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If you own a dog for the first time or have been an owner for numerous dogs it does not matter because every day there’s something new to discover when you own a Dog, so we here at IPet Guides provide what’s new and most up to date.  

The information we provide is from Top level dog trainers and canine experts who have TONS of experience. We thrive on giving you the best in class information on Dog Breeds, Dog Training, Dog Product Reviews, and about Dog Health. 

Our information is extensively researched from the ground up and reviewed by our experts before publishing to contribute you the best in class information about your Dog and its needs.

Our goal is to provide trustworthy information to readers and for you to have a long-lasting and happy life with your pup.

Feel free to use our contact page anytime or through any of our social media if you want to get in touch with us:

For general inquiries, Shoot us an email at: info@ipetguides.com

For inquiries concerning our content, technical issues, information, etc please shoot us at feedback@ipetguides.com.

IPet Guides Executive Board (Team)

Thomas M. Villalpando

Thomas M. Villalpando

Co-Founder and Editor

Thomas is a dog behavior expert and has over 10 years of experience in it. He has trained over 100 ruthless dogs in his illustrious career. After ending his career, he started to invest his knowledge through this website. 

Email: thomas@ipetguides.com

Jamie Beier

Jamie Beier


Jamie is a pet enthusiast and a dog breeder, over the years he has bred more than 30 dogs, and continuing, you might think what does he do with all these dogs! He gives them away to people who want to own a dog for absolutely free.

Email: Jamie@ipetguides.com

Our Marketing Team

Raheem Von

Raheem Von

Marketing Director

Von secured his marketing degree at the University of Virginia. He has a massive interest in working with dogs. He owns three chihuahuas; each is two years old and takes care of them all alone.

Email: Raheem@ipetguides.com

Mushfir Janees

Mushfir Janees

Social Media Manager

Mushfir is proud of a pomsky, both of them are like brothers, they don’t give up on each other, Mushfir bought his pomsky from a shelter in 2016 when she was just a puppy and named it Dessie. Mushfir is our social media manager because he’s continuously online and sharing photos on Instagram with his adorable pomsky, even Dessie has her own Instagram profile.

Instagram: @ig_mushy | Email: Mush@ipetguides.com

Andrew Considine

Andrew Considine

Content Editor

Andrew is a journalist. He secured his journalism degree from the University of Florida. He is the one who finds new content and recommends it. He’s always in search of unique dog-related content. He is the one who manages our YouTube channel too.

Email: Andrew@ipetguides.com


Hertha Bednar

Hertha Bednar

Our Dog Training Author and professional dog trainer

Hertha is the leader in our team; she’s a canine behaviourist specializing in extreme behaviour rehabilitation cases. Her highly effective training techniques have helped many dog trainers until today. She’s a professional dog trainer too.

Email: Hertha@ipetguides.com

Rashid Remy

Rashid Remy

Main writer

Remy is a freelance pet writer who is excellent in writing about pet health and pet travel. He is an aquarium hobbyist and a dog owner who owns a Doberman named Eddie, Remy is writing articles for three straight years now, and he has written many articles on “Hiking with your dog”.

Email: Rashid@ipetguides.com

Also “This website contains user-generated content.” We bring other expertise to teach you.

From The Mouth's of Our Readers(Testimonials)

‘’IPet guides is an excellent platform for every dog owner, every information in the articles are super in-depth and extremely easy to understand.
“The article BT4D review from you guys helped me understand how good of a program it is. At first, I was a bit sceptical about the program, but right after I read it, I decided to go with it.”

Our Philosophy & Mission

Our mission is to help dog owners get the best out of it and help them to have extremely obedient canines which they can look after it forever without any hesitation or giving it up.

Mailing Address: 1709 W 4th St Madera, CA 93637

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