AbsoluteDogs Training Reviews(2023) Legit or a Big Scam?

AbsoluteDogs Training Reviews(2023) Legit or a Big Scam?

Last Updated on January, 2023

You’re probably here because you want to train your fluffy friend with a good dog training course. Are you tired of hearing about the many different dog training programs available online? You may have even tried out a few to no avail. Believe me, I know how you feel.You would’ve probably considered giving the Absolute Dogs Training Program a go.

I have read mixed reviews of this product and thought of giving it a go. If you are about to give Program a try too, I suggest you read this Absolute Dogs Training Review and rethink about it. Personally, I did not find it to be helpful in training my pet. Don’t get me wrong; this is just my personal opinion. You can read and decide for yourself.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Training Program 

Group of Dog Breeds

First and foremost, let’s see what you need to consider when buying a dog training program.

  • Research well on the dog training programs available online.
  • Check out what’s available in the dog training programs you select.
  • Compare features with benefits of each program.
  • Get to know what people say about the different programs by reading reviews online.

Once you’ve done all of these, you are ready to take the plunge. 

Remember, there are many fake reviews online these days. If possible, it’s always better to get a verbal opinion of someone who has used the program.

Now let’s get into detail about the Absolute Dogs Training Program.

What is the AbsoluteDogs Training Program? (Naughty But Nice Core Program)

Absolute Dogs Training Program works on the concept that you can shape your dog’s brain to make great choices by playing simple games. According to the program, every struggle has a game. It depicts a simple and fun way to train your dog. Each game lasts 3 minutes.

Games teach your furry friend many essential concepts like self-control, focus, optimism, etc. Games don’t feel like fully-blown training from your dog’s point of view. Often, many training programs get you and your dog to confront the problem, which usually ends up with worse results. It makes both you and your dog feel completely overwhelmed at the end of training sessions.

If your dog barks, chews or digs excessively, you can try this program to overcome these issues in your dog. The program also helps if your dog has separation anxiety or is extremely aggressive.

Who Are Tom Mitchell And Lauren Langman Dog Trainers?

Absolute Dogs Training Program results from two world-renowned dog trainers who wanted to come up with a fun way to train dogs.

Tom Mitchell is a world-renowned dog trainer, best-selling author and veterinary behaviorist. He has graduated from the University of Bristol with first class honors in Animal Behavior and Welfare.

Tom develops the science of dog behavior with his many published research projects on dog behavior and neurology. Tom has many years of dog training experience under his belt. 

He deals with many kinds of behavioral problems in dogs. These problems include problems relating to companion dogs to extreme cases referred from other behaviorists.

Lauren Langman is also a world-renowned dog trainer and a world-class agility handler. She has a dog training business named “Devon Dogs” in the UK. She is a feature at many prominent agility events in the UK and has also represented her country at World Agility Championship level several times.

As the head trainer, she is responsible for designing and developing all of the classes at the center. 

Now that you know of the creators of this program let’s look at what it has to offer those who want to train their dogs.

What’s Included in the Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program? 

Absolute Dogs has several training programs, which I’ll talk about later. In this review, I want to speak about what you get with the Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program. 

Once you purchase the program, you get to watch 3-minute games which, Absolute Dogs claims, are fun your dog. The games are said to be simple and easy to play with your furry friend. Therefore, it is the perfect foundation for a dog who is new to game training. 

Once you follow these games, you can overcome the following behavioral issues in your dog:

  • Barking
  • Lunging mess at the end of the leash
  • Struggling to settle
  • Fearing of new situations
  • Lacking confidence

After successful game sessions your dog will:

  • Have the necessary skills to be calm, happy, and confident in any situation.
  • Learn that new concepts are nothing to be fearful of.

You will also begin to see an improvement in behavioral struggle in your furry friend.

Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program costs a whopping $199. I personally feel that it is a hefty price tag for a dog training program. The company also has a few other dog training programs, which I’ll speak of next.

Other Absolute Dog Training Programs

Agility Rocks – $266

This program introduces your dog to agility training in the best possible manner. Here you will learn all the foundational skills your dog needs, from being a skillful sprinter to a tight turner. It is suitable for a beginner to a pro at the sport.

The Game Changer Workshop – $199

This program is a recorded event where Tom and Lauren work with students, and you get to be a part of all of the action. It also includes a GAMECHANGER Resource Book, which has highlights of all of the games covered in the event.

21 Days to Stress-Free Walks – $199

The program focuses on switching up what your dog reacts to instead of the environment. With this program, you get a “supporting games card” for each game in the program and progress tracker to keep your training journey heading in the direction you want.

The Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge 2.0 – Originally $131, now at an offer of $36

This program teaches you how to make your dog choose you instead of the distraction when faced with one. It also helps your dog calm down and face real-life situations with confidence.

These are just some of the programs Absolute Dogs has for you. You can check out a complete list of programs on their official website.

Now to the questions, is Absolute Dog Training worth a try?

Does the Absolute Dogs Training Program Actually Work?

not recommended tag

I personally wouldn’t recommend the Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program, mainly because it’s just not worth its price. I’ve personally tried playing these games with my dog. It really did not serve the purpose.

Not only was my dog bored while playing, it did nothing to train him in any way. My dog is not the most aggressive dog, so I bet the games would do nothing at all for aggressive dogs. Finally, I gave up playing these games with no positive results at all.

I believe that playing games do not work on training dogs. There are other training techniques and programs that are worth trying for positive results.

Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program Pros And Cons

Reviews aside, there are a few benefits of the Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program along with drawbacks.


Games are fun to teach dogs, which your dog will also enjoy.
The program includes videos of simple games just a few minutes in length.


The program costs £147, which is too expensive for a dog training program.
Some claim that the explanation of the game is not clear.
Reviewers also say that some of these games have not corrected the issues in their dogs.

Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program Customer Reviews

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend a dog training program for such a hefty price tag. The Absolute Dogs Naughty But Nice Core Program does not offer much for this price.

People who have bought this product have claimed that they regret this decision. They claim that the videos are not descriptive enough to understand what exactly to do in these games. 

According to reviews, some of these games have not served their purposes in training the dog. These reviews say that certain behavioral issues still linger in dogs, even after following these games.

I certainly wouldn’t want to spend £147 on the program and not see any positive results at all. There is a better alternative that actually works. It’s what I am going to talk about next.

An Alternative to Absolute Dogs Training: Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is a popular dog training program that actually works! It uses science-based techniques to train your dog. Backed up by science, these techniques are definitely going to work as opposed to simple games.

The best thing is you can get it for just $67. It is 100% safe and doesn’t use any destruction items or training devices that might affect your dog’s temperament.

Here’s what you get for $67;

  • A manual to the program.
  • Ebook about behavioral training for dogs.
  • 21 high-quality dog training videos. These videos include obedience training, trick training, and more.
  • Obedience training: In obedience training you can train your pet how to respond to basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’,’stand’,’lie down’ etc. 
  • Trick training: After your dog masters the basic commands, you can teach some fun tricks as well. Tricks include shake, spin and fetch etc.
  • Case studies – This is where the author shared her personal experience with dogs and how she solved a lot of problems in her dogs.

Absolute Dogs Training Vs. Brain Training For Dogs

The main difference between Absolute Dogs Training and Brain Training For Dogs is the price tag. Absolute Dogs costs four times more than Brain Training For Dogs.

Brain Training For Dogs consists of mental stimulation and instructions that allow your dog to become more responsive to commands, whereas Absolute Dogs uses simple games. 

Brain Training For Dogs covers a range of behavioral struggles in dogs. These include digging, jumping, potty training, aggressive behavior, whining, excessive barking, chewing, hyperactivity and more.

It consists of clear materials with clear instructions on the training techniques. According to some people, the Absolute Dogs Training Program games do not work in some dogs. Brain Training For Dogs also has carefully-curated games that help improve your dog’s intelligence and behavior.

My Final Thoughts

I feel that Absolute Dogs is an ‘absolute’ waste of money. You might not get the desired results after spending so much on this training program.

Brain Training For Dogs is an entirely different experience. It used science-based training techniques, which are sure to work on your dog. It’s the perfect dog training experience for anyone. 

The best part is, at $67, Brain Training For Dogs comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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Brain Training for Dogs
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