Best Dog Nail Grinders in 2020 + [ULTIMATE REVIEWS]

Best Dog Nail Grinders in 2020

Last Updated on September, 2022

My dog hates having his nails trimmed. He will fight to stay away from me and the nail clippers if I even try to get close to him. He is not small, but he is large enough to make it a battle for every nail on a paw. That is why I went looking for the best dog nail grinder to help him through the experience and spare my floor the dog claw marks.

The nail grinder I needed for my dog was one that he would not notice and kept me in control while I trimmed it down. A grinder is quiet, and if he is asleep often, he will not notice what I was doing. There are multiple things you should consider before you select a grinder product for your pet’s toenails. (Best Dog Nail Grinders) 

What should you look for in a dog nail grinder?

Grinder Ports

Purchasing a grinder with multiple ports is a good idea for a pet owner of multiple pets. Having multiple ports also ensures you are sizing the nails of your pet directly to the port for proper grinding and trimming. You should find a trimmer with at least three different sizes of grinders to make the trimming exact as well as quick.

Type of Grinder Ports

Most types of grinders come with multiple types of grinders ports for size, but you should also look for different types of grinders such as a sandpaper grinder or a diamond grinder, which is safer for your pet.

Make sure the grinder you select has multiple types of grinders to give your pet’s nails the best trim without hurting them and giving them the right kind of trim.

The different types of grinders usually come with the grinder, but some times of pet trimmers require you to buy accessories to get the right size for your pet.

Strength of the Grinder

dog nail grinderThere are many types of grinders on the market to choose from. While most will do a moderately good job, you need to find on that is strong from the beginning. The grinders need to be durable enough to last through multiple pet toes and for months on end.

Look for quality manufacturing components as well as multiple grinder ports to keep your tool working well for you.If you own a larger dog, you might want to find a grinder designed for larger pets as many of the grinders on the market are for small to medium-sized animals.

A larger nail requires a reinforced grinder bit to ensure the nail gets a complete trim. Often the smaller grinders are not strong enough for thick large dog nails, so make sure you are buying one that is strong enough for your German shepherd’s nails.

Batteries or Cables?

If you choose a cordless model of pet trimmer, you need to make sure the batteries are strong enough to trim through your pet’s nails before the clipper dies.

A good quality trimmer will go through several trimmings before needing a battery change or recharge. If your pet has thick nails, this can eat up batteries and cause the grinder to die more quickly.

If you choose a grinder that comes with a cable, you will not be as flexible in how you interact with your pet, but you will have an unlimited supply of power. If the grinder is rechargeable, make sure you know how to change the batteries and what kind of batteries it takes.

Noise Level

Best Dog nail grinders cover imageA lot of pets can become scared or overexcited at any type of noise. When reviewing the different types of pet grinders, there should be listings for the decibels level produced by the motor in the grinder.

A good dog toenail grinder should be less than fifty decibels of sound, so your pet is less likely to become scared about the noise the grinder is making.

Anything louder than fifty decibels may be too powerful for a small or mid-sized pet. Unfortunately, the larger your pet is, the stronger the motor you will need to grind through your dog’s nails. It also means the decibel levels will likely increase to match the strength of the grinder required to go through each pet nail.


Low vibration features when grinding are ideal for nervous pets. They are less likely to panic as you smooth down their toenails and also less likely to damage their cuticles. You should look for a model of grinder that comes with limited vibrations because of built-in mechanics that ensures the grinder itself is not loose in the handle but also controls the grinding of the pet nails.

Ease of Clean up

Part of taking care of your tools is cleaning them up when you are through using them. The right grinder comes apart easily to change heads as well as clean.

The cleanup should require little more than removing built-up nail shards and dust from the grinder heads. A clean wet cloth is most often the way to remove the dust safely from the grinder heads and moving parts.


There are cheaper models of grinders on the markets that are perfect for smaller dogs and cats; they are not always the best of quality. A high-quality pet toenail grinder will not come cheap but will cost you more for the quality.

There are very expensive grinders you can buy that will get the job done, but for an animal with thin or weaker nails, you should be able to choose a cost-effective version that will do the jobs.

If your pet has thick nails or has larger nails as they are a large breed than you will need to spend extra to buy a trimmer that has the strength to grind through thicker nails. There are cheaper large pet nail clippers; you will have trouble finding one that is good quality and has the strength.

Here are the reviews of best dog nail grinders in 2020

1-Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder (Editor’s Choice)

The Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder lets you safely and effectively trim your dog’s nails. The advanced grinder uses a diamond bit grinder that veterinarians recommend for professional pet nail grooming. The trimmer comes with an advanced two-speed switch that has three ports for grinding. These are also the best dog nail clippers for large dogs with thick nails.

The adjustable two-speed settings include low and high-speed settings that are both powerful enough to slowly or quickly grind down your dog’s nails. The three ports let you match the size of your pet’s nails to the clipper to ensure the right amount of speed and strength gently grinds through your dog’s nails.

The grinder produces low noise and vibration, so your pet will not be scared or overstress as they have their nails trimmed. The whisper-quiet technology will keep your pet calm and not overexcite them, making it easier for you to cut the nails down without having them bounce everywhere.

A battery comes built into the grinder so that you can recharge the grinder between uses. A light at the base of the grinder lets you know the status of charging and when it is through charging. The grinder will last up to two hours on a single charge and requires three hours to recharge.


  • You will not scare your pet with loud noises or vibrations.
  • You can set the trimmer for the size of your dog’s nails.
  • The design of the trimmer is ergonomic, which makes it easier to hold and use.


  • The battery can die quickly on hard pet nails.
  • The battery can have trouble holding a charge.


2-Dog Nail Grinder

The Dog Nail Grinder lets you choose the speed and level of grinding required to care for your pet’s nails. There is a normal speed for low trimming with an accelerated mode for harder, larger nails. The grinder is ideal for small to medium-sized dog nails with a detachable grinding wheel to give your pet a manicure.

The grinder comes with multiple ports to fit different sizes of paw and nails. You choose the one that will fit your pet’s paw the best. You can even use the grinder on larger pets after removing the wheel cover.

The trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery that you can easily recharge by connecting a USB port to your computer, wall outlet, or car power bank.

The grinder is a low noise and vibration tool that produces little friction on your pet’s nails as you cut them. The low vibration and noise ensure your dog will not become scared or overexcited during the trimming process. The trimmer produces less than fifty decibels of sound while in use.


  • You can easily choose a grinding wheel size based on your pet’s nail size.
  • The trimmer produces less than fifty decibels of sound.
  • You can select two different grinding speeds to cut your pet’s nails.


  • Larger pet’s nails will do not grind down easily.
  • The batteries die quickly.


3-Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

The Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder comes with a diamond bit grinder that is safe for use for all types of pet nails. You will reduce the risk of trimming your pet nails too short or hurting the cuticles of your pet.

The nail grinder comes with three sizes of ports that are small and medium in size for convenience. For larger pets, you need to remove the cover to use the entire bit to trim down the nail. The nail grinder is low in noise and vibration, so your pet will not become scared while having their nails trimmed.

The nail grinder is rechargeable, so you will not need to change batteries frequently. The stone grinder comes off the grinder to make it easy to clean for regular maintenance.


  • You can take off the grinding stone for use on larger pets.
  • The grinder stone comes off for easy cleaning.
  • The grinder comes with a rechargeable battery.


  • For thick pet nails, it can take a long time to trim a single nail.
  • There is only one setting for speed.

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4-URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

The URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder comes with a diamond grinding stone to cut down your pet’s nails. A diamond grinding stone is effective as a pet nail grinder that is safe and gentle on a pet’s nails. You will also never need to replace the stone as long as you clean it regularly.

The nail grinder is quiet in operation because of the muted motor with a brass shaft that keeps your pet calm and unafraid. The noise is low even when removing layers of pet nail. The nail trimmer comes with three different sizes of the port to fit small to mid-sized nails.

The grinder is easy to clean when you finish with your pet by removing the safeguard cap and the nail grinder stone. A damp cloth is all you will need to wipe away pet nail grinder dust.

You can easily recharge the nail grind when you are through trimming using a USB port. The clipper takes two hours to recharge for several hours of trimming use.


  • You will not need to worry about scaring your pet with a quiet operation motor.
  • The trimmer is easy to clean.
  • You can fit your pet nails using three different sizes of the port.


  • The batteries can have trouble holding a charge.
  • The grinder is not strong enough to do large dog nails.


5-Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog and Cat Nail Grinder

The Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog and Cat Nail Grinder is a rotary nail grinder to reduce the stress experienced by your pet when trimming their nails. The nail grinder is a quiet grinder with two settings that lets you switch between different grinders, so your pet’s nails get the right degree of trim.

The grinder has an adjustable safety guard around the grinder to help prevent you from trimming the nails of your pet too low and causing them pain.

You have two-speed settings that will let you work your way up or down in strength, depending on the thickness of the nail and how worried your pet is. You have your choice of grinder stones to use on your pet’s nails, including two coarse bands, a fine band, and a coarse stone for proper trimming.

The grinder lets your trim your pet’s nails quickly and safely using a cordless trimmer. The trimmer requires four AAA batteries to run. The batteries that come with the charger are not rechargeable, but you can replace them with rechargeable batteries to save yourself money and extend the life of the operation.


  • The batteries of the grinder are easy to replace.
  • The grinder comes with a protective cover that ensures you don’t trim your pet’s nails too short.
  • You can choose from four different types of rotary grinders to cut your pet’s nails.


  • The heads can be difficult to change.
  • The protective case is not suitable for all types of dog nails.


Here is a video demonstration on how to trim dog nails at home

Final Thoughts

The right grinder for your pet depends on the type of pet you have. While many types of grinders can help you to cut the nails on your pet’s feet, not all will give you the trim before they die. The batteries can also be a factor that makes the grinder effective.

The right grinder for most types of pets is the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder. The grinder uses a diamond bit grinder that is safe enough to use for your pet’s nails and is one the professionals use. The grinder has two different speeds and is low noise and vibrations.

The grinder is rechargeable as well as quiet to use on your pet. You will have at least two hours to use the grinder, so you can do multiple pet paws before requiring a recharge. The handle is ergonomic in design so that you can use the grinder for hours comfortably.

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