a great GPS tracking experience with its preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K maps. Plus, it delivers your dog’s exact location every 2.5 seconds.

Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Bundle

So, you’ll always be aware of your pet’s whereabouts.

That’s not all!

You can view your dog’s stats using the included electronic dog compass. It provides information about the dog’s speed, distance and the direction being travelled.

Moreover, you can receive notifications on your pup’s location.

And the Alpha 100 and TT 15 mini devices include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And it can last up to 20 hours.

The Garmin Alpha device comes in black and orange.


  • GPS tracking + training
  • Works up to 20 dogs
  • 18 training levels
  • Works in a range of 9 miles
  • Provides dog’s stats


Provides GPS location tracking
Sends notifications on dog’s location
Can view dog’s stats, including dog’s speed, direction, and distance travelled


Shorter battery life

9. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker 

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker is the best collar if you want a GPS tracker with no monthly service fee. You can track your pet in real-time without a need for cellular service. PETFON is straightforward to set up and use.

Geo-fencing is an excellent feature of the PETFON GPS tracker for dogs. If your pet leaves a designated safe area, you will get an alert on the PETFON app. The quick alerts let you track down your dog before he gets too far.

You can control the device to emit both light and sound. The LED lights in 11 colors make it easy to track your dog at night.

You can also make the device ring in a customized tone. The device ping is very helpful if you live in woody areas where it is hard to spot your dog.

This dog GPS tracker is rainproof and durable. It can withstand severe weather conditions like sudden rain and snow. The device is also dustproof and doesn’t accumulate dirt quickly, perfect for outdoor dogs that love adventure.

With a range of 3.5 miles in open fields and 0.65 miles in congested areas, this device ensures your dog doesn’t get far from home.

Rechargeable lithium batteries in the device last for about 8-16 hours. A great bonus is getting a portable charging box with the device . You can charge the tracker up to 3 times with the portable charging box. The charging box is handy if you take your dog camping and on long vacations where you don’t have access to charging points and electricity.


It comes with a portable charging box
No monthly fee
LED light and sound feature to help you find your dog


The tracking range is smaller than most other GPS dog tracking devices
The device is not waterproof

10. Whistle Ultimate Dog GPS Tracker 

Whistle Ultimate Dog GPS Tracker is an excellent option to track your dog while monitoring health and fitness levels. You will receive a tracker that you can attach to any collar.

To use the Whistle GPS tracker for dogs, you must activate a subscription with AT&T service. The Whistle app is available for apple and android devices. Once you download the app, you can pick a subscription plan.

Depending on your pup’s breed, age, and weight, you can adjust the fitness settings and customize your goals.

The device also updates you on your pup’s behaviors like sleeping, scratching, and licking, so that you can constantly monitor your dog’s well-being.

There is a built-in night light in the device so that you can easily track him down at night. You must activate the night light through the Whistle app. There are three modes of a night light to pick: slow flash, high flash, and always on.

Because the device is IPX8 waterproof, you can let your dog wear it while swimming and bathing.

Rechargeable batteries in the device last for about 20 days, so you don’t have to worry about the batteries dying every few days.

Here’s the complete Whistle GPS Tracker Review if you want to learn more about this GPS tracker.


Good battery life
Monitors fitness and health in addition to tracking
Built-in night light


The location updates can be lagging at times

How Do Dog GPS Shock Collars Work?

A GPS collar has an in-built GPS transmitter that updates you on your dog’s location. So if you ever lose sight of your dog, you can track them down with the transmitter. 

The GPS device transmits its coordinates to a mobile app through satellite connections. You can easily view your pet’s location and activity from the app as long as you have an internet connection. Some GPS dog trackers come with a handheld device. These devices use a combination of radio signals with GPS to transmit location data from the dog tracker to the receiver. 

What Should You Consider When Selecting the Best GPS Dog Collar?

The best dog GPS trackers come with various features. While most of the features allow you to track your furry friend, others features help monitor your dog’s behavior and sleep patterns.

Collar Size

Pet trackers come in two ways:

  1. GPS device only: These devices can be used to track almost anything. You can buy a GPS tracker and attach it to your dog’s collar with attachment clips.
  2. Collar with a built-in GPS tracker: These collars have a built-in tracking unit. There is no need for attachment clips or assembling. Your dog can wear it just like a regular collar.

The collar carrying the dog GPS tracker must fit your dog snugly. If the collar is too tight, your dog will be uncomfortable and if the collar is loose, your dog can slip out of it.

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Maximum Tracking Distance

Some GPS pet devices have worldwide coverage, while others have coverage within the US. So if you are relocating or planning to take your dog on a flight, the best option is to get a GPS dog tracker with worldwide coverage.

GPS devices that work with Bluetooth and radio signals have a lower tracking distance than those that use cellular connections.

Smart Alerts

Many GPS trackers have a smart alert option. This feature enables you to set safe zones for your dog. If your dog crosses a secure boundary, you will receive an instant alert on the handheld device or your mobile phone app. The smart alert feature is crucial to keep your dog within safe limits.

Some GPS trackers can also alert you if your dog enters an extreme environment temperature. This feature is handy if you own a temperature-sensitive dog.

Battery Life

Good battery life is essential. A GPS tracker battery should last at least a couple of days and must not die if your dog is on the run. Unfortunately, the batteries usually drain faster once your pup leaves the wi-fi zone. When wi-fi is unavailable, the device moves onto cellular data and drains the batteries faster.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is a must-have feature for the best dog trackers. If the device is not water-resistant, it must at least be rainproof so that the device won’t stop working if your pup gets caught in the rain.

What Are the Benefits of GPS Dog Collars?

Tracks lost dogs quickly: Most dogs are wanderers. Lose sight of them for a few minutes, and they’ll be off to explore something or the other. If your pet is wearing a GPS collar, you can easily track him within minutes.

Keeps you updated on your dog’s movements: Dog GPS trackers can send alerts to your phone if your dog leaves his boundaries. In addition, quick location updates let you track down your dog before he gets too far.

Monitor your dog’s health: Many GPS collars offer features to measure your dog’s fitness levels, sleep time, and calories burnt daily. These features keep you updated on your dog’s health, and you can decide if you need to give more exercise to your dog.

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We’ve looked at almost every GPS Shock Collars available on the market, now it’s time to pick one. There’s ten and all of them are excellent in their own rights. 

However Halo 2+ needs a special shoutout, it’s feature set is second to none and considering it allows you to create upto 20 fences and provides you with all the correction feedback make it the best of the bunch. You won’t be disappointed. 

Halo Collars




Overall Score


Fits dogs that are 20 Pounds Or Larger
Excellent build quality and durability
IP67 Water Resistant
Lets you create 20 virtual fences
Upto 21 hours of battery life
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of December

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