10 Best Anti Dog Bark Control & Ultrasonic Deterrent Devices

Best Dog Barking Deterrent & Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Control Devices (Buyer’s Guide)

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There’s no denying that a barking dog can be seemingly frustrating not only for us but for our neighbors too. Excessive barking can cause stress and can end up with conflicts among the neighbors as well, so is there a way to stop this?

YES! Thanks to anti-bark deterrents and ultrasonic bark control devices, using these devices will help you control this behavior when it gets completely out of control.

After putting hours of research and reviewing each and every one of the bark control devices, we’ve picked our Top 10 best anti dog barking devices, which can help you control this fleeting annoyance once it for all.

So keep reading until the end to find out which one of these ultrasonic bark control devices and anti-bark deterrent fits your dog.

Our TOP 10 Anti-Barking Devices Reviews (2020 Updated)

These are our top picks for the dog bark control Gadget.

1 – BarXStop (Editor’s Choice)barxstop

Without a doubt, the BarXStop is our No.1 pick and the best out of every anti-bark handheld device we’ve reviewed. This handheld ultrasonic bark control device is super effective, and not to mention it’s super easy to use too. All you have to do is press the desired button when your dog starts to bark.

After you press the button, it’ll send an ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear. This sound draws your dog’s attention allowing you to stop its barking.

The ultrasonic sound is by no means harmful for you or your dog; it’s completely safe, and we humans will not be able to hear it at all.

BarXStop is not only used to control your dog’s excessive barking habits but also can be used to control bad behaviors such as:

  •  Digging the yard
  •  Jumping on people
  •  Destroying your belongings

barxstop features

The BarXStop ultrasonic dog bark control device is so lightweight. It is easily pocket table and the best choice for dog owners who want to get started right away without learning any complicated instructions.

If you’re looking for a discount or coupon code for BarXStop, don’t worry we got you covered. Use this link to activate a whopping discount for BarXStop (NOTE: This offer only valid until the end September, 2022, so quickly grab yours now.

Pros and Cons of BarXStop bark control


  • Super small and lightweight
  • Comes with a LED flashlight
  • Ultrasonic sound
  • Controls multiple dog behavior issues


  • Disturbs all nearby dogs

2 – SportDOG NoBark SBC-RSportDOG NoBark

The SportDOG NoBark SBC-R is, in our opinion, the best anti bark collar in the market with dozens of positive reviews. This bark control collar is an absolute heavyweight in this category.

SportDOG NoBark SBC-R uses a highly advanced proprietary Silent Partner technology that instantly reads your dog’s barking style and eliminates unwanted and excessive barking.

This dog bark collar includes ten levels of static stimulation with three programmable correction modes, which promises super safe, highly effective correction to stop your dog’s excessive barking.

Now let’s talk about the looks of it. Shall we!!

With a plastic material of just over 8 pounds, this high-quality anti bark collar has a sleek and simple design with waterproof technology submersible up to 10ft. 

The main takeaway is the battery, a rechargeable Lithium-ion cell that charges in 2hrs and can be used up to 200hrs, which is huge if you consider the work it does.

Pros and Cons of SportDOG NoBark SBC-R anti bark control collar


  • Huge battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Has an OLED display up the top
  • Ten levels of static sim


  • Should remove the collar every 12hrs

3 – Doggie Don’t THE DEVICE Doggie Don't Device

Doggie Don’t THE DEVICE functions perfectly well as the other dog bark devices mentioned above.

It does its job entirely in every scenario, and rather than using an ultrasonic sound.

This handheld anti-bark device outputs a very loud buzz noise, which is capable of up to 100 decibels that you and your dog can hear, which is effective on all dog breeds. By the way, this does not use any shock treatment while activating the buzz.

This device can be used for multiple dog behavior issues, as mentioned in the above device.

  • Stops unwanted barking
  • Fighting
  • Jumping
  • Biting
  • Nipping
  • Chewing
  • Whining
  • Begging
  • Leash aggression

To get started, all you have to do is push the ergonomic button and say the desired command to your dog, which makes this No bark product an easy to use the device.

Doggie Don’t THE DEVICE comes attached with a wrist strap and includes a reusable, rechargeable Lithium-ion cell.

Pros and Cons of Doggie Don’t THE DEVICE anti bark control collar


  • Resolves multiple behavior issues of your dog
  • Includes a rechargeable battery
  • Attached with a wrist strap
  • The range is more than 50 feet


  • Loud buzz produced by this device is audible to everyone

4 – MODUS Bark Control Device MODUS Bark Control Device

MODUS Bark Control Device uses the familiar ultrasonic sound in its anti-barking device, which can be used for dog training and bark control.

This handheld ultrasonic bark control device is safe for dogs of all sizes except for dogs who are hearing impaired. MODUS Bark Control Device emits ultrasonic sound at about 25KHZ, which can instantly grab your dog’s attention even while you’re a bit far away from your dog.

And as I said before, ultrasonic sound is completely safe on dogs and for us humans too.

The device has a control range up to 16.4ft, even when you’re indoors or outdoors. Thanks to its portable and ergonomic design, this ultrasonic bark control device are easy to use too simply press and hold the button until the LED indicator turns blue, and you’re good to go.

The LED indicator turns red if the power is low on your device but don’t worry, it won’t happen any time soon because this handheld ultrasonic bark device comes included with 4 AAA batteries.

MODUS Bark Control is one of the best anti-bark devices to stop your dog’s barking behavior, so if you get one, you won’t regret it.

Pros and Cons of MODUS Bark Control Device


  • Uses ultrasonic sound
  • Has a LED indicator
  • Has a 16.4ft control range
  • Includes an adjustable wrist strap and 4 AAA batteries


  • Cannot use a rechargeable battery

5 – PETSAFE Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent RemotePETSAFE Ultrasonic Bark

PETSAFE Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent is a remote trainer system that is a perfect collarless anti-barking device that allows you to correct your dog’s barking behavior without static-correction collars with a single press of the button.

This device has a contact range up to 30ft, which is awesome for its size and has two modes, one for the ultrasound and the other for a quick audible tone, which you and your dog can hear.

The device has a battery indicator too and uses a 9-Volt alkaline battery, which in my opinion, lasts forever, PETSAFE Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent can be used for both indoor and outdoor training.

PETSAFE Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent Remote is one of the best dog barking deterrents in the market.

Pros and Cons of PETSAFE Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent


  • Emits both ultrasonic sound and an audible tone
  • Range up to 30ft
  • One year limited warranty


  • Does not include any wrist strap

6 – Dog Rock Humane Anti Bark Training CollarDog Rock Humane Anti Bark Training Collar

Dog Rock Humane Anti Bark Training Collar is a humane bark control collar with two effective performance modes vibration and sound modes. Vibration mode has seven sensitivity levels that can be adjusted.

Important to note that this collar does not have any shock levels to prevent your dog from barking

Comes with an adjustable strap for small, medium, and large dogs, the strap in this bark collar is fully water-resistant, so no need to worry while you’re going for a swim with your dog.

The stunningly smart collar works on its intelligence. It has a Smart Sensor, which can turn itself off for a minute if your dog doesn’t stop its barking even after activating all seven sensitivity levels.

This completely free from remote smart anti bark training collar is the best budget collar for its fair price, and for what’s included in it, it is a worthy investment.

What’s included:

  • 2 pack smart barking collars
  • 4 batteries
  • 2 set of plastic probes
  • 2 color faceplates(includes 4 two in each blue and orange colors)

Now that’s pretty impressive, right?

Pros and Cons of Dog Rock Humane Anti Bark Training Collar


  • Smart technology
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable strap
  • No shock levels


  • Uses batteries

7 – Nest 9 Anti-Barking DeviceZelers1

This ultrasonic dog bark control device is one of the easiest instruments to use. All you have to do is insert the batteries and hold the switch on the button, and you’re good to go.

Nest 9 Anti-Barking Device is futuristic, feels so good, and fits perfectly to the hand with its adjustable strap, has a Type-C charging port to recharge your 1000MA battery.

This ultrasonic bark control device has loads of positive reviews on the web, so you can check it out before getting one.

Pros and Cons of Nest 9 Anti-Barking Device


  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery operated
  • Has a range up to 16.4ft


  • Lack of features

8 – Petrainer 998DRB RemotePetrainer 998DRB

This device is a remote-controlled dog training collar system which corrects problems such as;

  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Pulling

You can control all this in a single tap of a button from your programmable remote, included with the collar. Petrainer 998DRB Remote itself has four stimulation modes

  • Beep
  • Light
  • Vibration
  • Static shock

And 100 levels of intensity.

Even Though there are four stimulation modes, the static shock can be harmful for your dog. Other than that, this is a pretty solid all-around anti-bark device that can help you train your dog to stop these behavior issues.

Pros and Cons of Petrainer 998DRB Remote


  • The range is up to 900ft
  • Has an LCD backlit screen
  • Four simulation modes
  • Water-resistant collar


  • Static shock can be dangerous
  • Should remove the collar every 12hrs

9 – YapHalt Anti-Bark Collar

If you’re looking for a budget-conscious bark collar, then YapHalt Anti-Bark Collar is the way to go without any sacrifices to its premium high-end devices. This thing is a beast for its price.

YapHalt Anti-Bark control device does not include shock collar nor ultrasonic sounds. This bark collar solely depends on both sound and vibration with seven sensitivity levels, but it’s not a downside. This collar does its job pretty well.

Pros and Cons of YapHalt Anti-Bark Collar


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Has vibration and sound modes
  • Can be used on dog’s from 5kg to 50kg


  • Build quality is a bit less refined

10 – PET CAREE Sonic Dog Barking ControlPET CAREE

With a unique pavilion shaped design, this is one of the best outdoor ultrasonic bark control devices out in the wild. It has an effective range of up to 50 feet and a test mode to verify whether the microphone and speaker are in perfect working condition. This thing works like a charm when it’s hanging in your yard.

The waterproof design means you don’t need to worry while it’s raining and is super easy to hang on a tree, wall, or fence post with the included hanging rope.

And there are 3 other range modes to choose from:

  1. Low Range(Up to 15 feet)
  2. Medium Range(Up to 30 feet)
  3. High Range(Up to 50 feet)

All these mentioned features make up a perfect outdoor ultrasonic bark control device, which can help train your dog to stop barking once it for all.

Pros and Cons of PET CAREE Sonic Dog Barking Control


  • Wide range of modes
  • Waterproof
  • Hanging rope included
  • LED indicator


  • The battery is not included (9V cell)

And these are all our Top 10 best bark control devices that can be used to control your dog’s bad barking behavior.

What Is A Bark Control Device System?

Bark control devices are a kind of training aid that can help you control or stop your dog’s bad behavior. There are many types of bark control devices;

  • Ultrasonic bark control
  • Tone
  • Static shock
  • Vibration

Each of these devices has its own merits, but the standout can be the ultrasonic dog bark control devices.

Ultrasonic bark control devices emit an ultrasonic frequency which can be detected only by your dog and can stop your dog’s barking. The high pitched frequency is by no means harmful for your dog or for you, which is good.

There are some ultrasonic bark control devices which can detect your dog’s barking and work according to that or other ultrasonic devices which the owner himself has to trigger the desired button.

Important to note:

The automatic ultrasonic devices beep or make a sound to make sure that they’re doing their job.

And then there is the tone. These tone bark control devices emit a sound to make your dog uncomfortable and distract them from barking once again.

Static shock (mostly there are collars) sends a shock through your dog’s neck when it detects that your dog is barking. It starts with a small shock initially and keeps increasing the shock if your dog does not stop the nuisance.

Does An Anti Barking Device Work?

It depends; for some, it may work, and for others, it may not. If you’re to make it work, then it needs your patience and helps from your side too, every time if your dog responds correctly to the interruption made by the ultrasonic devices or bark collars, you might want to treat them with something they love if you’re going to see consistent improvement and make it work.

So if you want these devices to work, it needs help from your side too.

Why do You Need an Anti-Barking Device?

If you’re having a hard time with your dog’s bad barking behavior, then you might want to consider getting one of these anti-bark devices. It not only helps you but your neighbors too.

Bark control devices help you not only stop your dog from barking, but it can also help in some other behavior issues like Fighting, Jumping, Biting, Nipping, Chewing, Whining Begging.

Use these devices only when the situation seems out of control, and after you get it under control, stop using these products.(1)

Types Of Anti-Barking Devices

There are around 3 types of bark control devices:

  • Indoor devices
  • Outdoor devices
  • Handheld devices

Indoor devices

Indoor devices are small to medium-sized devices which come with a variety of colors and shape to choose from and if you think it might be an ugly box to keep inside your house that’s wrong with a variety of color to choose from these indoor devices can blend into your home without anyone even noticing it.

The contact range can differ on each brand you choose. This means the range that the device can emit throughout your house, while ultrasonic sound cannot travel through the walls, you might want to consider getting more than one depending on your indoors’ size.

Outdoor devices

It most probably looks like a birdhouse. These outdoor devices have impeccable contact range and long-lasting durability to withstand extreme weather conditions, unlike any anti-bark device.

Most people purchase this to get rid of their neighbor’s dog, which might be menacing the streets and other houses around it. With a large contact range, these outdoor anti-bark devices might be the one which can put an end to your’s and others misery.

But before you purchase one of these outdoor anti-bark devices, make sure you know your surroundings well because due to its large contact range, your dog or your neighbor’s dog might not be the only one who can hear this high pitched tone. It can affect other pets around you as well.

So buyer discretion is advised!!!

Handheld devices

Handheld devices mean you can carry it anytime, anywhere while you’re with your dog to stop its nuisance. Many handheld devices might fit your palm perfectly, and they’re included with wrist straps too.

These devices are operated manually with a click of the button, unlike the automatic ones, which most outdoor ultrasonic devices come with.

Handheld devices work best both indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

Are Anti-Barking Devices Safe?

It depends on how you see it. Some may say it isn’t safe, and others might say it’s safe. Until now, there is no clear definition on this.

But up to now, there is no case that these products are dangerous for our dogs.

Avoid using ultrasonic anti-barking devices on dogs suffering from fear and anxiety because these high pitched sounds can only worsen the situation and for dogs under six months old because of their sensitive hearing.

Even though these products might stop the barking problems, your dog is not a friend of what these things do to them.(2)

Fact- shock collars in Europe are completely illegal.

What to look for when buying an Anti-Barking Device?

Before you purchase any bark control devices, there are some important things you might want to consider.

Contact range

This might be the most important thing that you might want to consider because the range matters mostly if you’re purchasing an outdoor device, so choose the correct one to cover every bit of your surroundings.

Sound modes

Before you buy, check whether the device has multiple volume settings because it can be useful if there are some modes to select from, and you can choose which mode fits your dog best.


Since every dog bark deterrent or device is not waterproof or water-resistant, finding a suitable one will be perfect, especially if you’re looking for an outdoor device.

Because outdoor devices will be kept in your yard for its entire lasting period, finding a durable one can help it last longer in the long run.


After all this learning, I think you might have figured out what’s best for your dog. But always keep in mind that barking is familiar to all dogs.

These are the consequences of owning a dog, so you must be ready for whatever the challenge it keeps on giving us but in this case, thanks to these devices which can help stop this unwanted, excessive barking forever, so if you want the best of the best to do this business we urge you to check our Top pick BarXStop.


As we’ve mentioned in our Top 10, our best handheld device will always be BarXStop

Best collar SportDOG NoBark SBC-R

Shock collars can cause injuries and physical pain for your dog, like burns, and sometimes cause aggression.

Absolutely!! These devices work on all dog breeds except for those over 6 months old and dogs suffering from hearing issues.

Every 12hrs removing the collar is a must. If not removed, it can cause pressure sores.

It’s completely based on how you train your dog and keep up the intensity level on the collar.

  • Indoor devices
  • Outdoor devices
  • Handheld devices

For puppies over 6 months old, you can use the regular anti bark device, which you use for your older dogs.

YES!! Handheld devices can be used both indoors and outdoors.


BarXStop (Editor’s Choice)

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Super small and lightweight
  • Ultrasonic sound
  • Suitable for any dog breed
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September


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