10 Best Dog Carrier Backpacks for Hiking, Travel, or Walking: Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on July, 2022

If you’re always on the move with your four-legged friend and he’s just rude to keep up with you, then Dog Carriers can be the one to save you.

I’ve put together my Top 10 best Dog backpack for hiking, traveling, and almost every outdoor activity that you couldn’t take your furry friend before, so keep reading to find out which one can be the best for you.

Our Top 10 Recommended Dog Backpack Carrier For Hiking

1 – K9 Sport Sack Air PlusK9 Sport Sack Air Plus bag

The K9 sport sack has everything that a dog backpack should have; compared to other backpacks, this one has the highest carrying capacity of 40lbs, which is pretty much suitable for larger-sized dogs.

The design of this backpack is top-notch. Its adventure-ish style and high-end built quality speak for itself. The design works in perfect harmony with its pressure-relieving wide strap, allowing it to take the pressure off your shoulders gives superior comfort.

Key features of this dog carrier backpack:

  • Is its ventilation; it has excellent airflow on both sides, which is great for your pooch.
  • The 20mm thick bottom rest pad allows your Dog to maintain the same comfortability even after hours inside the backpack.

This dog backpack is Veterinarian Approved too.

If you’re a regular hiker with your Dog, this thing right here is the perfect hiking gear that you must own, and not to mention this one is the best outdoor dog backpack you can get right now.


  • Has a Detachable storage bag
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Great carry weight
  • Super safety features
  • Pressure-relieving wide strap
  • Wide range of colors and sizes
  • Included with a 20mm bottom rest pad
  • Top-Notch built quality


  • Water-resistant would’ve to be the cherry on top.

If your dog is over 40lbs, I recommend trying out K9 Sport Sack Rover, the largest dog backpack on the market that can carry up to 80lbs. 

2 – Kurgo G-train Dog Carrier BackpackKurgo G-train

Kurgo G-train would’ve dethroned K9 sport sack if it wasn’t for the price; this backpack costs a bit more than the first one. Other than that, there’s nothing to complain about this Dog backpack.

This backpack has some pretty handy features; the most notable one is that instead of using it as a backpack, you can transform the bag into a traditional carrier by laying it on its side.

Key features of this Dog Carrier Backpack:

  • This is a waterproof backpack, so there is no need to worry about the bag getting wet while hiking.
  • This one is a pretty useful feature: a removable interior pad, making it super easy to clean your Dog’s mess.

Kurgo G-train dog backpack carries weight up to 25lbs, plus it’s incredibly comfortable for your dog because of its breathable mesh fabric, and the ventilated back panel makes it extra comfortable for you when on a long journey.

This dog carrier is airline and TSA approved. This backpack is fantastic for traveling.


  • Waterproof and Water Resistant components
  • Removable interior pad
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Can turn the bag into a traditional carrier
  • Airline and TSA approved
  • Has a dedicated laptop compartment


  • The price is a bit high.

3 – Outward Hound PoochPouch Front CarrierOutward Hound PoochPouch Carriers

Looking for a budget-conscious dog backpack? Then I highly recommend you to try out Outward Hound PoochPouch.

This bag is worth every buck with some top-end features that are not present in the higher-end versions; I’m talking about the water-resistant nylon fabric present in this much cheaper version.

Key features of this dog carrier:

  • Is its built quality with its mesh fabric and ventilated sides, which allows enough airflow, breathability and keeps your pooch cozy in harsh conditions.
  • The safety clip inside the bag attaches to your Dog’s collar, and the adjustable top drawstring makes it safer than ever while on a journey.

Outward Hound PoochPouch comes in two sizes: “SMALL carries 10lbs” and “MEDIUM carries 20lbs” both are highly acceptable for their great price range.

The built quality is superb in this dog carrier, and hands down, this is one of the best budget Dog carrier backpacks you can find anywhere.


  • Great built quality
  • Safety clip
  • Superb ventilation
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable straps


  • Most of the time didn’t fit dogs that are 20lbs
  • It can be hard to fit in a taller dog

4 – Petsfit Comfort Dog Carrier/Backpack Petsfit Comfort Dog Carrier

Petsfit dog backpack comes in at a more mid-range price, but it’s not short of an option. This dog backpack can carry dogs up to 15lbs.

Key features of this dog backpack:

  • Its waist and chest straps work like a charm in maintaining the weight evenly between your shoulders while carrying your hefty four-legged friend.
  • The multiple mesh windows in this backpack allow supreme air pass-through for your Dog and makes it extremely safe for him while he’s inside.

The way this bag’s being built provides entrance for your Dog from either the front or from the top and makes it super easy to clean.


  • It comes with 4 mesh windows
  • Waist and chest straps
  • Front and top entrance


  • Not much storage space

5 – NICREW Legs Out Front Dog CarrierNICREW Legs Out Front Dog Carrier

The CREW Dog Carrier is an excellent option for small dog owners; its front-facing carrier style is perfect for small dogs. This dog carrier is available in four different sizes:

  1. SMALL carries 5lbs
  2. MEDIUM carries from 5 to 9lbs
  3. LARGE carries from 9 to 13lbs
  4. Extra-Large carries from 13 to 20lbs

Key features of this dog carrier:

  • The adjustable and wide strap allows you to wear the backpack in two different ways depending on what is comfortable for you.
  • Velcro neck closure makes it extra comfortable while wearing, and the velcro tab makes it easier for you to put your Dog inside the dog carrier.

The mesh panel in this backpack allows great ventilation and keeps your pup comfortable for an extended period of time, and this dog carrier includes a built-in leash ring to attach it with your Dog’s collar.

All this comes at a pretty reasonable price too.

This is the best legs out dog carrier in the market without a shallow of a doubt.


  • Variety of sizes available
  • Built-in leash ring
  • Easy in and outs
  • Great mesh panels


  • Cannot carry larger dogs
  • More storage options could’ve been wonderful

6 – Pet Gear Roller Dog BackpackPet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

Pet Gear Roller is a well-crafted multifunctional dog carrier that is pretty much awesome for every outdoor activity and has a stellar price to match all its high-end functions.

Key features of this dog carrier backpack:

  • The pet gear roller is a five in one product, which means it can function as a Dog carrier, car seat for the Dog, backpack, roller bag, and tote; basically, it’s 4 bags in one.
  • Storage is also where this backpack shines. Tons of storage with its wide storage pouch allow you to carry anything related to you or your Dog.
  • If your Dog is larger for the bag, there’s a luxury of making the bag bigger where you can extend both sides of the bag for additional 3-inch space.

The bag works like a suitcase with its telescopic handle and the wheels underneath. And if you want to take off the window, the included interior tether can be attached to your pup’s harness.

Great airflow throughout the bag with the help of larger mesh windows on the front and the sides.

This dog carrier backpack is the best multifunctional bag on the market. For the price, this bag is an absolute bargain.

There are 3 different sizes to choose from:

  1. Medium Escort: carries 15lbs and lower.
  2. Large Traveler: carries between 15lbs and 25lbs.
  3. Extra Large Plus Traveler: carrier 25llbs and lower


  • Five in one form factor
  • Storage in top Notch
  • Included interior tether
  • Variety of colors


  • The built quality is not strong enough.

7 – PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier BackpackPetAmi Deluxe

PetAmi Pet Carrier is exceptionally well built, supports carrying weight up to 18lbs, and is quite comfortable for your pet inside with its nice ventilated design.

The backpack is made of high-quality, rugged polyester, which makes up a great structure and can last for a long time. Plus, this backpack comes included with a collapsible bowl for food or water, which most dog backpacks do not include.

Key features of this Dog backpack

  • Has 2 access points, one for each side for easy in and outs. Large headroom for your pup to enjoy the surroundings with the Zip up mesh window. The bottom layer inside the backpack is made of cozy sherpa-lined bedding allowing for great comfort for the pup to rest inside.
  • The 3 safety buckles in the back provide maximum safety for the Dog, while the thick straps, back pads, and buckles for the waist, chest provide you extra comfort plus stable support that can help throughout a long journey.

Backpack’s quality structure gives plenty of room for the Dog that is more than enough to move around.


  • Sturdy built quality
  • 3 safety buckles
  • Ventilated design
  • Sherpa lined bedding
  • Variety of color choices
  • Includes Collapsible Water and food bowl


  • The bottom can be unstable

8 – Mogoko Comfortable Dog Carrier BackpackMogoko

Moloko Comfortable Dog Carrier is an easy to carry, super comfortable backpack that is great for small dogs under 15 lbs.

Key features of this Dog backpack

This backpack speaks quality with its soft built and wonderfully crafted adjustable padded shoulder straps make it a dream to carry this dog pack. It’s so well comfortable. But the downside is that the built quality is a bit concerning. After putting it on, it feels like it’ll rip.

The head out the design of this bag is super imaginative with a rounded center hole in the top of the backpack. The center hole makes it easier for your pup to breathe and allows it to enjoy the tour surrounding as you do. The central mesh hole is adjustable to fit your Dog’s neck size.

You can take off the bottom cover of the backpack for easier cleaning. For security, you can attach the included attachment hook to your Dog’s collar, which will prevent him from jumping out.

Side pockets are acceptable and big enough to fit things related to your Dog.


  • Attachment hook to attach with the Dog’s collar
  • Cool color choices
  • Great comfortable material
  • Removable bottom cover


  • Small dogs can slide over the front
  • Even Though it can carry 15lbs, for the most part, it seems like it won’t handle that weight. ( I suggest 10 to 12lbs that would be the go-to)

9 – PAWABOO Pet Carrier BackpackPAWABOO

PAWABOO Pet Carrier is the #1 in Dog Carrier Backpack at the time of writing this review, and that seems to be true for what it offers. Fits perfectly for dogs under 15lbs.

You can use this as both front-facing or can be worn on your back depending on how you feel.

Key features of this Dog backpack

  • The padded adjustable straps with the breathable mesh and polyester fiber material make it super comfortable for you even after carrying it for a long time. Still, the concern is that the shoulder strap can fall off your shoulders.
  • Carrier is surprisingly durable too. Legs and tail-out design keep your Dog comfortable enough, but it can be hard to get your Dog inside the carrier. It has a release buckle at the end of the straps, which allows for quick installation and release.


  • Quick buckles for easy installation and release
  • Can be worn on front or backside
  • Adjustable padded straps


  • Hard to fit the Dog inside
  • Shoulders straps has the possibilities to fall of your shoulder

10 – Ytonet Dog Backpack CarrierYtonet

Ytonet Dog Backpack is great for dogs under 13lbs. But it is not a small backpack. It’s big enough that it can provide plenty of room for your dog while it’s inside.

Key features of this Dog backpack

  • This backpack has two entrances, one at the top and the other one on the front. Thanks to the top entrance, the Dog can put his head out and enjoy the journey with you, included with a leash tether to attach to your Dog’s harness that can help while the top mesh is opened.
  • For maximum airflow, this dog pack has 4 breathable mesh windows, which is more than enough, not to mention that the side pockets are surprisingly larger than the more expensive ones. This allows you to store every supply that your Dog might need while traveling.
  • A foldable back cushion at the end of the backpack can also be used as a belly strap.


  • Large storage pockets
  • Scratch-resistant material
  • Included with a leash tether
  • Removable soft pad


  • Lack of color options
  • The bag’s a bit oversized

Choosing the Best Dog Carrier Backpack

A man hiking with a dog on backpack

While choosing a dog carrier, there are some factors that you may need to consider to get the best dog carrier that you and your furry friend will love.

And the other thing is based on the purpose of your usage of the backpack, every bag is suitable for the outdoors, but there are more specific ones for each category.

Here are some functions and features that you have to look out for a while searching for a bag.


Size is the most important as picking the wrong one could prove costly. Every time you purchase a backpack, make sure to thoroughly go through the developer’s size listing and don’t forget to measure your puppy or the Dog before making the decision. What you see on the developer’s size list cannot be 100% accurate.

Keep an eye out on customer reviews too.


Every bag has its own purpose. You cannot bring every bag for hiking or use every bag for short-distance traveling. There are specific functions and features for each bag that match based on your outing.

If your purpose is hiking or camping with your Dog, then you might have to opt for a bag with:

  • Rugged and durable built quality
  • Tons of storage options
  • Extra comfort and ventilation for your Dog

These are the must-have features for any hiking backpacks, so make sure you find a backpack that has all these features.

  • Suppose your purpose is frequent short road trips or traveling through the city. In that case, there are few factors to take into consideration while looking for a backpack; mostly, you won’t be needing much storage, durability, bigger physical size, or tons of space.

Front carrier backpacks are ideal for these kinds of outings.

  • Finally, if you often travel by air and want to take your furry ball with you, you might want to look for dog backpacks which are approved by Airline and TSA.


Comfort can be a vital part while looking for any kind of backpack because your Dog’s going in it for the first time, and it’s a new feeling for him, and you wouldn’t know how he feels from the inside.

So the comfort should be on point without making your Dog uncomfortable or make him struggle inside it.

The carrier should have the basic mesh and breathable materials for ventilation to avoid overheating while on a hike and should be spacious enough for your Dog.

Comfort shouldn’t be considered only for the Dog; it needs to be comfortable for you too, because you’re the one who’s going to carry a dog in your back, so lookout for a bag with padded and adjustable straps for your own comfort.


If you’re carrying a dog, you also might want to carry what he needs, too, so a considerably large storage option would be great to carry all his needs. Some extra space for stacking some water bottles would be helpful too.

Some backpacks also have the luxury to turn into a regular backpack or a carrier when you’re not carrying your Dog. In that case, you won’t be needing a separate bag.

But remember, you should not spam everything inside the storage pockets as it can make your Dog uncomfortable.

Why You Should Invest In a Dog Carrier Backpack

Hiking mountain with dogs

Dog Backpack can turn out to be so helpful when you travel often with your furry ball, or you don’t want to leave him behind while going on an adventure.

If your friend is past his prime and couldn’t keep up with you on long walks during hiking and similar outings, then a dog backpack might come in handy.

Similarly, if the Dog’s injured or has some health issues, you can grab a carrier, put him in and enjoy your journey without having to leave him behind.

Many smaller dogs might find it hard to travel longer distances due to their legs being small and will give up in the middle of the journey. In this case, you know what to do.

Or else if your pup regularly gets distracted by other animals such as squirrels and cats, this can turn out to be frustrating as you go to a park or even just taking a short walk around the town. Having a backpack can help you get away from this nuisance.

Are Backpacks Bad for Dogs?

Ahh, not really!! 

Most of the dogs tend to enjoy these bags because of the fact that they can spend some time with the owners and get to know about the outer world some more. (1)

But there is one caveat, some backpacks include a leash tether inside the bags to prevent your dog from jumping off; these tethers can put some pressure on your pooch’s spine when attached for a bit of time.

So it’s best to take it off from time to time. Other than that, there’s no problem whatsoever with the dog carriers.

Do Dogs Like Being Carried?

This depends on how your Dogs react after putting them inside the carrier. Most dogs would get used to it, and some may never will.

But as I said before, most of the dogs won’t hesitate to spend some time with their owner. Theoretically, most of the dogs are happy while in a backpack rather than walking long-distance journeys.

You should never put it on the carrier if they keep rejecting it. It means they don’t like being carried.

Proper training can change your Dog’s mind on how they feel about dog backpacks.


We’ve taken a look at some of the best dog carrier backpacks available in the market right now. Finally, it’s up to you to select a perfect one for your furry ball considering your outings with him, not just that make sure the bag you choose fits your pooch without any problems, speaking of outings, our #1 pick K9 Sport Sack Air Plus is the best dog hiking backpack you can buy and Petsfit carrier is the best price midrange backpack with some high end features that we highly recommend you to check out.

But these are my picks. It’s up to you to choose what’s best for your furry ball, so I hope you’ll make a good decision for yourself and your pup.


How long can a dog spend in a backpack carrier?

This is based on the climate and conditions you’re in. For the most part, a dog can spend up to 45 minutes in warm conditions.

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