American Pit Bull Terrier Breed Detailed Information (2022)

American Pit Bull Terrier Breed Information

Last Updated on December, 2022

Are you feeling lonely? For many, pets can make great companions and can make the owner feel a little less alone. Now for the hard part, what kind of pet should you get? A great option is the Pit Bull Terrier.

This dog breed is easy to train and gentle, the perfect option for an individual or a family. Still not convinced? Read on for more American Pit Bull Terrier Breed Information.

Here are the 3 key points from this article:

  1. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a versatile, agile and gentle dog that makes for the perfect companion.
  2. It is important to socialize and train this dog breed from an early age.
  3. The American Pit Bull Terrier needs daily, intense physical activity and a high-quality, high-protein diet.

TLDR: The American Pit Bull Terrier is a great companion for those who are looking for an easy-to-train and gentle dog. They are versatile and make great show dogs, but they are also great family dogs. They need daily, intense physical activity and should never be left alone with other dogs.

About the American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a versatile dog. It is athletic and agile, making it a fantastic show dog, but it is kind and gentle, regardless of its looks or reputation, and that makes the Pit Bull the perfect companion.

Sometimes nicknamed a ‘nanny dog’ for its kind protection of children, this animal is a great family dog. One thing to watch out for is the irritability towards other dogs. Although great with humans, this dog can sometimes be aggressive to other dogs.

Now for the cold hard facts: the American Pit Bull Terrier lives about 12 – 14 years, at about 17 – 19 inches tall. The weight of this breed of dogs varies greatly, from 30 to 90 pounds.

This fluctuation is due to different mixes of Bulldogs and Terriers in each different Pit Bull. It’s classified as a Terrier, as one can probably guess from the name.

As for looks, this dog’s most obvious feature is its broad, strong jaw. It also has a sleek coat of varying colors, medium ears that sit on a flat head and a short, thin tail.

Recommended Equipment

American Pit Bull Terrier breed cover image

To keep your dog happy and healthy, you’ll need plenty of equipment. A dog bed is a must, and this should be replaced as the dog grows, or as it is ripped by the dog.

Food and water bowls should be set in the kitchen, away from the dog bed. These just always be kept clean, with fresh water out for the dog at all times. You will also need shampoo and conditioner for when the dog needs a bath. Although this breed isn’t bathed often, you want to be prepared in case the dog breed gets dirty while playing.

Nail clippers and a grooming brush are also necessary to keep your American Pit Bull Terrier happy and healthy. Of course, you need toys to keep your dog occupied when you aren’t walking, running or playing outside with your dog. Finally, you’ll need a kennel and a dog breed crate to keep your dog when you have to leave the house.

All of these items should be purchased before you pick up your American Pit Bull Terrier. It is important to be prepared to take care of anything your dog might need as soon as you become responsible for the dog.

Tips on Training American Pit Bull Terrier

This is an energetic dog that needs to be trained. Puppy training classes as well as at work at home are a necessity. Don’t worry, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a smart and people-pleasing dog, so training won’t be hard, as long as the owner is prepared to put the work in to help the dog learn.

As long as an owner keeps with short, daily training sessions, any American Pit Bull Terrier should learn the rules of the household in no time. Most unwanted behaviors are easy to eliminate with work, although digging and chewing may be hard to get rid of, even after lots of training.

Here are some tips that can help make training even easier. If possible, start socializing your puppy from a young age, this can help them become more susceptible to training.

Pit Bull Terriers are large, strong dogs, so typical leash training and negative reinforcement will be hard to use to teach this type of dog. Instead, use positive reinforcement like treats to encourage correct actions.

In addition, staying in the habit of training your dog can make a big difference in the long run. If training is dropped when the dog is two, it’s difficult to expect the dog to remember the training after 10 – 12 years! Keep up small, daily lessons and your Pit Bull will be the most well-trained dog on the block.

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Be cautious though! Even the most well-trained Pit Bull Terriers can become aggressive to other dogs in stressful or unusual situations. This breed of dog should never be left alone with other dogs. Make sure to watch your dog closely at the park or in other situations with strange dogs.

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Physical Needs

An american pitbull terrier

At the very least, this is a very energetic dog. The American Pit Bull Terrier needs daily, intense physical activity. The catch? Since this dog is so people-oriented, leaving the Pit Bull Terrier in the yard all day to run around won’t cut it.

Some owners will instead go on long walks or run with their dog, which as a great way to burn some energy. Pit Bulls are made of muscle and walking or running can also help to tone all of that muscle.

To give this dog breed the intense exercise it needs, many owners will help the Pit Bull Terrier participate in canine sports such as dock diving and agility courses. Agility runs can be a great positive experience for both dog and owner.

It teaches the pair to work together and is even fun for both parties involved. There are even formal competitions that dogs and their owners can compete in for this sport. Pit Bulls are also often trained in search and rescue, which uses their unique combination of intelligence and vigor to a positive end.

If like many people, you don’t have the resources to allow your dog to participate in search and rescue, you can have fun in a similar way: Frisbee. Most Pit Bulls Terriers instinctively will chase and retrieve a small object such as a ball or Frisbee, and this activity is less draining on the owner. If your Pit Bull doesn’t know how to fetch, it’s easy to teach.

First, rub a fragrant treat on the Frisbee or ball, and throw the toy a short distance away. Teach the dog to fetch across short distances, and then practice throwing longer and longer distances. It shouldn’t take long until your dog is a pro.

Whatever you do, remember that a Pit Bull does everything with great vigor. From pulling on a leash to plowing through people when too excited, a Pit Bull is strong and intense.

For this reason, a young Pit Bull Terrier may not be the best dog to take to the park. In his excitement, he might get violent with another dog. With some training, though, your dog will be ready to go to the park in no time.

Nutrition, Health, and Grooming


Pit Bulls do well on high-quality, high-protein diets. These can be bought at the store or made at home under the supervision of a veterinarian. They can become obese, which can exacerbate joints issues that this type of dog is already prone to having. If your dog becomes too heavy, start to limit meals.

Pit Bulls also tend to eat in the same way they do anything else, vigorously, without stopping. This can cause digestive issues, so it is important to observe your dog from the beginning.

If an American Pit Bull eats too fast, they can get diarrhea, get bloated, or get gastric torsion, a potentially life-threatening type of bloating. A high-protein, low-grain diet can help with this, but if your Pit Bull eats too fast, you may need to portion meals.

To portion meals, simply find the right serving size of food for your size and age of Pit Bull and split it between two to three meals throughout the day. That having been said, clean water should always be available to the dog.


Like all specifically bred dogs, American Pitbull Terriers are more likely to have certain diseases or birth defects.

Some of the most common problems this breed of dog can have are skin problems, knee problems, hip dysplasia, thyroid disease, allergies, and heart disease. Professional breeders do what they can to limit these diseases, but there are still tests that can be given to your Pit Bull to make sure they don’t have any other problems. These tests include Hip Evaluations, Cardiac Exams, Thyroid Evaluations, NCL DNA Tests, and Ophthalmologist Evaluations.


This dog is relatively easy to groom. Typically, American Pit Bull Terriers have short fur, and while it sheds a lot, it doesn’t need much upkeep.

All you need to do is brush regularly with your rubber curry brush and your American Pit Bull’s coat should be all set. Baths can wait until the dog rolled in something particularly smelly, or he gets smelly all on his own.

Nails should be trimmed when they get too long, but this is typical of almost any dog you can buy. Long nails can cause the dog pain while walking or running.


merican_Pit_Bull_Terrier in forest

In short, while this is a great dog, like any other dog, it has specific needs. It’s important to pick a dog that can adapt to your lifestyle, for both the dog’s comfort and yours.

Hopefully, this American Pit Bull Terrier Breed Information will help you make an educated decision about whether or not this dog’s needs fit your life.

And most importantly the main difference between Pitbull and American Staffordshire terrier is the bloodline. Hope most of your question “American Staffordshire terrier and Pit bull differences” answered.

An American Pitbull can bring warmth and happiness into a lonely household, so if you live an active lifestyle and can maintain a good training schedule, bring home the American Pit Bull Terrier today!

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